Since the start of the New Year our sleep state and dreams have become a main venue for working through situations, events and issues.

We are having release dreams.
Information dreams.
Here is the next step dreams.
Contact with our Soul and Star Family dreams.
And creating consciousness dreams.

While many of us are fortunate to remember and access our dreams, even play around consciously shifting and changing our dreams I know some of you are thinking: Dreams what dreams?

Even though you are not recalling your dreams you are still having them, rest assured.

Here are a few tips to help you to remember your dreams and gain conscious access to this Divine and Wonderful Wisdom:

-Before you go to bed ask your Higher Self and Spirit Team to assist you in remembering your dreams.

-Hold the intention, Tonight I will have wonderful dreams that will guide and direct me.

-Work on opening up the channels of your Right Brain through imagination, focus and/or intention. Flow energy into the right brain to open up channels and new pathways.

Our right brain is our creative center and is responsible for rhythm, colour, imagination, spatial awareness, daydreaming, spiritual awareness and dimension. It controls the left side of your body.

-Release any fears, worries or concerns you have about dreams and remembering your dreams.

-Set your alarm one hour before you normally awake up. When the alarm goes off. Reset and fall back into slumber. The sleep state you will access after a brief awakening will help you to connect with other dimensions, realities and oh so interesting dreams.

Soon you will discover that your dream state is the most wonderful space to play and then begin to wonder are my dreams my reality or is my waking life my reality?

~Love, Esther

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