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This is YOUR TIME to design and create a life that excites and fulfills you. A life that nourishes Your Soul and transforms the world.

You are LOVE. A Divine Being of Light. All Possibilities are available to You. Free yourself to live a Purposeful Exuberant Life and let’s do it together shattering illusion, releasing limitation, expanding into a Full Expression of Your Uniqueness.

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~ Love, Esther

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The Magic of Thailand
Awakens & Nourishes Your Inner Buddha

Divine Guidance Readings

Receive Divine Guidance and Answers to Your Biggest and Most Burning Questions. Feel More Confident and Focused In Making the Right and Perfect Choices For You.

47 Day Eclipse Energy Event

Starts August 7, 2017 – Harnessing The Powerful Energies of Two Eclipses + Equinox Including The Great Total Solar Eclipse Over The USA

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Monday Roadblocks Can Lead To Breakthroughs of Progress and Harmony

Our day and week starts off with roadblocks and push back as Saturn and Mars move into opposition something that only happens once every two and half years. Although not everyone will feel the effects to extreme, everyone will feel this cosmic alignment to some degree. So let’s get aware of what might show up and then focus on the positive aspect of this celestial event.

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