You may have never looked at hoarding from the perspective of vibration so let’s take a minute and open ourselves to a new awareness.

Everything is energy and energy has a vibration. The higher the vibration the more light the energy is and the faster it moves. Lower energy vibration is dense and slower moving. Low vibration is the limitation that holds, blocks or  slows us down;  gets us stuck in a rut.

Are You A Vibration Hoarder?

Are you holding onto your guilt, sadness, lack, self loathing for dear life?

Do you argue for your limitations of, I am not good enough, nobody loves me, nothing ever works out for me?

Are you so afraid of knowing who you are without your “stuff” that you cling to it like a familiar blanket or a life raft?

Do you hoard vibration because you are afraid of the change that will happen in your life if you let it go?

Or are  you be one of many who are so afraid that their life could be that fabulous,  big, light, bright, abundant and magnificent that you hold onto dense vibrations to keep yourself small?

Do you hole away vibrations to protect and keep yourself safe? And if so from what? From your Divine Birthright of all possibilities?


There exists the flip side as well.

I have worked with clients who hoard and bury into their heart the energy of love, happiness and memories of pleasant events.

While on the surface this sounds like a great plan, may I suggest that the downside of this action is that this high vibration energy becomes stale, stagnant, less buoyant and eventually old when stuffed away for safe keeping.

What would happen if you enjoyed these higher vibrations and then let them go instead of hoarding?

Would there be room for more, new and exiting high vibrations to come into your life? YES!

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting all the good memories or losing the love and joy you carry for others, it means allowing the energy to cycle through your body and being allowing new, fresh and even higher vibrations to come in.

Take a minute and reflect upon your life pattern. Are you a vibration hoarder?

What would it take to start cleaning your “inner” closets of Self and let those vibrations go, even the good stuff?

~Love, Esther

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