This morning on my way to the gym I was stopped at a major intersection waiting for a red light to change.

The traffic in the opposing direction had the green go ahead but the pick up truck to the left of me wasn’t moving. In fact it wasn’t until the light turned yellow that the driver realized he had a green light and began to move through the intersection.

As I watched the situation I thought to myself, “How many times in our lives do we get the green light to go ahead and yet we are stuck unable to move?”

 We might be paralyzed with fear, panic, worry, anxiety or uncertainly.

We might be stuck because of thoughts swimming around in our head like: “What if I fail? I can’t. What will other people think? I’m not smart enough. I don’t have the money. I’m not good enough.”

A green light is the universal signal that the path is clear, go ahead, move forward on your journey.

Many times in our lives we get the go ahead. It might come in the form of an opportunity, a piece of information, an invitation, a gentle push or an inner nudge from our Spirit.

And yet we stand frozen allowing our limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and past memories to have control over our lives and keep us stuck.

Where in your life are you being given a green light? Are you moving forward? Or are you stuck?

If you aren’t shifting into gear take a moment to examine and discover the limiting thoughts and emotions rooting you in place.

If you really want to get moving, change them and move forward full throttle.

~Love, Esther


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