Hi Friends,

For those who have been learning and studying about SunLight with me this information (below) is a nice refresher.

For those to whom this information is New, how exciting!
Connecting with the Sun~LIGHT in a focused and specific manner has rocked my world in a good way!

If you are open to it, connecting with the LIGHT will take YOU to a whole new experience of Living as Light.

Why do you want to connect with the Light? Check out the information below.

First step is laying the foundational behaviors and then we work on the nuances.

We are going to take it nice and easy over 21 days and do the actions together.

Connect with the Light 21 Day Kickstart begins July 12th via a private telegram group.

Whether you want the God connection or the physical benefits, or you are like me and want it ALL, join me.

Yes there will be information because knowing the why and bennies is important. I will keep it simple and if you have questions I will be always around to answer them for you. Your personal coach and accountability partner.

More Details and Sign Up Here:

Love, Esther
Access Me Here: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw






















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