Lunar Eclipse August 18th: Money, Course Corrections, True Self, Surprise And So Much More….

Welcome to the August 18th Lunar Eclipse; a rare third eclipse during our September Eclipse Season. Dubbed as a pumped up Full Moon by some and embraced as an Eclipse by others including me, it’s happening in the sign of Aquarius peaking at 5:42 am Eastern Time.
We start to feel Full Moon Eclipse Energy about 4 days before the event and up to 4 days after so we are in the swing of Eclipse Energy right now! Today the energies presented to me as calm and peaceful. I feel in the flow , having interesting encounters bringing with them new experiences. Love to hear how you are experiencing and noticing this Eclipse.
Eclipses are cosmic tools Universe uses to create dramatic change and shift resulting in a crumbling of the old and thrust forward! Anywhere you have been siting on the fence humming and ha-ing about what to do, events around the Eclipse may force your hand to decide and decide quickly. Sudden change is exciting and it can be uncomfortable depending on your perspective. No matter what shows up in your life during the upcoming Eclipse remember Universe is always working on your behalf returning you to the Love that you are and breaking free from the illusion.
I check in regularly with Universe for information about this Eclipse and continue to receive the message that it will usher in the vibrations for positive, exciting change. Surprises! Out of the blue encounters, opportunities; situations.
The Lunar Eclipse is placing focus on Money and living your Truth. In the past 48 hours I have spent more money then I have in a long time and doing so with joy, ease, gratitude and knowing that I AM Abundance and so are you.
The Aquarius influence supports us in living as True Self, the Love, Light, Divine Being that we are and this eclipse will help you to stand grounded in the knowing, embodiment and living as True Self. It will show you where doubts and blocks may be in the way and offer inspiration and ideas to live as Divine Self ~ I AM.
Uranus the planet of luck and surprises has a strong influence during this Full Moon Eclipse thus the unexpected delights. In actuality those delights find their way into your experience because you are vibing with them.
Emotions always run high during a Full Moon add in an Eclipse and emotions will be heightened. You may experience love, lust or jealous and rage. No middle of the road emotions during this phase.
Old hurts, wounds, memories may surface thanks to the Chiron ~Jupiter effect that began just a few days ago. Do your inner work and release this stagnant heavy energy allowing the Eclipse to sweep in some big changes.
Full Moons hold the energy of culmination and this Eclipse will assist us in creating endings in a magnificent way to prep us for the official September Eclipse Season. Keep in mind it is a 9 year and in numerology 9 holds the energy of closure. During an Eclipse the closure may come abruptly.
I must note that the more Eclipse Seasons you move through as a conscious being, doing your inner work and raising your vibration the easier Eclipses are to navigate. When I think back over the years I went through some hellish Eclipse Seasons all in Divine Perfect Order getting me to where I am now. And now stuff still comes up but there is a lot more flow, Love and Joy presenting. Each person will have their own experience based on where they are on their Journey of Ascension.
This is the year of moving into your I AM Presence. Moving from a place of loving Self to knowing you are Love, Light, Divine. The way-showers are blazing a path to embodiment of I AM making it easier and smoother for those in the wake and who still slumber despite all of the opportunities to awaken.
As you embody and live more and more as the Love that you are, the God/Goddess that you are, manifestation of what you desire quickens so know what you want and hold a laser focus. Life becomes more meaningful, easier, fun, relaxed and the stumbling blocks are simply viewed as an opportunity to move deeper into that Love Vibration.
Happy Eclipse to all and whatever presents is perfect for you and in Divine Order.

 Love, Esther

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Is A Big Shift, Possible Windfall On It’s Way To You Today?

August 16th Energy Update: Often when there is a significant cosmic event in play people expect big change on that very day. But what I find happens most from personal experience and working with clients, is that the big shifts around a planetary alignment happen a couple of days before or after the event. There is a window of opportunity in play.

