My 2022 Started off in Crisis And Here is What I Realized 

I’m not a drama girl. I rarely have full blown crisis in my life. Snags and snafus yes but all manageable.

My 2022 started off with a crisis and while the main issue of that crisis was manageable, what shook me was visiting Croatian Police four times within 36 hours and initially being denied entry into the police station because I was not double v’d nor did I have negative rapid test papers.

When I said I am a tourist and I am in trouble I need help, all I heard was Ne meaning no and the word forbidden.

Over those 36 hours while dealing with the situation on my own, navigating language differences, finding a clinic that would take me for a test and doing my best to keep myself grounded, I realized I need to up my financial wealth quotient STAT.

I talk about it in this video and along the way I discuss:

What does financial wealth mean to you?

How can you navigate the now and prepare for the unknown financial future?

Wealth is created by what you do with your money. Is your money on life support?

In your manifesting practice do you focus on manifesting the money and wealth you want? or what you think you can get?

I share with you limitations that came up for me during my recent situation and how I addressed it. +++

Even if you are not interested in creating greater financial wealth I encourage you to watch the video as I am certain there is a piece of information within that will help you to further unlock and flow money abundance your way.

Love, Esther

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