For the past three to four weeks I have been receiving emails, tweets and facebook messages from people telling me that life has gone crazy but in a good way.

Many are expressing that everything seems to be moving so fast that it is hard to keep up.

Some are saying that they feel they are living in a whirlwind like there is a whirling dervish churning inside of themselves.

At times this fast moving energy is making  people feel a bit wobbly.


                                        The Famous Whirling Dervish


I am shaking my head,  “Yes, yes, yes,”  as I read all of your notes and I am laughing with joy at the same time.

I too am feeling the same way and it is exciting.

Here’s what happening. Your energy vibration is on the rise. You are releasing that which you no longer are. You are shifting dimensions and moving up the rungs in the ascension process. It’s good news.

That undercurrent of fast moving energy which at times feels like a buzzing inside of yourself is your being telling you that something is happening that you are in lift off!

I know some of you are a bit scared by all of this and halting the movement through your thoughts and feelings. That’s fine it is your choice.

But I would suggest that you allow the increase in vibration to continue moving at its natural pace and follow these two steps to help you in the process. For I ask, “Why would you want to slow down your ascension process?”

1. Meditate.  When you feel that buzzing associated with your raising vibration meditate. This will allow your body to rest and be still while your internal energy continues to flow without interruption. Meditating will also help you to tune into your inner self and gain understanding of what is happening and where you are in the process. I have a specific meditation to help you accomplish this called Raising Your Vibration. It is a meditation I channeled from The Tribunal and it is assisting people in raising their vibration in a more comfortable way. Click Here for instant download.

2. Ground Yourself. When you feel this whirling dervish inside of yourself take a moment to stop and ground yourself. I like to imagine myself connecting from the bottom of my feet deep into mother earth. I anchor into the core of the earth and ask her to help me to keep my feet on the ground while I am moving faster in vibration. Afterall we came to the planet to grow and learn while having an earthly experience.

Some of you reading this post may not be having this experience  at all and that is okay. We are all different and we  process, ascend and journey on different timelines.

Some of you are vibrating higher and are just not noticing the whirlwind of the process.

Others are still stuck trying to get going. My advice to you is  keep doing your inner work or start if you haven’t. It is the issues of the past, the limiting and negative beliefs, the outdated patterns and habits that you are holding onto which are preventing you from moving forward.

Once you begin to do the inner work you too will find yourself with a whirling dervish inside of yourself!

~Love, Esther


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