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April 10th Energy Update: When I woke up this morning two images flashed across the screen of my mind. One of a New Years Eve Party cancelled at the last minute leaving me alone for the night and the other of a time I worked in Austria teaming  up with with a lovely girl from England. We flipped a coin for rooms in our apartment and I got the better room.

As these memories surfaced I could see and feel they were charged with emotion that I was carrying as an undercurrent in my mind and energy field.

Feelings of being alone and rejected even thought logically I knew that the New Years Eve party was cancelled due to the host’s illness.

And feelings of guilt because I got the better room.

Even though on a conscious level I had forgotten about those incidents over 16 years ago, the emotional and mental impact of the them lingered.

Until this morning when they surfaced ready for me to face, acknowledge and consciously choose to release.

I tell you this story because this sums up the energetics of the day. Notice what surfaces for you. Be the observer rather then get caught up in the emotion of the memory. Do some conscious work around the situation and if you are ready to release the energetics of the day will support you.

~Love, Esther

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