Your natal chart offers you a snap shot of what was happening in the cosmos at the moment of your birth.

The cosmic energies imprinted upon you energetically at the moment you said, hello world.

Giving you insight as to your natural gifts, talents and abilities.

Which areas of life you will flow with more easily.

And which areas of life you might have to pay more attention to.

Online you can gain free access to your natal chart by inputting your day, time and place of birth. Do that now.

The horizontal line in the middle of your chart is the line of the horizon.

To discover if you are a night or day chart, look for where the sun symbol is located.

The sun symbol is a circle with a dot in the middle.

If the sun was above the horizon when you were born, you are a day chart and if below the horizon you are a night chart.

Note how close or far the sun is from the horizon line.

Identifying your chart as day or night helps to show you how you express your Sun Sign. Which represents your identify, personality, how you express yourself, show up in the world. Are you more of a here I am, shining my light sun sign expression or a more quiet subdued sun sign expression.

Day and night charts are determined by location of birth, more so then by time.

For instance, you might be born at 3 am in Toronto. Your Sun is below the horizon and thus you are a night chart.

But a baby born at exactly the same time, but halfway around the world at 1, 2 or 3 pm their local time is day chart.

Same exact moment of birth. Different location. Different chart.

How close your birth, or sun sign is to the horizon line makes a difference.

If you have a day chart you have a more prominent sun orientation.

If a night chart a moon orientation.

How close or far your Sun symbol is to the horizon line influences how strong the sun or moon influences you.

It would be incorrect to think because you have a night chart the sun sign is not important to you and that the moon is more important, Or vise versa. Both the sun and moon are important. This method of looking at your chart goes deeper into planetary influence. We’ll get there.

What if you are born right on the horizon line? Or very close to it i.e. one or two degrees. Although this position is rare, Likely the characteristics of both charts apply to you. You swing both ways.

Use your intuition to feel where you land or claim both charts.

Day Chart prominent sun orientation. Your sun sign will lead the way regarding giving you information to navigate life.

Night Chart, the Moon is a more prominent guide. That means emotions not that you stay up late at night.

But again I stress, it does not mean the other sign is not important. It is important.

You may lean one way, sun or moon, but refrain from denying the other aspects of self.

I work with people in private sessions who run patterns of denying self. Often a pattern that started in childhood and then gets amplified throughout life.

They come to me in their 40s, 50s, 60s etc. burnt out because they never put themselves first, they don’t know who they really are. They have been living an identity of a role i.e., good little girl, wife, mother, caregiver .. but who are they in the midst of these roles?

Please refrain from denying aspects of self, even shadow aspects. Instead learn about all the aspects of self. Allow them healthy expression. And work to bring them into the whole.

Your bitch self is not to be denied. Sometimes you need to be a bitch to be heard or get a point across. But if you are expressing as bitch all the time, it will become detrimental. Make sense?

Back to the charts. Day and night charts will show you which element you will have an easier time with sun or moon.

But the astrological science of night and day charts goes deeper.
It tells you which planet is favourable to you and which one is not.

Before we continue

There are two terms to know:

Benefic means kind and favourable.

Malefic means unfavourable or causing harm.

All Day Charts ruled by the Sun have Jupiter as benefic planet and Saturn as malefic.

Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth, manifesting, creating, what we call good luck and fortune. It expands according to your vibration. So if your dominate vibration is worry it expands worry. If you vibe more peace, it expands peace.

Saturn is the planet of taking responsibility of your life. Being mature. Building a strong foundation. Doing it again if you didn’t get it right the first time. Values, ethics, achievements. Rewards.

All Night Charts, ruled by the moon have Venus as the benefic and Mars as the malefic.

Venus rules love, relationships all, beauty, virtue, values, femininity, wealth, art, culture, passion.

Mars the action, warrior, fast, power, strength, get it done planet.

OK so what does this mean? How can you use this information?

Note your benefic planet Jupiter or Venus.

When your benefic planet is in play it offers you more of an oomph, a positive push energetically.

Pay attention to your benefic planet and what it’s doing in the sky and work with the energy consciously.

Even when your benefic is in retrograde it will offer you more clues for success then blips.

And check your natal chart for your benefic’s position at birth. When the planet is in that sign the energy oozes goodness on you.

For instance if your benefic is Venus and at your birth Venus was in Gemini, every time Venus transits Gemini, it offers excellent support for Venusian themes in your life.

Now stay with me, this is a bit tricky, the malefic of the opposite chart is the planet that may cause you trouble.

So if you are a day Chart, the malefic of the night chart Mars may create challenges for you when it’s in a prominent position or transit in the sky.

If you are a night chart, the malefic of the day chart Saturn may cause you more challenges.

That doesn’t mean doom and gloom it means that those planets Mars or Saturn may be a bit tougher on you. Pay more attention to them. The clues they give you will lead to breakthroughs if you follow through.

End of Lesson

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