Stop looking for “the” answer. There is no one size fits all answer.

As individuals there are answers unique to each of us.

Instead focus on choice.

choice 2

We are moving toward a world, a universe and energetic field in which there are no answers only choice.

In fact that  reality already exists, we as humanity are just now awakening to this knowledge as we break free from the 3D world and constructs.

Many people drive themselves batty searching and looking for that one true answer. At one time that was me.

Imagine for a moment if there wasn’t one true answer just choice.

Does that feel light or heavy to you?

Light right?

That means it is lining up with your inner knowing. Your Inner Self knows there is freedom and ease in choice.

Looking for “the” answer carries with it the energy of struggle, uncertainly, doubt, rigidness and the question of, “What if I am wrong?” That’s heavy energy.

Instead ask questions to the Universe. My favorites are: What is possible? What would it take to _____?

Then back away from the question. Thank your cognitive mind for rushing forward with one of its programmed answers and then watch for what Universe presents to you. It could take seconds, minutes, days or even a few weeks but Universe will present options and choices, awareness and understanding.

Then you choose based on your desires and what feels right and light for you.

Because if it feels right and light that is your Inner Self saying. “Yes this feels good. This information resonates. There is something here for us.”

So sweet being stop looking for “the” answer instead may I suggest that you start asking questions, watch what presents and then choose.

~Love, Esther


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