I offer this piece of information to you because we are two days from the rare third lunar eclipse of this fall season and today just may be the day that something big changes. You may have a conversation with someone that opens doors and ushers in opportunities. You may be bowled over by an attraction to another. Windfall money may find its way into your hands.

Today the Sun and Uranus connect in the sky. Uranus is the planet of unexpected news, adventure, exploration of Self and frontiers, revolution and deep insight. The Sun is mighty and powerful shining a light in all of these areas amping up the possibilities.

Chiron is also an active influence until the end of September as I wrote about in an earlier post. Those things we would rather not face, our shadow sides are rising up pre Eclipse giving each person the opportunity to come full circle and complete that patterning and lesson.

It’s time to make unconventional, big, bold moves. You will be supported!

Love, Esther

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Busting The Illusion, Chiron ~ Jupiter Opposition August 12th Energy Update

August 12th Energy Update: Chiron and Jupiter are at odds today and this opposition will continue for the next 5 weeks offering each of us and the collective the opportunity to release limitations on a very deep level and expand into more of our true Self which is Love.

Chiron is often dubbed the Planet of the wounded healer as its focus is on healing. When it in play Chiron shows us clearly where we have been blocking ourselves from returning to the Love that we are. Where we are playing in separation and helping us to dismantle the illusion and move into Love. Perhaps a relationship breaks up during this period because it was keeping you in separation not loving and honoring your True Divine Self. Maybe a job is lost because it was keeping you in separation not living your passions. Perhaps you have an argument with friend, words fly and that situation is showing you the hurt, feeling of betrayal, upset, anger etc… that is standing in your way of being the Love that you are. Yes Chiron ~Jupiter opposition is going to do all of this and much more. Are going to flow with what presents for release and expansion?

During a phase like this one awakenings happen quickly. A ha’s and profound realizations are at hand. The people around you may get agitated as their stuff comes up and they don’t know what is going on or what to do with it. Be a guiding Light to the collective.

Healing abilities are also heightened as Chiron shows us that each of us are healers; we are our own healers.

You may be inspired to engage in more spiritual practice.

Belief systems and paradigms may be shaken. That’s good. As I always say Question Everything, even what you believe to be true, expansive and positive. What you believe today may completely shift tomorrow. Are you okay with expanding into new information, knowledge and wisdom? Or does pride keep you locked into the old?

The Wisdom of the Universe lies within. Move into your heart space to determine if the information presenting lines up with your heart; with you as Divinity.

It’s another beautiful day on planet Earth!

Love, Esther

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Lion’s Gate 8-8 The Star Gate Opens and New Light Pours In

8-8 Lion’s Gate: A much talked and written about cosmic occurrence that happens ever year when the Sun and Sirius the brightest star in the sky connect and align with the Pyramids of Giza activating a Star Gate and flooding the Earth with New Light, New Coding, Universal nourishment and abundance. My best suggestion is to simply receive the Light, immerse yourself in the energy, allow it to illuminate and trigger the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that has always been inside of you.

Give yourself space and time to adjust to the higher frequencies as sometimes during these intense downloads we feel off, wobbly not ourselves. Which is a good thing as all that we are not drops away and an awakening of who we truly be Light, Love, Divine rushes forth.

Breathe in the Light. Spend time in nature. Walk barefoot on the Earth for grounding and ground into your Self. We are One and that means you are the Light and you are the Earth that you ground into.

Drink plenty of water to allow the energy to flow through you crumbling corrupt programming and upgrade your mind, body, energy system to the New and to your true Self.

The 8-8 Lion’s Gate is also referred to as the Infinity Portal as 8 is the symbol of infinity. Allow Universe to show you not only that abundance is yours but also that You are abundance. You are all things. Whatever you seek abundance, love, peace, joy, freedom etc… is not outside of you. It lies within for you are already all of these things. Always have been and always will be. The Illusion continues to crumble. The Lies exposed. Truth revealed and the realization that you already are all that you desire is liberating.

