Do You Want To Create Greater Financial Wealth?
It Starts With Building The Energy and Alchemy of Money, Finances; Wealth.
Get Your Alignment and Vibration Right.

Sound interesting? Read On …

What does Financial Wealth mean to you?

For me it means: Doing what I want, when I want, with whom I want, as often as I want and having the ability to do so in the moment.

In 2022 Financial Wealth also means to me having multiple passports, home properties in different countries, money to grease palms, to charter flights; to have access to the best concierge doctors for myself and those I love.

I’m fired up and motivated to take my financial wealth to the next level and I invite you to join me and also expand your financial wealth.

Watch this video to learn why I am fired up. The information presented will also create awareness as to why you may be holding yourself back from the financial wealth you desire.

In order to manifest Financial Wealth in your life whether you are focusing on wealth creation for the first time, or it’s time to level up … FIRST YOU MUST “SEE” IT.

You must “See” yourself living the Financial Wealth you desire. Imagine it on the screen of your mind.

Visualize a day in the life of You living in the vibe and reality of Financial Wealth.

Feel It. Sense It. Hear It. Know It. See It. Smell It.

Once you “See” yourself living a life of Financial Wealth it is created energetically in the ethers.

Then all you have to do is ALIGN with your vision in order to pull it into your day to day reality.

 You ALIGN through your VIBRATION.

Your VIBRATION is determined by your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, Actions, patterns, behaviors, surroundings; your concepts of reality.

Once you SEE yourself living with Financial Wealth and embark on the Alignment process, start to examine your beliefs and the rest of the list above to discover what is out of ALIGNMENT with the life of Financial Wealth you want to lead and change it.

For instance, perhaps you hold the belief that, money is hard to come by. Being rich is for other people. It is hard to create financial wealth.

Or maybe you hold a thought like: What if I manifest a lot of money and then lose it? That would be devastating. So consciously, subconsciously you decide it is better to never have money to avoid the devastation you anticipate.

Perhaps you know someone who is financially wealthy and they do not treat other people kindly. They use their monies in ways that you deem irresponsible or selfish. As you watch and judge this person you make a decision consciously or subconsciously such as: I will never be like them. The problem is that statement like them means all of them, including financial wealth.

Many people hold a belief or idea that they cannot have more money then mom and dad out of respect for their parents. A family wealth glass ceiling. I had that belief about my dad. He worked hard for his money. Sometimes he was financially successful. Sometimes he experienced financial poverty. He had a glass ceiling that he tried to break, but his reality was an up and down financial roller-coaster. I had to clear the influence of that patterning from my energetic field and give myself permission to have more money than dad.

Look at your surroundings: home, work, play, office, where you hang out; geographical location. Do they support the financial wealth you desire?

What about the people you hang around with? Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said, We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

This statement relates to the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes. The law of averages.

If the five people you most spend time with are just getting by financially, energetically you are holding yourself in the same patterning.

You don’t have to ditch your friends if you truly feel they are good and like hanging around with them, but start to meet and spend time with people who have and enjoy the financial wealth you want to create.

Do you walk around saying things like: The reality is that creating incredible financial wealth is hard and I am not smart enough; capable enough to do it. If that is your reality, that is the reality you will experience.

Do you feel anxious when you think of money matters? That feeling will you slow down or stall your money manifesting.

Do you hold back on taking action when financial opportunities come your way? Self sabatogue. What, who don’t you trust? What do you fear? Get to the bottom of those feelings and patterns. What is the core belief anchoring them?

Your physical health is often tied to your financial health,

As are your relationships.

Your relationship with dad is often entangled with your personal financial quotient.

All of these areas warrant a review if you want to create Financial Wealth.

Based on what you discover, begin to make changes to support moving into ALIGNMENT with FINANCIAL WEALTH through your VIBRATION.

