11/11 the Energy Wave that pulls together Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Take you to a deeper experience living as Divine Human. Living as the Love, the Light that you are.
11/11 an evolutionary shift of consciousness descends upon the world.
11/11 the trigger for new experiences, new awareness, new attitudes and new patterns in tune with higher consciousness and living as Light.
11/11 the means for a deep purge within of limitation and re-calibration to higher vibrations.
11/11 the harmonizing of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine something we have been working towards since the 2012 shift.
11/11 the rising up of clarity.
11/11 Light and Darkness come together.

11/11 The Star Gate will encourage us to embrace and live as our I AM Presence and become more aware of our Divine and Spirit Self.

Be with the energies. Allow them to have their way with you.
Let go of expectations and allow with gratitude and joy what is ready to come into your experience.
Take time to pause and be still not only receiving the energies for you, but to also anchor in the energies onto the Planet for the Earth and all of Humanity.
~Love, Esther xo
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