Money and Finances:

Listened To The Money Activation And My Skype Pinged With More Work

Just wanted to drop you a line because I did the money activation process with my husband this afternoon. As we listened I was shocked by the vibrations I was feeling. My body was buzzing, spinning, shaking and I felt an incredible amount of light, energy and joy expanding from within me and out into the world.  During the recording my Skype pinged with a message from a client saying he had more writing work for me, which made me smile.  Just wanted to let you know it was great and my husbands first introduction to what you do. You are truly a gift. ~S.J.E.  Burlington, Ontario 

Ways To Create Money Came During Activation

I had just received a huge bill and thought I had to choose between paying my rent and paying that bill. If I didn’t pay the bill my credit rating would be affected. I was freaking out. I listened to the (money activation) recording right away, and as I drifted off to sleep, I figured out how to pay both bills immediately. In the following week, incredible things started happening to me after that shift.  And the MAP (Money Activation Process)  is a significant icing on the cake to push me forward, faster. ~ S.J  Mississauga, Ontario

I Cleared More Then Just Money Blocks, My Husbands Says Thank You

Just wanted to take a minute to share with you my experiences with your “Money Activation” Process. What I have concluded is: 1.  It most definitely clears more than money blocks. (My husband thanks you). 2. I have found I feel like a fog has lifted in many areas of my life. More clarity. 3. I found that even though my conscious mind may not be in on it, my unconscious mind does the work without the conscious mind. i.e. 4. I hear even though I might not be listening. ~ Theri Grevelis, Woodbury, Minnesota USA

Creating Consciousness Around Money

For the first time I really see and understand that money is energy and how much there is in the world.  Thank you Esther! ~ Stacey, Oakville, Ontario

Two New Clients Right After Process

When we finished this process I checked my email box and I had two new inquiries about my services. I believe! ~ Kevin, London, Ont

Releasing My Belief That I Am Not Good or Worthy Enough
Thank you for the activation about money. I had an exciting moment where I realized that not only do I think I’m not good enough or worthy enough for others to invest money in (for a business), but I realized I carry this false belief into all my relationships as well. I’ve always relied on myself for everything but I also see now that I believe that if others invested their time in me for a friendship or romantic partnership that they would be disappointed. Releasing it now! ~ Sarah Evelyn

Plenty Of Abundance Has Come My Way

I just wanted to quickly let you know that your work is AMAZING!  Two months ago I contacted you because I was desperately short of money so I bought the Abundance Creating Energy Activation. Your work really makes me feel connected.  The energy is powerful and I love it!! Thank you so much for everything.  I’m now listening to the recording once again and going to try to  manifest some money even though plenty of abundance has already come my way. ~ P. Rogers London, Uk

Love And Relationships:

I Live My Dream Life Of Travel With My Soul Mate Thanks To Working With Esther

Through many sessions with Esther over the past several years, my life has transformed. Esther helped me regain my self confidence which has led me to the life I had always dreamed of. I now spend my time traveling to incredible destinations, building my new healing business and spending time with my soul mate. Thank you Esther for helping me to live the dream. ~M.Ontario

After Our Session I Met A Man

Since my reading with Esther I have been amazed with how much of the advice has helped me. I needed to move forward from a love that is my divine mate but could not deal with the intensity of our love. Well the advice I was given was that I needed to move on and not put “all my eggs in one basket.” They could see that another person would enter my life and it would involve me changing my routine. Well a week ago my best friend convinced me to go out dancing. I work hard and had needed a break. I met a beautiful man who  has many of the qualities I have been looking for. The reading helped me so much as I was afraid that by accepting someone new in my life that meant I was turning my back on the love I had for my divine mate. They explained that it was not so and that I needed to live in the moment. All in all I am taking life day by day and appreciate Esther and the gift of knowledge and understanding she has imparted. I recommend Esther to anyone that needs clarity in understanding why life throws us certain curve balls we don’t expect. ~ Samantha, Canada

“I Run A Successful Consult And Training Business And Have Found The Love Of My Life”

Working with Esther I have learned how to grow in awareness and transmute negative behaviors, replacing them with positive ones – so effortlessly. By letting go of the old and outdated patterns, I was to let go of the beliefs, people, situations and things which held me back from living my life to the fullest.

