Jupiter leaves Pisces The Illusion of Freedom and Fun will Get challenged

July 28th, 2021 Jupiter planet of expansion, growth, wealth, what we call favour, good luck, fortune, slips out of a very comfortable transit through Pisces and dips into Aquarius until the end of the year. This is a significant cosmic movement and it is going to change the energetics once again for everyone. I’ve been talking about this since December and I am certain you have heard other energy readers speak about this transit as well.

As I tune into the energetics of this shift here’s what is coming through to share with you.

Jupiter has been moving through Pisces where it loves to hang out. Lightening the mood and atmosphere. Offering us the right and perfect frequencies to support fun, socializing, adventure, spiritual growth and awareness, shifting the mood from dire to optimism; giving us the illusion of freedom.

So now we have Jupiter, currently in retrograde moving into Aquarius for five months, and the Jupiter ~ Expansion is going to expand to us in ways we can’t ignore, where we need to wake up even more, in our personal lives, as collective, as humanity living on earth in this current world situation.

The energetics from this transit will show us, loud and in our face, where we need to wake up in order to be free from lack consciousness, free from self criticism, free from addictions, free from that negative thought or sabotaging patterning that has dogged you perhaps for decades.

To wake us all up as to how asleep we have been.

And to wake up to a greater awareness of what freedom means to you. Waking you up to understanding that claims or promises of freedom are in fact control tactics. Waking you up to a deeper awareness of, Oh boy we were asleep.

Freedom. Spend time identifying what that means to you.

Freedom is not more money. Freedom is a feeling, knowing, an attitude and you can be free in any situation including the current world situation. You can be locked up in jail and still be free. Contemplate that idea of freedom.

Freedom and Sovereignty over mind and body is your Divine Birthright. Sovereignty meaning you get to choose freely what you want rather then others telling you what to think, do, be, where you can go and where you cannot. Sovereignty meaning self governing. Aquarius energy holds the vibe of, Don’t tell me what to do. I don’t need you leading me.

All of the above and more is what Jupiter is expanding to us. Keep in mind expansion goes both ways, expanding into greatness and expanding what is not working, expanding the tyranny; expanding the deception. Be aware of and notice both during this transit. Sometimes you have to be shaken with what is not working in order to expand forward into something better.

Life is going to get challenging again. We have years to live out this shift and how we approach it, how we respond in attitude and action will shape the unfolding. Action is required.

We will be moving in and out of phases of Ah it’s okay things are improving, to What the heck, anger and more unrest.

That back and forth is a psychological technique used to break people down.

But at the same time as more people wake up and anchor more Light onto the planet, dark heavy energies and agendas will be flushed out and brought into the Light. We are the change.

You play an important role in this Shift, that is why you are here on planet earth at such a time as this.

The globalist dark agenda entities are going to be pushing back even harder during the last half of the year.

Where will you put your faith and trust?

What are you going to do? How will you respond?

None of this is easy and I won’t pretend it is.

We are all being challenged but how we respond matters.

How will you respond?

Say Yes Sir, Yes Mme, whatever you say; you know best?

Or will you be a truth bearer and participant towards positive change for the world?

I’m all about Love and Light but this is going to take more then Love and Light and a grab the popcorn attitude. Action is necessary from all of us in whatever way we can.

With Jupiter in Retro transiting through Aquarius (technology, practicality, mental activity, analytical, in-dependant, don’t tell me what to do attitude),

And receiving a boost from Saturn (rules, regulations, the establishment).

many are saying, myself included, that very likely there will be a push back to lock-downs, masks, restrictions, and shortages in the supply chain etc.  You are already hearing about it in various locations.

So what are you doing to do?

I often receive emails or messages from people saying things like: Why aren’t people doing anything? Why are there not more freedom rallies in Canada? Why are people not saying anything? Why isn’t anybody doing anything?

And I reply back YOU are people. What are you doing? How about you organize something? It doesn’t have to be a large city rally, organize something in your community with friends and family. Write your local MP. Take a stand. Speak your truth. Say no I do not comply and follow through in action.

I am aware of what is happening on the world scene. I do research daily on a number of topics. I watch videos and read threads. I hold everything as information and then I take time to pray and reflect to discern what feels right as truth for me. I don’t allow the material and world situation to overwhelm me or put me into fear and if it does, because we all have our days, I acknowledge what I am feeling and face it.

I DO focus on my day to day life. My joy. My adventure. My path. My health and wellbeing. My creations. My work. My clients.The people I love and adore. Speaking my truth. Ready to step up. In fact I’m getting the nudge to start a Telegram Channel as a means of additional support for you and truth telling. Once it gets up and running you will be the first to know.

Also I’m making very good progress on getting the Heal, Calm and Reset your Nervous System 21 Day On Line Event ready for announcement and promotion.

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Despite what is happening in the world, gestures wildly, I plan on enjoy the best of every day. Will you join me?

~ Love Esther

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