Mercury turns retrograde today in the sign of Taurus at 1:19 pm Eastern Time, 6:19 Universal. This cosmic event now officially makes it 5 out of 9 planets in our solar system retrograde until May 12th.

Yes Mercury the planet of communication, when in retrograde, tangles with communication of all kinds email, computers, contracts, written and spoken word. Details need going over several times and giving people the benefit of the doubt with missed appointments and communication is encouraged.

But now in more consciousness we have a greater understanding of what MR is all about. Taking time to turn within and re-evaluate all areas of our lives.

Asking yourself questions such as:

What is my definition of success? For some its a money number for other people it’s living life in a certain way; for others being in peace.

What is my definition of Prosperity? Wealth? Money?

How do I view Love and Relationships?

How is my Health and am I truly ready to give up _____ in order to be more healthy or start to implement _____ to gain health and well-being?

We say we want freedom but we are already free. So what do you mean and desire when you say you want freedom? Be specific.

That childhood dream is it time to resurrect it?

That goal you have been pursuing for years is it time to let go because it no longer fits in your life and who you are today?

Do you need more education or learning?

Pay attention to what pops up during this MR period which wraps up May 22nd, any themes or significant events will unfold over July and August with more clarity and understanding.

Don’t be surprised is someone from your past shows up during MR. That often happens, visits from old friends and flames. Yes a rekindling is possible but most likely it is a soul check in. Hey how are you doing. What has changed with you? You may find that old friend and you have more in common now than you thought.

Over the next 24-48 hours as Mercury appears to slow down and turn retrograde you may experience a slowdown in your life. I suspect you have been feeling it already for the past day. This slowdown feeling will pass in a day or two. People around you may be cranky, “off,” agitated or that people may be you. Again this too shall lift in a day or two.

We give thanks to Universe for this blessed time of reflection, the opportunity to regroup and take charge of our lives.

~Love, Esther

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