Today, I work as a full time senior professional in a field I absolutely adore and in a workplace in which I am surrounded by some very wonderful people. In addition, I run a successful consulting and training business and I have found the love of my life.. This year we are expecting a beautiful addition to our growing family. Without working with Esther I don’t know that any of this would have been possible, simply because I didn’t believe it that it was.  Marela K,  Synergence Group Inc Canada

 I Told The Guy I Like I Want To Spend More Time With Him 

Last Wednesday I went to a dance with the guy I like and I was finally able to tell him that I like spending time with him and that I want to see him very soon again. He said Yes! A shift from our session on clearing my lack of self worth and deserving. ~ A. Switzerland 

Moving Forward Again With Esther’s Guidance

I have listened to the recording of my channeled reading quite a few times and found the way my relationship was explained comforting. It has helped me to focus on myself and to accept the reality of the situation . I also found the guidance around work and looking at deep held patterns  as a way of moving forward. Thanks for conveying the insight. I will be in touch again. ~ Kaye,  Australia

I Have Clarity

I pondered contacting Esther for almost a year.  Every time I went to make the connection, the timing did not work for me. Suddenly, last month I found myself signing up for a channeled reading. I posed three simple questions. Questions that were pressing in my life. You see, the past 10 years I have been in constant flux. I have been questioning everything around me; my marriage, my career, my relationships. I worked with a number of personal psychotherapists and counselors all with limited success. I have read numerous books, attended seminars, meditated and prayed for answers. I simply did not understand why things were happening in my life the way they were.

In one short session, Esther managed to bring enlightenment as to why these situations were occurring. I learned why one person in particular keeps resurfacing in my life and why I have this indescribable connection with him and him to me. I could never explain the connection. It defied reason but there he was. Esther helped me to understand the link and now I know exactly what I need to do with that relationship. Thank you Esther you have truly brought clarity to my life. ~ L.M. Mississauga

I Realized I AM Loveable

Esther your call last night blew me away. I was so down on myself but during the Activation something switched on and I realized I am loveable. I am loveable. I am loveable. ~ Jane, BC

We Cleared My “Waiting Around” Pattern

Thank you for your workshop on exploring past lives. I found it to be a great experience.  Interestingly, the memory from the first life time was about waiting for someone.  It’s something I do in all of my love relationships.  Yesterday, the issue came up again and I was surprised how all of a sudden it seemed ridiculous for me to keep waiting for someone, who isn’t making time for me! There was a shift. ~ J.C.  Mississauga, Ontario

Mom’s Energy Left My Body

I could feel the energy of my mom and aunts and their beliefs leave me during the process. Their energy was keeping me trapped in this body. Nancy, Calgary

Health And Body:

Alien Entity Removal

During my session with Esther we removed an alien energy from my body that was plaguing me for lifetimes. In the days after our session, the release continued and I have now let go of hundreds of entities that I was keeping safe from the alien in my body for hundreds of years.

I was holding onto these entities in my body to control the alien energy. They affected me physically in my lungs, tailbone and leg. I continue to release these outside energies from a very deep place in my body. The healing is underway. I am freeing myself and getting ready to finally move into my heart.  ~Eric D.V. France

I Released 50 Pounds, Got Off My Anti-Depressants And Stopped Nightly Drinking

After my first meditation with Esther in May of 2013 I was able to get off prescription antidepressants and start onto a path of self healing. I gained the self confidence to make better decisions for my health, such as eating better foods, stopping a nightly alcohol intake and incorporating activity into my daily lifestyle. Esther helped me to transmute the belief that help or answers have to come from outside of my self and instead empowered me to take charge of my healing. Esther helped me to commit to loving myself and I am so happy to report that I am now down 50 pounds (22 kg) from my weight at that first activation.  ~Jaqi, Hawaii