And as you move into greater ALIGNMENT you will begin to find windfalls come your way. Solid opportunities present. The right people, situations, information and resources show up. You begin to take action and the action pans out. It may happen quickly or slowly, all determined by you, but it will begin to happen.

Along the way don’t take your eyes off the PRIZE, that VISION of you living a life of FINANCIAL WEALTH.

During this 40 Day financial wealth creating event, we are going to focus on ALIGNMENT through BELIEF WORK (which includes patterns, behaviors, thoughts, past life carry overs etc at both the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind), AND engage in effective money manifesting activities which will flush out limitations and boost your vibration = ALIGNMENT.


Get your Energy and Alchemy Right.

If you are thinking, Esther are you going to tell me to write a million dollar cheque to myself and keep it in my wallet? No that’s not the type of activities we will do. But it is a good one.

If you are thinking, Esther are you going to tell me to spend in my imagination money everyday to shift my subconscious? No, but that is a tried and true activity.

What I am going to do is share with you financial wealth, MONEY vibrational alignment activities that I have learned and used over the years successfully, to move myself from poverty earning less then $20,000 a year to making six figures. The same activities I am doing again NOW to, as I point out in the video, level up to THAT FINANCIAL WEALTH.

Here’s how the program will unfold over 40 Days.

Starting on Day One and every five days thereafter, I will send you an ALIGN WITH FINANCIAL WEALTH MODULE via email.

There are two parts to the Module.

First there will be a teaching, perhaps a process, tip or belief work offered to help you to create FINANCIAL WEALTH.

Second an activity that you will engage in over the next five days supporting FINANCIAL WEALTH ALIGNMENT.

The information will be in video format hosted on a private you-tube link and channel.

As soon as you open the email, watch the video and start the process.

I will be close by on our Private Group WHATSAPP link to answer your questions. There I will also offer additional information. Make suggestions. Help you to Celebrate your successes and troubleshoot snags.

The WHATSAPP group also offers you community support, more suggestions, ideas and information.

I highly encourage you to join the private group and participate.

Participation, helping others to create their FINANCIAL WEALTH, will up your vibe to help you create FINANCIAL WEALTH.

When the next module arrives you will start to engage in the new activity.

You can put the previous activity on pause for now, filing it away in your ALIGN TO FINANCIAL WEALTH TOOLBOX, or you can do both.

ADD in one on one private sessions with me to take the ALIGNMENT PROCESS to next the level.

During your private session we will focus on a belief, pattern or behavior blocking your financial wealth and get that obstacle out of the way.

If you would like to use your hour to do a one on one mastermind coaching call instead that is also an option.

Sessions are 60 minutes held via Instant Teleseminar system with free access via web-call on your device. The session is recorded for replay and future listening. If you prefer another method of contact we can discuss other options.

I HIGHLY suggest adding in the private one on one sessions. If you are joining this program you already know you have limitations around money. Doing the inner work piece is crucial.

The inner work technique I use requires you to access information from within. We change your inner world mental, emotional, spiritual, physical the history levels of the body, to support the outward reality you want to experience and live.

IF you are reading this information page thinking, Esther I can’t even get step one, visualizing a day in the life of FINANCIAL WEALTH, then definitively sign up for the Gold Package with two private sessions. Email me immediately after sign up and I will book your first session asap to help you to form that vision.

IF the idea of doing this program completely one on one with me appeals to you, consider the Platinum Package with eight private one hour sessions.

If you have questions regarding the format of the program or any of the packages email me right now and let’s get you answers.


  • Already experiencing the benefits of aligning and vibing with Financial Wealth whether it is ie. money, windfalls, ideas, opportunities, confidence, increased creativity, motivation, inspiration, desire …
  • You will be vibrating higher thus attracting more of what you want Financially but also in every area of your life as everything is connected.
  • Flush out and remove limitations blocking financial wealth.
  • You will have a number of tools to help to continue the ALIGNMENT process even after our time comes to an end.
  • And along the way who knows what will tumbled into your experience regarding FINANCIAL WEALTH. Be sure to tell us on the WHATSAPP GROUP LINK. We want to celebrate with you, Learn from you and be Inspired.
  • PLUS, the personal one on one work will get you moving in areas which previously held you back. Finally trusting yourself. Finally making decisions. Finally taking action. Finally asking other people for help. Finally keeping promises to yourself. Finally taking some risks. Finally believing that Financial Wealth is yours.

