December 31st Energy Update: Another super active day in the cosmos. Mars and Neptune hook up in the sky and this makes for an action filled day and New Years Eve. Perhaps you were planning on laying low tonight, ringing in the New Year alone or with your family. Don’t be surprised if a last minute invitation comes through with a pleading of YOU MUST join us. Go! It will be fun for all. This Mars Neptune energy wants you to enjoy the celebration in a big way. It also inspires creativity, impulsive behavior and desire for new, something different and adventure. If you do find yourself alone or in a situation where everyone has gone to bed before midnight you may end up on your computer planning a holiday for January to some exotic destination.

Earlier this week Saturn and Chiron connected pushing forth our “Stuff” in a mighty and magnified way which caught many off guard and had us plunging deep into our shadows. I have written alot about it all week long. Today Jupiter connects with Chiron and this matching may shake your belief in self, other people, a situation perhaps even in the world, again dredging up all held within that does not match with you being a Divine Being Of LIGHT.

Plus all that crap from earlier in the week may bubble up again especially if you ignored it first time around.

We are also moving along a wave of energy that suggestions Big Change and Fast. This could create Miracles. For those of you who joined me earlier this month on our 12 Day Journey To Creating Miracles and/or are immersing yourself in the Miracle Creating frequency videos, the possibilities are lovely as you align yourself to the Miracle Frequency within. (Tip: Watch the Money Miracle Creating Video Today.) For others this Big Change Fast could be miracle filled or a bit unnerving just keep in mind all change is for your highest and best.

Take heed how you usher in the New Year. We are moving from a year of endings to a year of new beginnings. With loads of 1 energy supporting us from January 1st 1-1-1 to January 11th 1-11-1 or 11-11. The first 11 days of January are going to help us anchor our I AM Presence, dissolve and transmute away all that we are not and lift us up in vibration to start living as the Galactic Humans that we are.

And then on January 12th we are going to have another shake up. You see every time we raise our vibration and move onto a new frequency track a shake up happens to loosen and release another layer of all that we are not. Watch for this to occur around the 12th.

As we head into this 1 year, a year of new beginnings it may be smooth for some and tumultuous for others. The energies will work with you where you are at in your process and make adjustments as necessary to help you to create what you desire and living as the Divine Being that you are. For some that means tweaks and others major construction.

What I find so exciting about moving into a new 9 year cycle and this upcoming 1 year, is that each of us is starting a new cycle in more consciousness then ever before. The last time we started a 1 year we were ALL a lot less aware. This time around equipped with more love, light, consciousness, understanding image what we can do and accomplish in the years ahead. Exciting times on planet Earth.

Happy New Year!

~Love, Esther
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