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On Friday June 5th we have a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius at 3:12 pm eastern time. It kicks off a new eclipse season of three eclipses (June 5, June 21 and July 5th) and also a new Series of Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses.


Before we dive in to the information I am receiving let’s do a little bit of review and background information.


Eclipses happen in seasons usually twice a year.

Eclipse energies are Big and Profound.

Energies which act as catalysts to change.

Often dramatic change. It’s course correction energy.

Chaos can ensue, abrupt events, breakdowns and BREAKTHROUGHS.


While some people fear Eclipse Season I encourage you to look at it as a special time when Universe/God lovingly looks down upon you, knowing what you desire, want, wish for, knowing the obstacles standing in the way and says, I’m going to get you back on track since you have been missing the cues and signs I have been sending.


We experiences these energies individually, as groups, community, countries; globally. And everyone experiences Eclipse energies to different degrees.


Some Eclipse seasons are very challenging for people while others swim through them with ease.


And while Eclipse energies do create big, profound and dramatic change, the change can often be welcomed. Perhaps you have already gone through the challenging part of change and the Eclipse energies usher in the Manifestation of what you want. Eclipse energies ushering in the new job, new home, new relationships, that opportunity, the phone call, the idea and inspiration.


This first eclipse of this season is a full moon lunar eclipse kicking off a new series of eclipses under Sagittarius and Gemini influence. A series that will extend over 18 + months. That means Sag and Gemini energies and traits will be highlighted over the next year and a half especially during eclipse season.


And the focus will be on Truth, knowing, wisdom, lies, turning a blind eye, deception, breaking old patterns and beliefs of truths and processing the information.


In particular personal Truths. Our personal truth regarding what we value. Our morals our own spiritual truths and beliefs. To re-examine these personal truths.


Are you living your personal truths?


Do your words, beliefs, perceptions, concepts, actions match up to your Personal Truths?


Have you contemplated your personal truths recently?


Have you outgrown your Truths?


Perhaps it is time to make an adjustment?

The Lunar Eclipse and this series will help you to let go of old and expand into new.

For years I have been writing and suggesting to question everything even those things you believe to be true, uplifting and positive, for with an open mind and heart you will find limitation and deceptions in those truths as well.


The illusion, the matrix has also seeped into the spiritual community. Not everything we have read and have been taught is true. There were people and material purposely put in place to disrupt, distract and offer disinformation to those seeking wisdom, enlightenment; greater consciousness.


This is why it is important to receive everything as information and turn within to discern what is true for you.


I encourage you to engage with the energies of this lunar eclipse (endings and closures) to sit with your personal truths about everything.

About yourself, the world, what you believe and sift and sort through them asking your inner being and Universe to assist you, tapping into the Eclipse energies to light up the highest path forward, to burn away the disruption, disinformation, the scales creating a blind eye; the dross.


Something very interesting to note….


The last Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipse season was 2010 to 2013.


Remember what happened then?


The Shift of the Ages in 2012. December 21, 2012.

During that Sag/Gemini eclipse series we experienced the lead up, the Shift and the beginning of the unfolding of the change.


Think back to what was happening in your life at that time.


This lunar eclipse may bring resolution to those issues or situation.

If what presented back then was never addressed it may come up again now so that in greater consciousness, awareness and personal growth you will look at it.


Maybe something amazing happened during that last cycle and now it ends to usher in something even better!


So many possibilities.


Just one more note. During this June 5th Eclipse there will be a strong influence from Mars.


And that Mars energy will evoke strong emotion adding to the strong emotion already in play because of the virus, world situation, what’s hanging in the collective; Mercury in Cancer.


Mars is about action, force, determination, drive and it can evoke anger, suffering, sadness and rage…  also intense emotional highs, manic highs.


It may also be the energy that pushes you to make change.


Be mindful of your emotions. How you express them. And the emotions of others.


Purging limitation and density is not only important it is necessary for us to rise up.


Let’s be mindful of how we go through the process of purge and use the lunar eclipse energies to help us close chapters.


And stay close for more  Eclipse Energy Updates offer through my newsletter and from time to time here as blog post.


~Love, Esther


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