There is a important and rare cosmic alignment happening on April 12th when Jupiter and Neptune align. This particular alignment happens once every 13 years. A 13 year cycle closes and a new one opens. The last time these two planets met up was in 2009 in the sign of Aquarius. And this is the first time that Jupiter and Neptune have aligned in the sign of Pisces in over 166 years. Jupiter is at home in the sign of Pisces and Neptune a water sign also likes this part of the sky.

Jupiter rules EXPANSION. Whatever its beams touch expands, whether you deem it something good or something negative. Jupiter rules what we call good luck and fortune, optimism, conscious manifesting; dreams come true. But note if you are focused on negativity, feeling unworthy etc Jupiter energy will expand that focus trying to shake you awake to make new choices.

Neptune holds a dreamy energy. It’s all about imagination, fantasy, visualization, spirituality. It’s very poetic and doe eyed.

So Jupiter expansion, good luck, manifestation aligns with Neptune dreamy, imagination, spirituality; wonder in the sign of Pisces which influences creativity, compassion, open mind; generosity.

We are kicking off a new 13 year cycle in this energy. And it is good!!! I am looking forward to see how this unfolds in my life, your life and also in the collective.

I’m anticipating this rare alignment to instigate revival and another push towards a greater awakening for each of us personally and also for the collective.

Look for this energy to stimulate greater spiritual awakening in your life and the collective consciousness. This is the energy of 5D, unconditional love; unity.

This energy is not about rules, regulations, mandates, dictatorship; war.
It’s dreamy energy so we will look to the sky, the cosmos; the heavens above and within.

It will be easier for us to perceive that which we do not currently see or understand.

I like this energy for supporting us in lifting up the planet and people into greater consciousness and more peaceful living.

We have years yet of moving through this current unrest, but this is a 13 year cycle and the peace will come after the purge.

But there are shadow sides to watch for during this 13 year transit. Delusion … maybe yours, definitely in the collective.

Feeling ungrounded. Be mindful of your grounding tools and techniques.

Getting caught up or lost in fantasy which is good to a point and then it becomes a drawback.

Jupiter and Neptune energy will expose shadows, that which does not fit with the higher manifestation of this wave. More to be revealed.

I suggest you find out in which house this rare cosmic alignment is happening according to your birthchart. Go to an online calendar like astro dot com
and input your birth info to find out. Once you determine which house this alignment is happening for you, look up the characteristics of that house and it will give you an idea of where this energy will show up most predominately over the next 13 years.

Also pay attention to what is showing up in your life now. Where you are getting a nudge to make a move, try something new, where you are feeling you need, want to expand. Those are clues.

As I tune in I receive that MANY will make a dramatic change in their lives. Ditching what you are doing now, perhaps where you live and starting fresh in an unexpected location and vocation. Exciting!

Pay attention to any advice or suggestions which come your way over the next couple of weeks. They may come directly to you or through a video, article, or second hand meant for someone else but it speaks to you. Again clues of what Universe is pointing you towards.

And of course you can ask your Higher Self to show you what to pay attention to, what to focus on. In fact, if you choose to sign up for my Channel Your Higher Self Special Process, you can ask about this transit and its impact on your life.

I already had that discussion with my Higher Self. She told me egoic tendencies require more adjusting. Higher knowledge will be a focus. A new path will unfold for me. Foreign locations are important and I will undergo a renewal of LOVE OF LIFE. I welcome all of these potentials.

You can learn a lot from your Higher Self.

During the 90 minute session I will help you to connect with your Higher Self and learn how she/he communicates with you. Her signs and signals. How she gets your attention. How she presents to you. So that you can communicate with Higher Self on your own without the need of a reading from me or anyone.

Bring to the session 10 to 12 questions to ask your Higher Self. You will channel the answers and I will guide you through the process teaching you how to ask questions to get specific answers.

And as appropriate we can ask your Higher Self for spontaneous healings and release.

My focus in this process is to help you establish a firm bond with your Higher Self and empower you to be your own guru, get your own answers; develop a loving source of support from your TRUE SELF.

Check out the details and more info on the sign up page:
Special offer ends, end of day April 21, 2022. 

Love, Esther

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