Past life regression is a psychospiritual method or technique that guides you to a remembering of memories of a past life or incarnation.

Here are five common clues which may be nudging you to take notice of a past life influence.

1. DEJA VU: That feeling of having experienced an event, situation, conversation, location, smell, energy; visual before. Deja vu is a familiar feeling or sense that comes on suddenly, but you can’t explain how or why. The french translation is, ‘already seen.’ It may be a remembering of a past life.

2. DREAMS: Memories of past lives often present during our dream state. You may dream of people or situations, a location from a past life. Nightmares may be memories or bleed throughs of unresolved trauma from past life experiences.

3. UNEXPLAINABLE KNOWLEDGE of events, history; the past. This type of past life sign has been reported by children who talk about their life as a fighter pilot in a war. Or talk about their other mommy/daddy. Or when they lived in the house at the end of the street. Or know how to play the piano even though they never took a lesson in this lifetime. Past life remembering.

4. IRRATIONAL FEARS AND PHOBIAS: Most people have some kind of fear or phobia, but when the fear is heavily charged with emotion and body response, when the fear is unfounded, it may be a past life carry over. Fear of water may present because the person experienced death by drowning in a past life.

5. PAIN, BIRTHMARKS, UNEXPLAINABLE BODY MANIFESTATIONS: Birthmarks have often been cited as evidence for reincarnation. They may look like gun shot wounds, stabbing or arrowhead marks, fire scars or rope burns. If a person has an unusual mark or patterning on their body, many believe it is a past life carry over in cellular memory. Phantom or unexplained pain can also be a clue pointing you to a past life. I have worked with many people to discover the psychological connection of pain in the body and often we end up in a past life.

Discovering and exploring your past life through a regression session can be a significant experience. The ‘remembering’ on its own is profound. The ability to create healing in the past and as a result make positive change in the present is deeply transformative.

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Love, Esther

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