I Now Listen To Body, Self Love

I had such a big A Ha Moment when I realized what I was putting my body through was not love but hatred. I have sat down with my body and we had a good talk. Now I am listening more to what my body needs. This is Self Love. Thank you for showing me the way.  ~Christine, USA

After The Activation I Cleaned Out My Cupboard Of Foods My Body Doesn’t Want

OMG that was incredible I already feel lighter in my body. Right after the activation I went to the cupboard and my body and I choose which foods we are keeping and which ones to throw out. It felt liberating. My body and I are now in more harmony. ~Jess, Canada

I Realized I Have Been Using My Weight As An Excuse To Constantly Complain About…This Was A Huge And Freeing A Ha!

After years of struggling with and working on weight and body issues, Esther helped me to realize that my weight was a protection pattern. I used the lack of weight loss as an excuse to constantly complain about not reaching my goals. I realized that I blamed the weight for standing in the way of my success.. That is so crazy. I feel so good today, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am looking forward to a body shift and a forward push. Marsha, Toronto

My Acne Has Cleared Up

Over the past 20 years I have had a pattern of acne appearing on my face.  No matter what I tried it would never clear up, and it would flare up regularly. I started to work with Esther to look at the deeper cause of the acne. Through channeled readings and one on one work, Esther provided me with information that I was completely unaware of, and took me, and took me through several clearing processes to help let it go. She showed me that the real cause was a deep seated anger that I was repressing from both past lives and my current life. As a result of working with Esther, my acne has significantly cleared up and I have never learned so much about myself. Ontario, Canada

I Am Beautiful And Perfect As I AM

When I saw my body from the perspective of my Higher Self I realized how beautiful and perfect I am. I feel the love now flowing through me. Thank you. ~ Lauren, Ontario

Realized My Rules Around Food Are Holding Me Back

Wow this was a powerful clearing process. I realized my rules around food are holding me back from a healthy body. ~  Sidney, Toronto

Career and Success:

New Clients And More Income Following Our Session

Connecting with my past life gave me insight like I never imagined. As a result of discovering the residual energy held from my past life I was able to clear and empower that part of myself. Now I’ve opened up a new channel with myself and it has manifested with new clients and increased income.  I signed on 3 new clients just days after my Past Life Regression session with Esther! ~ Laura, Hamilton, Ontario

I Moved Out Of My Family Home and Became An Entrepreneur 

I went from living with family to moving out, working for a company to paving my own path as an entrepreneur. I am pursuing my yoga teaching career and other things I’m passionate about. I can say for sure that I have never been more free, happy, confident and in control of my life. Working with Esther made this all possible. I was referred to her by a close friend. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  ~ Sandra, Stoney Creek, Ontario 

I Now Believe  In Myself And It’s Showing Up In My Business

I want to thank you and your Guides for the advice that I received during my last reading. I have been having some business related issues lately and the guidance I received during my reading led to a meeting that was productive, honest, beneficial and resulted in a real turning point in my business. The reading that I had with you made me more confident in my skills and made me a bigger believer in myself and what I can achieve! I really do believe that there is so much more that I am to do in this lifetime. Thank you. ~ Ontario, Canada

Esther Helped Me Find My True Passion

It’s time to remind you that because of you my life has really been purely a magical transition. For without your sweet reading, I would be struggling and doing things that really I had known for a long time no longer resonated with me. The work with Children is flourishing and I feel younger, happier, more fulfilled and indeed lighter. The Children are reminding me that life really is easy and quite magical when your awareness is truly open and ready to receive. Thank YOU my dear, sweet Esther for daintily stepping into my life at just the right time and showing me the path. xoxoxo and LOVE Laurel. ~ Laurel, Burlington, Ontario

