Pineal Pituitary Activation Process


 Pineal Pituitary Gland Energy Activation Process


(The Recording of this activation was made during a Full Moon Eclipse. The energy during this process is embedded into the recording and heightens the intensity of the activation. Check in with yourself to see if you are ready to receive this potent energy and activation process.)


During this activation process we work in the Vortex Spin to open and activate your Pineal and Pituitary Glands essential for the ascension process, moving into our light bodies and grounding into 5D New Earth Energy and higher.

If you have already been working on opening your Pineal and Pituitary Glands this activation will support you in further development and enhancement of these dormant parts and energy centers of your being and body.

It is time to awaken the Pineal and Pituitary Glands in order to accelerate your rise in consciousness, ascension, connection with your physical body, Spirit and The Divine.

The Pineal Pituitary Activation Process will help you raise your vibration and increase your connection with Source Energy~The Divine.

Open The Gateway Between the Physical and Non-Physical Realms

This unique opportunity and Activation Process will accelerate your personal and spiritual growth and increase your intuition and inner knowing.

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Receive an MP3 Recording of the class to listen to the activation again and again.  60 Minutes in length.


 Awaken The Pineal and Pituitary Glands our personal  crystal or “stargate” to higher dimensions.

This Activation will get you unstuck and moving forward at an accelerated pace.


The Pineal Pituitary Gland Activation is for you if you thirst for or desire:

  • To become a more clear and open channel for Universal Guidance and Wisdom
  • Increase your psychic abilities
  • Heighten your Intuition
  • Open your right brain
  • Develop Deeper Insight and Knowing
  • Have Better Concentration
  • See and Feel Energy, Auras and Spirit Beings
  • Astral Travel and Experience Vivid Dream States
  • Become More Conscious
  • More Aware
  • Move Into Higher Dimensions and Frequencies
  • Make Decisions
  • Deepen your Connection with Source
  • Increase your health and well being
  • Create a whole brain state
  • And so much more……
If you say YES to any of the above then start today to open these very sacred glands which have been dormant for lifetimes.
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Why Should I Participate In This Activation?

The pineal and pituitary glands are ancient aspects of our being and when activated accelerate our connection with The Divine. This process will support you in your ascension process.

Think of these glands as crystals in your body which require re-awakening and activating to help you become a beacon receiving Universal Divine wisdom and knowledge.

What are the pineal and pituitary glands?

These glands are located in the brain and are a part of our endocrine system. Each gland has a specific role in the growth and development of our physical body and a strong spiritual connection.


                       Pineal and Pituitary Glands

Pineal Gland
The pineal gland is located in the center of our brain and is important for our childhood development. It grows in size until one to two years of age and then stabilizes. As we reach our teens years the pineal gland diminishes in size and influence. By the time we are adults it is pea size and appears to be calcified. Many believe that the fluoride in our water has assisted in more rapid calcification.

The pineal produces seratonin derivative melatonin effecting sleep and awake patterns and seasonal functions. On a spiritual level it is associated with the Third Eye or the Brow Chakra and is influenced by the planet Jupiter.

Pituitary Gland

The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain and influences us throughout our life time. Often called the Master Gland, it regulates almost every aspect of our physical body.

Also pea size, this gland secrets hormones to help control body temperature, thyroid function, urine production, testosterone, estrogen etc.. It is a critical part of how we respond to our environment. This gland is associated with the Crown Chakra and the planet Mercury.

While these glands have a significant role in our growth and development as humans they offer us much more on a spiritual level.

Spiritual Importance of the Pineal and Pituitary Glands

Edgar Cayce and Descartes referred to the pineal gland as “The seat of the soul.” The ancient Egyptians call it the Eye of Horus, meaning the observer of reality. The Eye of Horus is found today on the American dollar bill.

The pineal gland is considered to be an entry to the Divine. It has been referred to as the connection or interface of higher dimensions with the physical world; the gateway between the being, body, brain and Divine. The pineal is an agent of moving a knowing into reality manifestation.

When it is open and active the pineal gland provides a route through with we are able to connect with higher energies, vibrations, frequencies and Source. As you can see it is extremely complex.

The pituitary gland works with the pineal gland to open the gateway between the physical and non physical realms. Edgar Cayce called it our highest spiritual center that  brings awareness of our one-ness with God. It links Divine wisdom into our physical reality through manifestation.

The pineal gland is considered to be feminine in nature and the pituitary masculine. As we merge into oneness  and a balance of male/female energy, activating and aligning these two sacred glands is crucial.

Over time we have lost this connection and NOW is the time to reawaken and activate these sacred glands, bring them into harmony with one another and within our Self.

This reconnection will result in the creation of higher consciousness and connectivity with Source in your being and translate into the world as a blending of Heaven and Earth; the new creation we are merging into right now on planet Earth during this time often referred to as The Shift.

For those who are ready and willing to take their spiritual development to the next level and support the Universal energies working on their behalf, this activation is a perfect opportunity to expand yourself and your awareness.

This unique process, an energy activation process guided and offered by Esther will help you to move forward with greater ease and efficiency.

As brand new vibrations come into our bodies and brains many people feel off, confused, dizzy and unable to make sense of things. The pineal pituitary activation process will help you to recalibrate to the new higher energies and ground you solidly in them.

The Process:

I personally have taken myself through several pineal pituitary activations, each one multiplying and increasing the effects. During my first process five years ago, I physically felt a pressure and then a pop in the center of my head when the glands reopened and activated. The result for me was deeper connectivity to myself, Source and Divine wisdom. My intuition increased exponentially and my ability to Channel quickened.

Each person will have their own unique experience as we are unique beings on a personal journey.


If you feel this is right for you and the next step in your journey then start activating now.


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Receive:  MP3 Download for you to listen to again and again
Length:   60 minutes
Cost:       $125 +HST
*Please save the download to your computer or device as soon as you receive it for future reference.
 ~Love, Esther 


 Esther 2011  

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