As the energy waves and frequencies work with you to assist you in embodying and living as the Divine Being that you are, they push to the surface all that is standing in the way of expression of Divine Self in a human body. Allow the guilt, shame, worry, fear, judgement to come forth. Feel it. Express it in a productive and healthy manner and let it go.

I was watching a movie a couple of days ago and the mama said to her son: I know you are scared. Take that feeling and bury it deep inside of you, so deep that you can’t find it and it can’t touch you. And I am shouting at the screen: Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

We have all buried something deep within to avoid the pain; to keep us safe. But this practice has not served us well long term. And now in consciousness we understand that unearthing these feelings, thoughts and emotions, allowing them to pass through our bodies to acknowledge them rather then deny is Self Love. It takes us to new levels of our experience and frees up space to expand into who we truly Be.

The energies of 8-8 will meet you where you are at in your own process.

Each person will have their own unique experience. For me personally over the past 3-4 days as the energies ramped up I have continued to dismantle the illusion I have been living for lifetimes. I am moving into a deeper embodiment and experience as I AM. I am clearly getting what a powerful Being of Light I AM and that I can truly manifest anything I desire even better when I get out of the way, for even our dreams and desires are limited. Can the mind conceive the love, the greatness, the abundance that we are? No it can’t but the heart can and our Soul Presence knows and it is time for them to take the lead.

The 8-8 Portal will stay open for a few days following its Monday peak and remember that these waves of transformative energy are continuously flowing from the Universe to assist us in our liberation and Ascension Process.

~Love, Esther

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Letting Go Of The Need To Understand Everything: August 7th Energy Update

August 7th Energy Update:

Mercury opposes Neptune today and a clash may ensue between your dreams and your logical mind. Do you have to understand something in order to make change; to let go? Do you have to understand something in order to manifest your desires? Or is it best to simply be the Love, Light, Divinity that you are, hold intentions and allow the energy of Love, who you are to attract to you what you desire and even better?

When I realized that I was running a paradigm of I have to understand something in order to release or I have to understand how to create that something in order to receive it was an A Ha moment for me. I was limiting myself. Playing in the realm of if this then that. Not allowing the miracle of Me to show up in a grand way.

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on Face Book about the mind. That the mind is wonderful and useful in many ways. It also tries to protect us and keep us safe from everything and one of its methods is: I have to understand this first. Would you be willing to let go of that process of needing to understand everything, be the Light that you are and allow the change to happen organically?

Tomorrow is the much talked about 8-8 Lion’s Gate (post coming soon stay close) and today Universe is preparing us for the flood of New Light and New Codes which are already pouring out of the Galactic Core and which will peak tomorrow by asking us this question. Do you have to understand everything in order to make change and manifest your desires?

~Love, Esther

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Pokemon Go, What Is It Distracting You From?

Pokemon Go. Many people have been asking me my opinion about this phenomena and to be honest while I saw loads of posts on Face Book about it, I had no clue what it was all about. Then I read an article on how Pokemon Go is helping businesses. And I read posts on how it’s bringing families together. I read an article on how people are cheating as they play the game. Oi vey!

Hey while I love anything that brings families together, I see Pokemon Go as just another manufactured situation to keep the masses in a state of distraction. Just like the powers in charge? formerly in charge? on their way out? used the Kardashians to distract and any number of movie stars and music artists to distract, Pokemon Go is another means of distraction.

When these distraction tactics show up in the collective I always start to become aware of what is happening in the background that governments, countries, companies don’t want us to know. Perhaps a controversial law is being passed or an assembly of leaders is gathering, or something catastrophic is happening in the world and leaders don’t want us to pay attention.

Just like we give a dog a chew toy or a bone to distract. Place children in front of a TV or computer screen, give them a toy or a book to distract, the powers that are crumbling distract us through pop culture and phenomena like Pokemon Go. So yes enjoy the game. Have fun with your family. No need to be ba hum bug about it all. Just consider, consider for a moment from your heart’s space… is there another layer to this experience? Am I being diverted from something? What might the current leaders who are losing their power and grip quickly, scrambling for self preservation not want me to know?

