Every female has a male aspect and every male has a female aspect. We often refer to this as our feminine or masculine side.

Sometimes they get out of balance.

I grew up on a fruit farm and while I played with dolls and wore dresses I was also expected to work on the farm with everyone else. I had a nice balance of male/female.

Over time my male aspect took over as more and more responsibility was expected of me in the family business.

My female aspect waged war acting out in a sensual and provocative way.

My being went back and forth between strong male and sensual female right up until my early thirties when I settled into a form with a stronger male aspect then female.

That was the status quo until I started my journey of growth and discovery, bringing my female and male aspects into harmony within myself.

Why am I telling you this information?

The upcoming new moon/solar eclipse is more important and bigger then initially realized. In my earlier blog post I spoke about some of the effects and I have also Face Booked updates.

In addition this eclipse is going to assist us in unifying the male and female energies inside of ourselves so that we can align with the Divine–Mother Father God in a more harmonious way.

The energy of this celestial event will help heal any misalignments and expressions of the male and female energies inside of your Self. It will heal or begin the healing process of domination, control, karma and issues of abuse in any arena.

This alignment of our male and female aspect will effect areas of sexuality, power, self expression, our roles, self worth, self image, body image and societal influence.

Perhaps you are a woman with dominate male aspects or lacking them all together.

Or maybe you are a male needing some feminine qualities for balance and vulnerability.

There are various forms this misalignment plays out. Even those who choose relationships with the same sex can benefit from a little more of this and a little less of that in those loving partnerships.

In my holistic therapy practice I offer a Male/Female Balancing Process to assist you in this alignment and healing. It is the very same process I used many years ago to soften my male side and allow my feminine side to emerge once again. It can help you too. Contact me directly to learn more about it.

In the meantime, consider this information and relax into The Shift.

~Love, Esther


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