Are You Procrastinating or a Pausing while allowing time for you to get into vibrational alignment?

Imagine this scene. I need to make a major decision; a deadline is looming.

But today I am not making a decision. I am not giving the decision a thought, or perhaps I am thinking too much about the decision with great angst.

The Esther of old likely thought she was procrastinating. Judging myself for not taking action. Pushing myself to just do it, do it; do it now.

But today if that situation arose there would be no judgement of procrastination. There would be a knowing that I am simply not ready to make the decision because I am not in vibrational alignment with the outcome I seek.

I am pausing to get into vibrational alignment. I pause knowing that the decision will be made. All will be well.  It’s just not happening right now and that’s okay.

All I need to do is get into vibrational alignment with my Inner Being and Universe on the subject,  and then I will be able to make a calm, confident decision.

I used to procrastinate a lot and there were many limiting beliefs anchoring the procrastination. The belief that usually was at the core was Oh it’s going to be hard work, I don’t want to do hard work. So I would procrastinate to avoid hard work. Going deeper in that belief, I discovered that the protest about doing hard work was because I felt I wouldn’t have time for me. Which was never true because I always make time for myself. But some part of me felt that if I made a decision, hard work was ahead and that meant no me time, no relaxing; no kicking back.

The other limiting belief that showed up as a core of procrastination was fear of making a wrong decision. Another signal of being out of alignment with my Inner Being. My Inner Being/Soul Essence knows there are no wrong decisions. My fear was opposite of what my Inner Being knows and was telling me.

In order to release the procrastinating programming and everything connected to it, I had to create consciousness about the difference between procrastination and Being. Procrastination and being out of alignment. Procrastination and pausing until I was in alignment. I had to release guilt, thoughts that I am lazy, other self judgments, beliefs about working hard, not working hard and that I have to work “hard.” Don’t get me wrong I believe in putting in the steps of action and yes sometimes that means long hours, but when I love what I am doing and I am on purpose, in alignment it’s not hard work.

I had to learn to be okay to pause and get into vibrational alignment before making a decision in order to make the best decisions for me on the path of creating my wishes and dreams.

So are you procrastinating or in a pause as you get into vibrational alignment?

If you are in a pause to get into vibrational alignment it need not take long. Just raise your vibration. Focus on things which light you up.

And what if you were always in vibrational alignment ready for anything, all possibilities? What might life be like then?

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~Love, Esther

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