Business Guidance and Courage

I thank you and your guides The Tribunal for your wonderful channeled reading. The message regarding the marketing of my business makes a lot of sense and I will follow it step by step. Not only does it make sense, it gives me the courage to follow through. ~ Nicoletta Romita, Liberty Tax Services Franchise Owner, Brampton, Ontario

I Have Hope Now For My Relationship

In my two private sessions with Esther and the guides she channels, I have been amazed not only with their detailed responses to my inquiries, but also with the genuine love that comes from them through Esther.  They has helped me to focus on specific vocational skills, reminded me to listen to my heart and given me hope with regard to important relationships in my life.  Truly a wonderful experience! ~ Brenda Manderson, DSHomMed , Homeopathic and Energy Medicine  Harriston, Ontario 

Thank You  Esther And Your Guides For The Health Tips and Career Pointers.

I feel so grateful to have had you and your Guides offer me all of the meaningful information, health tips and other career pointers. They stated they must start off the session with a health concern. Health is a priority in my life and your Guides’s first statement was how important it was that I take certain steps to remedy a health issue. They even named the product I was to take. The details and time frames offered were also of great assistance. They talked about how I would be adding a specialty area to my career, giving me directions right down to the smallest facts. Your Guides made sense in each area in which they spoke and I am going to listen to their suggestions on a regular basis to enhance areas of my life even further. ~ Liz Doucette, Oakville, Ontario, Law Clerk, Mary Kay Consultant, Artist  

I Handled Myself Differently At This Mornings Meeting

The session was so powerful last night!!! The healing is already effective... I felt and handled myself differently this morning at a meeting. THANK YOU and your support team. Be well. ~ Mary Jo, Toronto, Ontario 

Depression, Anxiety, Emotions:

“My Psychic Abilities Will Develop Faster”

I feel better since the Star Seed Activation and Attunement.  Before the attunement, I was plagued by negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, doubts.  I always felt different growing up;  like I didn’t fit in.  Now, it all makes sense.  Both of my sons are star seeds also.  I  don’t know what my role is yet, but I feel that information will be coming soon.  I  also  feel that my psychic abilities will start developing faster. ~ Lori

I Released My Anger

Working with you Esther has helped me to release my anger and I feel now I can open up to people for friendship and relationship. ~ Marcia, Calgary, Alberta

Fear No Longer Drives My Actions Or Words

I really feel like I’m continuing to make a lot of progress (since my CBE process), especially in reinforcing ideas such as my innate strength and ability to handle emotions and  not let  fear drive my actions or words.  I also feel a sense of enlightenment at times, like the light is shining on corners inside me I didn’t know existed.  It’s very exciting and I feel shifts in energy. I am starting to understand from an emotional level (or, at least not just an intellectual/rational one) how the CBE work has helped with some other related but indirect struggles I’ve had. I guess I  felt compelled to say Thank You again to you, because you’ve helped me so significantly and I’m very grateful life lead me to you. ~ P. Toronto , Ontario

In Two Months My Intuition And I Are Now Friends And I Trust It 

Esther my Intuition and I are now friends. Back in June I purchased your Meditation package and have been listening faithfully to the Trust Your Intuition Meditation. Each time I connect more deeply with my intuition getting to know it better, how it speaks to me, how it shows up. When a fear surfaced I did your Releasing Fear Meditation to clear it and then went back to working with my Intuition. In two months I have gone from not trusting or knowing my intuition at all to trusting and acting on the guidance. Thank you for all that you do. ~ Lynn, Ontario, Canada

Energy Shifts:

My Energy Shifted And I Am Excited To Move Forward

Thank you SO MUCH! Our channeling session today was  incredibly helpful and inspiring, while at the same time delivering truths that can be hard to hear (to the ego any way) in a manner that was concise, constructive and cut to the issue loud and clear. I was very impressed by your manner and style of  channeling. I knew from what I’ve been reading on your Face-book  posts that you deliver information from a divine, loving heart  space. So it was a joy to experience that first hand in a one on  one session. My energy has already shifted in a way that I’m excited to move forward with all this new input and the various changes that are occurring. Already looking forward to our next session! Sending so much love & appreciation your way, xo ~ Monet, California

Your Sessions Are Very Powerful And Worth Every Penny

Thank you so much for the potent clearing and release you channeled yesterday in our Group Healing Energy Vortex.   Your sessions are very powerful & always worth every penny paid , in case anyone is considering having clearing work done.  Such deep release, it was beautiful. I feel like I weighed almost nothing, so light, filled with light in my entire body. Thank you Esther;  my gratitude and appreciation from my heart. ~ K.G from Face-Book

I Woke Up Feeling Happy This Morning

Thank you, Esther for the beautiful meditation last night!! My Favorite place was at the Stargate and the zero point from the grand cross! I went to bed after the meditation and woke up feeling so happy and blessed this morning! Thanks again for guiding us!  (Cardinal Grand Cross Energy Transmission Event)~ Cecilia, Sweden

I Felt Energy Being Pulled Out Of Me

The first Energy Transmission of our class I did while on a plane from Salt Lake City to Detroit and what a wonderful experience. I was filled with peace and joy – which for someone a bit nervous about flying was pretty darned awesome. The transmission from yesterday was even more impactful. About 15-20 minutes in I began to see these amazing blue lights the kind you see on trees at Christmas time. They were outlining shapes that looked like trees & buildings but also flowing through them and me. The most incredible energy I have ever seen and just so much love. The other thing that got me was feeling an energy being pulled out of me. To see it stand in front of me (a blobby, almost humanoid shape) and angrily pull another negative energy after it. It it felt like the second energy was almost a “pet” of the first. It gave me a nasty look and disappeared. Afterwards, I felt much lighter, positively energized and filled with love/joy/happiness. I am still not quite sure what to think about what I saw other than it is gone and I am glad it is gone. Consequently, I am doing a full cleansing of my house today with sage & crystals. Looking forward to the 3rd transmission. ~ Elizabeth, NY, USA

It Was The Deepest Release I Have Ever Experienced

The Equinox Meditation was really powerful but the part that got me the most was the breathing in a clearing out of all the garbage that we carry around with us from day to day. That too me was the deepest I have ever experienced. As I breathed in the new I cried as I breathed out the crap I moaned and wailed like as if I was forcing out the pain of my world. The tears were streaming down my face. Sure am glad I was home alone. ~ Carol Lynn

I Am More Comfortable With Trusting My Instincts

Today’s channeling was the insight and more importantly the clarification and confirmation that I am becoming more in tune with my true self as I recognized that I intuitively knew the answers as they were channeled. Now I feel more comfortable with my instincts and gut and trust it more. That channeling definitely made a remarkable difference in my journey to more consciousness and growth. Thank you and much love. ~ K.J.  USA


I Released So Much And Felt So Relieved I Cried Tears Of Joy

I did the activation last night–Returning You To You– via recording and it was great. I released so much and felt so relieved that I cried tears of joy and fell asleep. I plan on doing this again a few times in the next days. I want to tell you thank you!  A couple of times during the activation I felt shocks in my body, like in my feet, my knees, my back. Otherwise I do feel very much “in my body” today. Thank you. Mahalo! ~ Jaqi, Hawaii
Tears were  flowing down my face but I wasn’t crying or emotional, they were simply flowing.