For your consideration.

~Love, Esther

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It’s New Moon: Wanderlust, Adventure, Heart, Talent, Action, Energy Update August 2nd

August 2nd Energy Update: There is so much to love about everyday and today especially the potential for shift and movement is high!
First Mars moves out of the sign of Scorpio into Sagittarius until the end of September. This is going to push your wanderlust forward. Your Soul Essence and human self seek adventure, action, the new and exotic. Consider coming with me to Iceland for A Sacred Spirit Adventure.  Fun, exploration, new + inner work and healing. Hunt for the Northern Lights and connect with eleven and viking energies. I can feel your Soul stir… this is the phase we are heading into. Be passport ready! The energy is strong and carries with it wisdom, truth and the understanding that denying your Soul promptings only creates discomfort.
It’s also New Moon today at 4:44 pm Eastern Time, 11:44 pm EEST and in the early hours of the 3rd in many other parts of the world. The New Moon is in the sign of Leo which holds characteristics of courage, heart, showmanship, being in the spotlight, expression of gifts, talents and abilities. The Moon energy gives us a fresh start in all areas of our lives especially in the aspects highlighted above. Let your Light shine. Show the world your talents. Artists let people read your words, gaze upon your art; hear your music.
Whatever seeds of intention for NEW you plant today will begin to sprout up in your experience in about six months. Of course they can sprout up tomorrow anything is possible, and think ahead to February 2017 what would you like to show up in your life at that time? How do you see yourself, your life; the world presenting? Plant those seeds and water them as required. Beautiful La Luna, although dark during new moon period, is ready to assist.
It’s also is a great day to start something NEW. A new health regime, new attitude, new job; new project. What idea has been brewing over the last weeks? Take steps today to implement and you will find that the idea is well rooted in fertile energy.
A lovely day at hand! Make the most of the energies. And know Universe loves you. You are love. You are light!
~Love, Esther

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Uranus Retrograde: Shock, Awe, Surprise + Be Mindful Of Your Words July 29th Energy Update

July 29th Energy Update: It’s a BIG day in the cosmos with two planetary aspects in play shaking up our lives and assisting us into further living as our Divine Self and anchoring into 5D.
Let’s start with Mercury and Mars squaring off in the sky. Mars is action, fiery, strong and Mercury is the planet of communication. Be mindful with your words today spoken and written. It’s a great day to speak your truth in love, write an article, give a speech, send that email you have been holding off on sending. At the same time communications may be tense, argumentative with unkind words being tossed around. You get to choose what comes out of your mouth and how you will respond to those around you.
Then Uranus turns retrograde until the end of December. When planets turn retrograde we feel their energetics the most so for the next 24-48 hours you may feel a bit unsettled, a pause in your life, tension rising to the surface. After this initial positioning Uranus retrograde asks you to turn inward, face the truth of situations, clear blocks and bring forth from within more of your authentic self. That is who you are as personality and as Divine.
When Uranus is a focus shake ups happen. Surprise, shock, awe, out of the blue events and situations rise up to the surface. These can be what we label positive surprises and then can be perceived as uncomfortable. Uranus is about rebellion, breaking the rules, upsetting the status quo. With Uranus in retrograde until the end of the year watch for more shake ups on the world scene and yes in your personal day to day life.
Recently we had our July Full Moon with Uranus influence which anchored a Major Gateway of Ascension that changed everything within and set us on new paths of potential with new awareness and understanding. Now consider that Uranus will be retrograde and in play for the next 5 months through our September Eclipse Season and wow major change is at hand.
If difficulties and problems rise up in your life turn inward this is where the solutions lie. You hold the wisdom of the Universe inside of you. Tap into the knowledge and take steps from the heart. We are entering into yet another tremulous period of change.

~Love, Esther

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Existing Structures Breaking Down, Foundational Shifts: Energy Update July 23rd

July 23rd Energy Update: The Full Moon shifts of earlier this week continue to integrate. A couple of days ago I wrote on Face Book that this was one of the most powerful full moons I have felt and experienced in several months. Along with La Luna, Uranus was making its presence known with surprises, shifts; revolutionary change. And Wow since Monday I have experienced all of this in a big way.

