It’s National Orgasm Day, July 31st. Ladies, an orgasm a day keeps your downstairs kitty cat purring.

A healthy, safe orgasm a day also contributes to your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.
Orgasms increase dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine and testosterone. They relax and improve mood, cognition, ease stress and anxiety. Help you to fall asleep +++

You are a sensual, sexual being. Orgasms are part of the human experience. Stop the orgasm or engage in unhealthy, unsafe orgasms and you fall out of alignment with your highest self.

Ladies come to me asking for help, wanting to connect more deeply with their feminine energy and LIVE in their feminine energy. They want to embody their goddess energy. Be the lover, queen, girl, mother, huntress, sage, the mystic all female archetypes. Orgasms and being in touch with your sexuality is part of the process.

So grab a partner who loves and respects you. Buy a toy. Use your fingers and enjoy an orgasm every day.

If you struggle with anything I’ve mentioned I can help. We will look at beliefs getting in the way, energy blocks, painful memories, sabatoguing patterns, past life influences etc … and clear the path to a healthy, enjoyable orgasm. Contact info in my linktree and at

~ Love Esther

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