I wanted to share with you that during this process my body tingled all over. I yawned about 15 times during the process. They were really deep yawns that came all the from my solar plexus and I had to really open my jaw to let it all out. And then, tears were  flowing down my face but I wasn’t crying or emotional, they were simply flowing. What a release!!! Amazing work. ~ M. Roc Mississauga, Ontario

Our Reading Gave Me The Push I Needed

Thank you so much for your amazing channeled insight. It was extremely helpful and enlightening and was the push I needed. Not to mention the surprise bonus of an energy attunement. What a great unexpected treat and it was just riveting! I’m feeling great! ~ Kairi Jefferies, New Jersey, USA

More Praise Reports:
My Session With Esther Surpassed My Expectations.

My session with Esther surpassed my expectations. I felt very comfortable asking my guides questions through Esther and the responses were extremely on the mark.  Esther’s ability to channel and look into past lives is a blessing. I am so very grateful to have connected with someone with such an incredible gift. ~ SG  – Toronto, Ontario

Your Authenticity And Energy Sparkle Are Appreciated!

I just wanted to give you a random shout out to say that YOU ARE AWESOME. I am loving your FB & twitter posts, your generous energy offerings and everything else. Thank you for sharing so much love, affection and support. Your authenticity and energy sparkle and are greatly appreciated! ~ Monet  via Facebook        

I Got So Much More From Our Readings Then I Expected

For several weeks prior to my reading with Esther I felt like the path I was meant to take was overgrown and out of sight and if only I could find it, I would be on my way. In need of guidance and answers, I booked a channeled reading and got so much more than I could have expected. Esther is a clear and calming guide and the information received from the Tribunal was both enlightening and reassuring. There were a few surprises in what I heard, more like affirmations of what I knew to be true but needed help seeing. I was left feeling peaceful at the end of the reading and that feeling continues. ~ Laurie Kempton, Ottawa, Ontario  
This Was A Breakthrough Experience For Me

I feel that the guidance that I received through Esther’s email reading has been spot on, encouraging, extremely insightful and exactly what I needed to hear for my personal progression. The reading has enabled me to see my life and myself from a completely new perspective, making me feel as if anything is possible. This has definitely been a breakthrough experience for me and I would recommend Esther’s readings to anyone who is feeling stuck or lost in life. ~ Timon, Germany

Esther Went Right To The Core

Esther is a clear and powerful channel.  The information I received from her guides has been extremely beneficial.  The channeling went right to the core of things.  Her guides showed Esther how the  issue  I was dealing with at the time resulted from an unresolved past life.  Recognizing  where the false beliefs originated made it easy for me to shift out of them.  Thank you Esther for bringing the wisdom to me!Anika Schafer, R.M.T., Yoga Teacher,  Medical Intuitive, Advanced Energy Healer, Bright, Ontario 

I Was Skeptical At First, But Now I  Am Truly In Awe

I decided to re-listen to the recording of my reading with Esther Bartkiw and The Beings of Light from back in December. I was skeptical at first, but now I am truly in awe. Your words were full of pure truth, guidance and inspiration. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Whenever I start to lose hope or feel flustered, I re-listen to the reading and it makes me feel less stressed immediately. I can’t thank you enough. ~ Brittney Schering, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

I Received Concrete Information

The channeling work I have done with Esther has been extremely helpful.  As a channel, Esther is clear, focused, and does a wonderful job of reporting exactly what the guides are sharing with her.  She uses words and images, and is very careful to double-check information with her guides to make sure that the information is being received correctly.  Her Guides are incredibly accurate and vocal.  They give opinions, guidance, and concrete information, as opposed to just teaching in concepts.  During my last session I was given very clear information about a trip I was planning that I had not even considered until The Tribunal pointed it out.  Their input helped me to re-examine my plans, and I have never regretted my decision.  They also advised me that new clients would be entering my life during that time, and that information also proved to be accurate.  I am incredibly grateful to Esther for her work in remaining clear and open, and channeling this amazing form of higher wisdom.  Her work is done with love and an open heart, and you can genuinely feel her intentions to help serve you in whatever way she can.  Elizabeth  Polito  Life Coach, Reconnective Healing Practitioner   New York, New York 

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