The change is all happening within but I am getting loads of signs of shift. For instance the day before the Full Moon I wrote a rough draft of a blog post. Two days after the Full Moon I went to edit that post and everything I wrote no longer applied. My perspective and understanding of the issue and situation dramatically and I mean dramatically changed.

I have had a foundational shift this week thanks to La Luna and I know on some level you have too. I often write ~ question everything even those things that you believe are positive and expansive. Do this with curiosity and openness and soon you will discover that even the most positive beliefs hold limitations.

I am running the multidimensional sequence of self love, knowing self as Love, as Light, as Divine, as One. It’s my theme of change for 2016. And this integration, intensified by the Full Moon has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a university type school, packing up my apartment and waiting for dad to come pick me up because I was done; graduated. Graduation dreams and apartment moving dreams are my personal sign of a huge shift in consciousness and vibration. Sadly in the dream I also saw a bunch of people walking along the road in what appeared to be Halloween like costumes chained to one another like a chain gang. Even in the dream I knew that these were people still chained to the 3D illusion. And yes I recognized a few faces.

So that brings me to today’s energy update as yes there was a purpose to sharing my experience. The Full Moon energies continue to integrate breaking down existing structures within and in your outward reality. With the Moon in Pisces today there is a dreamy, imaginative energy to the day. You may want to be alone or spend time with just really close friends. Take care of the basics in your life and leave the rest to another day. It is a fabulous day to engage in spiritual practice. Change is happening!

~Love, Esther

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Full Moon July 19/20th: Revolution, Completion, Surprise, Possibilities

Full Moon Report: Revolution, Action, Completion, Ambition, Love and Nurturing…it’s a wild Full Moon full of possibilities and surprise.

The Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn happens at 6:56 pm Eastern time on the 19th and in the early hours of the 20th in other parts of the world. Full Moons usher in closure, completion, culmination and light up new paths, opportunities and possibilities. They also show us what is hidden; blocks standing in our way.

The Capricorn influence highlights goals, ambition, drive, getting things done, money and power. It’s a practical, hard working, focused energy.

Because a Cancer influence is still in play we are being asked to review our work and personal life balance. Are you all work and no play? Perhaps it is time to add love, nurturing, service, to the nose to the grind stone way of being.

Mars is also contributing to this Full Moon with an action stance. Taking inspired action from the heart, under the guidance of your Higher Self which bodes well with all of the insight, inspiration and realizations that will be popping up thanks to Uranus.

Let’s talk about Uranus because it is having a HUGE impact during this Full Moon on each of us personally and on the global scene which we have seen played out in recent days.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, rebellion, shake ups, surprise, truth; the unexpected. Tension can be a part of this mix and also change and breakthroughs.

Surprises can be pleasant or they can present as shake ups which may be uncomfortable while they unfold into something wonderful.

How you approach such surprises matters much. Will you allow the unexpected to drag you into 3D density or fuel you to change, power and strength? Remember Mars is helping you to take bold, inspired action.

Surprises can be simple like hearing from a long lost friend or realizing that a long time friendship is something more… could it be love? If you have not experienced a Uranus effect in the days leading up to today’s Full Moon I suspect many will in the days following. Your surprise may even be a test from Universe to see if you are walking your talk and living as the new vibration in the new consciousness you have expanded into. Universe may be ready to take you into the next part of your Soul’s Journey of Ascension and is just checking to see if you are on firm ground before you embark on something new.

It’s an important Full Moon leading up to the 8-8 Lion’s Gate and our September Eclipse Season which includes a rare third eclipse on August 18th. Much is being stirred and brought to the surface. Change is happening inward and in our realities. Harness the energies to be the Love that you are.

And at some point take a moment to look at beautiful La Luna and allow her beams of love and transformation to shine upon you.

~Love, Esther

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