Live An Extraordinary Miracle Filled Life This is YOUR TIME to design and create a life that excites and fulfills you. A life that nourishes Your Soul and transforms the world. You are LOVE. A Divine Being of Light. All Possibilities are available to You. Free yourself to live a Purposeful Exuberant Life and let’s do it together shattering illusion, releasing limitation, expanding into a Full Expression of Your Uniqueness. Welcome to Whispers From The Soul. ~ Love, Esther

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Discover and Explore the Mystery and Energy of the Bosnian Pyramids.
A Sacred Spirit Journey.

September 29th to October 8th, 2019

July 2-17, 2019
Eclipse Energy Event

Live Calls, Daily Energy Work, Vibration Raising Exercises +++

Merkaba Activation
Mer=Light  Ka=Spirit

Activate Your Personal Merkaba

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June Energy Update: Big Leaps + Prepping For July Eclipses

Happy June to everyone and what a WOW month it is forecasted to be. When I offer these energy updates the intel I get is usually in the moment for the day or sometimes I get the information a few days ahead but as I sit down to write this post I am being shown an...

Are You Pushing Truth Away By Putting Conditions On It

Are you putting conditions on how Truth will show up and thereby pushing away, the Truth you seek, when it shows up differently? And if you are putting conditions on Truth where else are you placing conditions which may be a stumbling block on your Soul’s Journey of Ascension?

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