This New Moon is poised to offer you the energies to initiate the REFRESH you are looking for in your life.

February 11th at 2:06 pm eastern is the New Moon in Aquarius. It is an extra potent new moon this month because in addition to the moon, five other planets are traveling through the Aquarius part of the sky. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. That means this Aquarius energy is influencing many areas of our lives right now. The potential for seeding and initiating change leading to progress is high.

When that many planets gather together in the same sign it is called a stellium or a cluster of planets. It’s rare. It’s something to take notice of and it is wise to harness the energies to initiate NEW in your life. Aquarius energy is pouring out onto the planet. I discussed it in this earlier video click here.

Often when we make change in our lives it is precipitated by a crisis. A crisis that shakes us to wake us and to push us to make a move. Around this new moon you may have a crisis that shakes you much like eclipse energies do. If that is the case, rather then despair, take it as a much needed wake up call and universal cosmic help to get you onto a higher track of living, frequency, vibration and experience.

Other people may experience a Big Breakthrough around this New Moon. If you have been doing the energetic and physical work to create change this may be your big BREAKTHROUGH moment.

This new moon is a good time for new technology. Perhaps you want to buy new technology. Wait until Mercury turns direct after Feb 20th, but in the meantime test out and research what is good for you.

New ideas will sprout up. Take those ideas and begin to formulate a plan.

For some people thoughts of new ways of doing things will come forward.

Give those inspirations a test run.

Six planets are in Aquarius right now at this New Moon.

What are you going to do with all of this high potential of change energy?

How will you harness it? How will you work with it?

How will you use it to serve your desired outcomes and manifestations?

What are you seeding with this energy?

And what solid steps of action will you take to support your desire?

The Free Energy Transmission Event is being held with intention the day before the New Moon. Let’s tap into that energy for our personal well being and the for the good of all. Details are sent through my newsletter. Sign up to receive.

Today is the day!

~ Love Esther

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