There are Four Packages To Choose From:

Bronze Package: Align With Wealth, Vibration Activities

  • 40 days focused on aligning with wealth vibrationally.
  • 8 modules delivered via email with video instruction.
  • Including a wealth alignment teaching plus an activity that will flush out limiting beliefs and help you to level up your financial wealth vibration.
  • Every Module created to up your financial wealth vibration.
  • Unlimited access to Esther for questions, guidance, clarity and community support via a WhatsApp private group.

$497.00 Add to cart

Silver Package: Align With Wealth, Vibration Activities

plus One 1 hour private session with Esther to address a limiting belief, pattern, behavior etc holding you back from wealth creation for resolution and clearing. Or a masterminding coaching session.

  • Plus everything else listed in the Bronze Package.
  • Session valid for 45 days from start of program.

$747.00 Add to cart

Gold Package: Align With Wealth, Vibration Activities

plus Two 1 Hour private sessions with Esther to address limiting beliefs about wealth creation for resolution and clearing. Or a masterminding coaching session.

  • Plus everything else listed in the Bronze Package.
  • Session valid for 90 days from start of program.

$947.00 Add to cart

Platinum Package: For the Ultimate Personal Touch

Align With Financial Wealth 8 Private One on One Sessions with Esther

  • Eight one hour sessions with Esther via Instant Teleseminar system.
  • Sessions held two weeks apart.
  • Unlimited email access with Esther during the 16 week period.
  • Plus access to video modules given to the group with all of the additional teaching and vibrational support activities.
  • MP3 recording of sessions.
  • Using the program modules as a spring board, we will address specific to you dreams, desires for manifesting and blocks and obstacles for resolving.

$2,247.00 Add to cart

If you would like to speak to me about the Platinum Package to see if it is the right choice for you contact me via email:

NOTE: Wealth Creation often requires quick decisions. When the clock below hits zero, all packages will increase by $250 US.

Additional Notes:

  • Once a package has been purchased there are no refunds.
  • Sessions are to be booked and received according to the requirements listed in each package.
  • Sessions are held via the Instant Teleseminar system which allows for recording of the session for future listening.v
  • You have free access to Instant Teleseminar via web call feature on your device.
  • If you prefer to have your sessions via another method ie Skype, WhatsApp etc please let me know at time of booking.
  • Clients outside of the USA also have the option of a free phone call to access the session on Instant Teleseminar System.
  • Due to time zone differences sessions for people in North and South America are in the morning local time, for those in Europe morning or afternoon local time, Australia and New Zealand evenings your local time. Esther will work with you to set up something suitable.
  • Sessions are held Monday to Friday.
  • Videos are hosted on a private you-tube channel link. You will have forever access.
  • WhatsApp Group Channel is for asking questions, sharing of your experiences, connecting with others in the program for support, inspiration and encouragement. We will maintain a high vibe atmosphere.
  • It is highly recommended that you join the WhatsApp group and be an active participant.
  • Being an active participant, particularly helping other people is high vibration and will help you in your personal alignment and also group consciousness alignment.
  • I do not offer financial advice.
  • My focus is to help you to ALIGN with the energy of FINANCIAL WEALTH.

Esther Bartkiw Your Host/Facilitator:

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. Avid student of quantum science and astrology. I combine core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, energy healing and spirit filled messages, to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality. I’m an excellent conscious manifestor and LOVE helping people manifest their dreams come true. Learn more about me here

If you have any questions please contact me directly at

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