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Over the last two weeks I have had a number of people reach out for readings of divine guidance looking for confirmation, direction and information. So I thought I would create a special offer for everyone who has questions and would like some divine guidance, inspiration and confirmation to get what they need. Saturn is turning direct today and it will be much easier for us to take action again. (more info below)

I’ve noticed the top questions I field are around moving and career/work direction.

Lots of people are considering a physical move of home. This is actually one of the top questions I have received over all time. Where should I move to?

We are really good at assessing energetically the places you are considering and pointing out the pluses and the things to keep in mind. In fact several of the people I have read for in the past asking this question have written back to me saying, we made the move and love it here!

The career direction question is also coming up a lot as many people are losing their jobs, starting their own businesses, are conflicted about which opportunities to pursue or, and this is a big one that comes up over and over, they KNOW what career path they want to pursue but something is holding them back from taking the step.

My readings are Excellent for discovering what the core belief or patterning is creating lack of action. Equipped with that information you can do the inner work, release the limitation and get moving.
Many people show up to their readings with questions about relationships, health and wellness, wanting to connect to their intuition on a deeper level, business shifts of focus (that one is coming up a lot lately as well).

Some people ask about past lives, wanting to know who their guides are, ask for an aura reading (which we do through an energetic scan).

And some show up to a reading saying I feel lethargic about life, help me to get inspired again. We look at what has created the lethargic about life feeling, what needs to shift, how best to get inspired and motivated again etc. At the end of the reading the person has a blueprint of change for them to follow if they choose.

Special Offer Divine Guidance Reading With Esther

October 10th to end of day October 17th, 2021

3 Question Email Reading: Save $30 

Coupon Code: reading30

Here is the link to learn more about the reading and to sign up:


If you have questions about how the email reading unfolds beyond what is on the information page please reach out to me.

Energy Update:

Today October 10th Saturn turns direct after being in retrograde for five months. This energetic shift will show up as a big sigh of relief to many people.

Saturn in retrograde hits us with delays, snafus, obstacles; problems getting things done.

Have you notice over the last five months your creativity has suffered? Your motivation to take action towards goals and desires has been lacking? Everything took extra time to accomplish?

Well after today that will change. The Saturn shift direct opens up movement, action taking and getting things done. Making grounded plans for the future.

I know this is a welcomed shift for many myself included.

So now that breathing and action room is being opened up, let’s get your questions answered so you can make a new plan, make a new decision and CREATE.

When signing up please make sure your coupon has been applied to the shopping cart before proceeding to payment.

After your sign up you will receive instructions on how to get your email reading. If you do not receive that email within a few hours please reach out to me.

~ Love Esther

Here’s where you can find me: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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