Live An Extraordinary Miracle Filled Life, manifesting your wishes and dreams whether long forgotten and placed aside or new dreams birthed out of wonder, curiosity and desire.

This is YOUR TIME to design and create a life that excites and fulfills you. A life of joy, love, fun, adventure, creativity, abundance, prosperity and well being. Living the life You imagine and daydream about. A life that nourishes your Soul and excites your human self.

Let’s create this life together, you and I. Manifesting and living dreams and wishes, breaking free of limitation, raising your vibration, aligning with your desires and turning your dreams into reality.

What Dream are you ready to live and experience? ~ Love, Esther

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Venus Goes Dark: Chaos or Nothingness

Venus Goes Dark: Chaos or Nothingness

Venus Retrograde in Leo, disappears from the sky this week (August 14 - 20 ish), as it moves from night Venus to morning Venus. The planet disappears from our view because it is travelling close to the sun and the brightness of the sun prevents us from seeing it. When...

Neuroplasticity, You CAN rewire your brain

Neuroplasticity, You CAN rewire your brain

Neuroplasticity When I first heard of the concept that our thoughts become things, our beliefs create our reality, and that we can change the programs held in our mind, I didn't need studies and proofs to tell me that the concept was true. I felt the truth of the...

Coping Skills do not equal Healing. It’s a temporary fix.

Coping Skills do not equal Healing. It’s a temporary fix.

Coping Skills are a band aid approach to change. It is not healing. It is a temporary fix.

To cope is to find a way to make a situation, stressor or trauma Ok when clearly it is not ok.

Coping is finding a way to put up with, ease or soothe a situation, trauma or stressor.

Coping is not healing.

Many people think it is.

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