Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But we do it all the time. Create pain and limitations in order to fit in and belong.

Several years ago I was doing some private work with a woman in her late 30’s. She was successful, gorgeous, wealthy, kind, generous and had a nice family life. Everything was great and then she developed a tremor in her hands.

Her physical symptoms started off with tingling fingers, then a shaky hand, graduating to a clenching or gnarling of her fist.

She had been to numerous doctors, scientific and naturopaths and even had an appointment at a renowned clinic in the US.

No one was giving her any answers.

She heard through a friend, another client of mine about the work  I was doing with people and called interested to see if there was a mind/body connection to her situation. I encouraged her to continue seeking medical help and treatment and at the same time work together to begin to unravel the mental and emotional components of the situation.

It didn’t take long. In fact in her first session we got all the answers we needed about her condition. The answers came from her body and the parts of her mind which were creating the physical malady.

You see my client had it going on in life. She was one of those that people often refer to as, “Blessed, lucky, fortunate.”

She had a fabulous body, career, husband, family and life that people envied. At least on the surface she had it going on.

She was grateful for her life and all the opportunities presented to her and took full advantage of everything that came her way. She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she did take action and went after what she wanted full of positivity.

During her process we discovered that the core of her condition were comments she heard on the sly from her circle of  friends; people she loved and adored and did much for. She recalled hearing things such as, ” She thinks she is so great now that she has…. ” or “Who does she think she is now?”  One friend even said to her, “You are going to leave me now and hang out with more important people.”

As these comments from others were flung about a part of her subconscious mind, a part that loved her and wanted to keep her safe, wanted her to fit in and belong, wanted other people to like her came up with a plan. A brilliant plan. This aspect of her mind decided that rather then let go of all the wonderful things she had attracted into her life, how about leveling the playing field by creating a physical ailment.

Then people would say things like, “She is so pretty but her hand trembles all the time.” “Yes she has lots of money but  money means nothing when you are crippled.”

You see how our subconscious mind works. It’s genius. It is always working on our behalf trying to keep us loved, safe, comfortable, accepted and nurtured. It doesn’t care what its methods or strategies are as long as they work. It doesn’t care if it is hurting or hindering you in one way as long as if in another way it is doing its job; protecting you.

As you can image she was astonished by the information which came forward from her own Self and body during that process. She resonated with everything we discovered and because she realized it was not what she wanted we began the process of changing the beliefs, thoughts and energy held by that subconscious part bringing it into alignment with her conscious desires.

My client knew that people who could not accept her successes weren’t  true friends. She understood that as an infinite being she was in oneness with everything and everyone and didn’t need to “Fit in.” She saw clearly how her physical issue was the result of an inner insecurity and as soon as she let that go the ailment would leave.

I’ll be honest things didn’t turn around over night for her. She struggled with deeper issues of being accepted, being loved, feeling worthy. We continued to process her sifting through all of these layers and little by little her hand began to become steady.

And then one day she decided that she didn’t want to let go of her friends. She went into fear and stopped our work together.

Why do I bring this up?

She is back. She has grown in consciousness and awareness. She now understands on a deeper level how she created her physical situation. She moved through her experiences with so called friends and discovered they weren’t friends after all. She saw that she created a handicap to fit into a group that she doesn’t want to fit in with anymore. She has grown and now finally is ready to release.

I bring this up to show you the power of the mind. How we create our reality. How we can undo what we created. That life is a journey and when we are ready shift happens.

Are you creating pain and or limitations in your life in order to fit in?

~Love, Esther

*written for confidentiality, the process used with this client is Core Belief Engineering



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