Last night on the Biggest Loser Jillian was in the face of a brand new contestant screaming, “It’s just a story in your head.”

The woman on the receiving end was running a victim program in her mind and thoughts were running wild of –I can’t do it.

My Soul nudged me and reminded me that we are all running stories in our head.  I reflected on the stories I used to tell myself. How everything in my life that went wrong was because I was fat and ugly. How life was hard, a struggle and everyone was against me. I recalled how at one time I believed that dreams don’t come true. That food was for comfort and something to be feared because of what it did to my body.

I was grateful for how far I’ve come. I was grateful that those tales no longer run my mind and my life.

As I learned years ago about the power and importance of my beliefs and how they create my reality, the bells started going off in my head. My Soul back then was alerting me to recognize deeply the realization I was having.

When I finally climbed out of my stories, I discovered that my life’s purpose was to help others do the same. I became a Core Belief Engineering Practitioner and opened the doors to my private practice and thus a new life’s path emerged. (click on the link for more info on CBE: )

Good tumbled into my life as a result of my new beliefs and the new stories playing in my head.

Perhaps you are dealing with stories of failure, fear, worry or lack of self worth. Maybe your stories are replays of events played over and over in your mind keeping you stagnant and stuck. Is your story, “I can’t do it. No one loves me. Nothing ever works for me. What will they say? I can’t afford it? I’m sick.  I can’t trust other people.”

Right now take conscious control and note that this is just a story. It is just a bunch of images, words, feelings and energies that have anchored themselves in your mind and are playing on repeat.

To get a different result all you have to do is change the story.

Now imagine what story you want to put into its place.

Is it a story of empowerment? of worthiness? of perfect health? of abundance? of fun and adventure? of passion and great sex? of loving relationships?

I am delighted to say that the Biggest Loser contestant who had her story challenged shouted, ” I am not a victim,” and made a decision to change her story.

My Soul used that tv moment to encourage me to change one of my stories and asked me to pay it forward.

Are you ready to change your story?

~Love, Esther~

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