The Power of the Mercury Retrograde Pause + People From the Past Show Up

April 9th Energy Update: Mercury the Messenger turns retrograde tonight at 7:14 pm Eastern Time in the sign of Taurus and turns direct again on May … [Continue reading]

Is There Someone In Your Life Whose No or Yes Means More Then Yours? Saturn Retrograde Will Help You Take Back Your Power

April 6th Energy Update: Saturn turns retrograde today until August 25th and will create a heaviness and serious tone to the rest of the week as the … [Continue reading]

Solar winds and Flares are the Plasma Universe uses to Sweep Light through our Mind, Body and Energy Field

Monday April 3rd Energy Update: The big energy news of the day is the recent strong solar flares and solar winds emanating from the Sun. Flares … [Continue reading]

New Moon In Aries Fuels Action, Decision Making, Courage To Get Things Done and Sexuality ++++ More

Happy New Moon Energy Report: This month's new moon in the sign of warrior Aries happens for most of the world early in the day on March 28th and in … [Continue reading]

Facing Our Secrets and Hidden Truths Energy Update: Video

March 23-24 Energy Update: Today and Tomorrow will present with wonderful opportunities to see and face the Truth of your life situation, make … [Continue reading]

The Sun + Pluto = Renewal And What Does Rockefeller Have To Do With It?

March 21st Energy Update + My Perspective on Rockefeller: The Sun moved into Aries yesterday triggering new beginnings and Equinox Download. Today the … [Continue reading]

Equinox Update: A Deepened Connection With Zero Point and Living As Divine Self

March 20th Energy Update: Happy New Year! Today is Equinox the time when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the true … [Continue reading]

Equinox Gateway Wide Open Core Issues Being Addressed

Equinox Gateway is wide open and a powerful wave of Energy is flowing across the land. This energy has people either super pumped up, taking action, … [Continue reading]

All Dimensions Are Available To You Any Time: Video

~Love, Esther Are you ready to make personal and spiritual changes in your life? Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled … [Continue reading]

Venus Retrograde: Getting Clear On What and Who You Love and Value

Venus The Planet that Rules Love, Relationships, Finances, Creativity, Beauty and Values turns retrograde March 4th until April 15th offering each of … [Continue reading]

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