Channeled Readings

Please note due to a high demand for personal sessions my schedule is quite full and I am taking limited new appointments for the remainder of 2015. Please contact me directly via email before purchasing a session to check availability. I am doing my very best to meet the demand and assist you on your Soul’s Journey. Currently I am in CEST time zone which is 6 hours ahead of EDT.


Booking A Private Channeling Session


One Hour Private Session

Product Details: A private channeling session with Esther via Skype or Telephone. This option is ideal for those who have many questions and/or require in depth information and support for a particular issue or area in their lives.
Price: $245 Canadian Add to Cart

Thirty Minute Private Reading

Product Details: A private session with Esther via Skype or Telephone. This option works well for those who desire teaching and guidance from The Beings of Light on just a few issues and welcome a new perspective.
Price: $145 Canadian Add to Cart

Three Questions Private Reading

Product Details: This service is conducted via email. You will send to Esther your three most pressing questions. Esther will channel the information, record it and send you the answers in an audio recording. You will not be speaking to Esther directly. This option is perfect for someone who requires an answer on any given subject and has economic considerations. One question is one question rather then a question with many additional side questions.
Price:$95 Canadian Add to Cart

One Question Private Reading

Product Details: Submit your question to Esther via email. She will channel the information, record it and send you the answer in an MP3 download. You will not be speaking to Esther and her Spirit Team directly. This is an excellent, cost effective option for those who have just one pressing question for which they seek guidance and perspective. One Question is  one questions rather then a question with many additional side questions.
Price: $35 Canadian Add to Cart


Private Session Details:

Once you have paid for your session Esther aims to contact you via email within 48 hours to arrange for your channeled reading. If you have not heard from Esther after 48 hours or if your situation is an emergency please feel free to contact her immediately to book your session time.


The information given during your channeled reading will be in direct response to your questions on any topic. Please see heading Tips For Reading for more information on how to ask specific questions to get the best information for you.

• An audio recording of the session will be sent to you via email following the reading. (typically 48 hours). The recording is offered as a courtesy. Please take notes just in case the technology experiences a bump.

• If you are without credit card, payment can be made by email transfer for Canadians. Please contact the office for more information.

• Following receipt of payment you will be contacted and a time will be scheduled for the appointment.

• If you are dealing with a time sensitive or pressing matter please pay for your service then contact Esther immediately with your request.  Depending on her schedule she will do her best to meet your needs.

• Esther’s channeling guides respond to specific and direct questions. They offer you their guidance, perspective and directive. Only you can predict your future through the actions you take, the vibration and thoughts you hold. It is important that you own your questions and ask what is on your heart and mind.

• Please contact Esther if you need any assistance during the booking process.



If you are not able to keep your appointment you must contact our office at at least two business days prior to your scheduled time. If sessions are not  will not be refunded, however every attempt will be made to re-schedule the appointment. Once you have purchased your reading you have 30 days to come up with your questions and book your reading.

We attempt to confirm consultations; however, it is your responsibility to record and remind yourself of your reading time.

All appointments are Eastern Standard Time.



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