A few days ago a friend and I were taking advantage of the beautiful Southern Ontario weather sipping lattes at an outdoor café.

We were talking about all kinds of delicious topics, New Moon, Equinox, the upcoming Eclipses. We shared with each other our insights, inspirations, dreams and creations in motion. It was a high vibe 5D conversation and there was a palatable buzz around us.

At one point I noticed that my friend kept shifting her attention to the left. She began to figit in her chair and a look of annoyance came over her face.

When finally I took a peak at what had gotten her all agitated and riled up I noticed a group of young teens about 10 to 13 years old fooling around and causing a raucous. They were spitting water at one another, shouting, at times screaming and generally being what we might consider to be unruly kids. And they completely caught my friend’s attention distracting her from the high vibe conversation at hand.

This is a perfect everyday example of how we on a conscious journey of awareness and ascension can get caught up in the noise of 3D energies. We were basking in a high vibe glow and something triggered my friend shifting her focus and attention, taking her out of her frequency.

You may do this in your own life when you get caught up in fear from the collective while watching the news or speaking with friends, when you worry about bills, money, your children; job. When you engage in gossip, self doubt, and fall into judgements. And the list goes on.

So what do you do when you find yourself being distracted by 3D noise?

  • Notice and observe what the trigger is. Why has this issue, person, situation taken you out of your groove and placed your focus on something less desirable?
  • What is the noise inside of you that related to that outside situation? Explore that trigger for learning and release.

Does this mean that you can never express an emotion, opinion or passion about what you see and experience in life?

No not all.

It means not getting pulled into the energy of the situation or shifting out of your love, joy, peace vibe.

Go ahead and watch the news. Be the observer rather then get caught up in the emotion or fear mongering. Then the noise becomes more of a annoyance like a fly buzzing around you and/or you eventually stop noticing it at all.

~Love, Esther

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