5 Ways Joining Me in Corfu in June, will Change Your Life ✨️

1. Blue Mind Therapy.

Blue Mind Theory states that spending time near, in, on or under water makes you happier, healthier, calm, peaceful, relaxed; more creative. Engaging with water releases stress and anxiety. Increases feel good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. Your thinking and intuitive mind become clearer, sharper and more focused. Remember in the days of old when doctors prescribed to patients a visit to the sea to promote health? In Corfu you will flourish your Blue Mind.

2. Ley Lines for Healing.

The ley lines of Archangel Michael and Greek Goddess Athena cross in Corfu Town.

Where ley lines cross anywhere in the world, there is a high resonance where healing and transformation of consciousness are instant. Shh … don’t tell anyone this is one of the many reasons I spend lots of time in Corfu.

3. Fun, Adventure & Exploring.

Many people tell me that they want and need more fun in their lives. The Corfu retreat offers fun and adventure in spades.

Having fun is proven to have positive effects physically, emotionally; mentality. It boosts inspiration, motivation, a high vibration emotional state, open to possibilities. Manifesting Energy.

Fun also provides positive hormone benefits driving down cortisol levels and increasing serotonin which regulates sleep, mood and memory.

4. Ionian Sea is Medicine.

The first time you jump into the Ionian sea you will notice the love and healing it gives to you instantly. From the mineral infusion, to the grounding effects, huge dose of electrons for optimal health and well being, red light therapy +++ I often describe the Ionian Sea as the giver of hugs of love.

5. Soul and Self Growth

The types of travel retreats I put together are specifically crafted to gently push you out of your comfort zone. Under the use of travel, they offer opportunity for personal growth. A sense of accomplishment. And create a new higher perspective of yourself, life and what is possible.

You’ll return home rejuvenated, renewed, inspired and ready to create your desired outcomes.

You can engage in hours of session work, classes, programs and workshops to create change and you can also have a travel adventure proven to facilitate change quickly and deeply.

Join me for 💙 Escape Into The Blue, Ladies Retreat in Corfu, Greece 🇬🇷 June 1-8, 2024.

Early Bird Pricing in effect.

4 Spots Remain.

Want to know more?

Get the details: https://whispersfromthesoul.com/greece-retreat/

If you would like to speak to me directly about joining us,
email me at esther@whispersfromthesoul.com

Love, Esther

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

Access Me Here: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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