Sea Organ Plays The Beautiful Sounds Of The Adriatic; Listen To The Melody

When I arrived in Zadar, Croatia the first place everyone told me to visit was the Sea Organ.

Equipped with my camera and recording device I searched it out only to realize it was located less then five minutes from my door step. Oh lucky me!

The Sea Organ was created by architect Nikola Basic who after meditating on how the pattern and sound of waves could be transformed into melodies created a staircase along the boardwalk with 35 pipes and whistles underneath and openings on the boardwalk above.

Here is the staircase, a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists….








And the sound openings….







The movement and thrusts of the sea waves  pushes air through the pipes and chords are played. The bigger the waves the louder and stronger the sound.

Sitting on this staircase, watching the waves, the setting sun and listening to the sea create beautiful music has become one of my favourite past times here in Zadar.

I meditate and do grounding practices in this spot.

I daydream and create through visualization that which I desire.

I watch the tourists. The cruises ships coming in. The sailboats passing by.

I honour the Sun, Moon, Stars, Water and Earth.

I connect with the sea and listen to its music, the haunting melodies; the messages it offers.

And I watch one of Zadar’s famous sunsets unfold before my eyes.

Listen to the sounds of the Sea.—>   Sea Organ Zadar

From Zadar with love, Esther




Does Botox Block The Third Eye?

Question From Reader: Esther I have Botox treatments on my forehead. Do they block the effectiveness of my Third Eye Sight?

When this question popped up in my inbox I thought what a great question, so I took it to my Spirit Team and this is what they said.

Channeled Answer:

Greetings. We are appreciative of this opportunity to be in your presence to offer you guidance and perspective of the issue you have brought before us. The simple answer to your query is No. The injection of Botox into your forehead to paralyze the muscles does not prevent or hinder the effectiveness of the Third Eye Function. There are many on your planet who engage is such practices and continue to access their Third Eye Sight. The substance of the injection while affecting your physical body does not alter the subtle energy body of your chakra system.

However the injection of Botox into your body can alter your vibration. Just as food, drink, the lotions and potions you place on your body will alter vibration so does Botox. These injections are neither good nor bad. It is simply a choice and your experience will be determined by your intention, focus and belief about such treatments.

We encourage you to explore your motivation for Botox. Is there is a deeper issue at hand controlling the desire for injections? Are you struggling with self worth, body image, feeling old and unlovable? Perhaps the desire for Botox is driven by a belief that in order to be loved, accepted, successful a smooth forehead and youthful appearance is required. We would say this is a limiting perspective.

Are you using the Botox to smooth out lines on the forehead and a furrowed brow? What is creating such circumstance? Worry, stress, anxiety? Do your inner to work to get to the core of these emotional presentations and release to bring ease and harmony back into the physical body.

We are complete on the subject at hand and we send our love unto you.

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Releasing Entities Q&A

Recently I held an Entity Clearing and Release Program on the Tele-Summit From Heartache To Joy and people have been clearing this outside influence from their mind, body and energy fields rapidly. The program is now over but there were some general questions that went unaddressed and I wanted to take some time to answer those questions.

Let’s start at the beginning to bring everyone up to speed.

What is an Entity?

Entities are energetic life forms and signatures that attach themselves to people, places, homes and land sometimes by invitation and most often unknowingly. It could be the energy of mom or dad, the collective consciousness, wayward spirits, something more multidimensional or extra terrestrial in nature. Entities can be parasitic, robotic, earthbound spirits or from time to time something more menacing.

They create limitations in our lives. Entities prevent us from living as our True Self and keep us from experiencing life on our own terms. Entity attachments often create confusion, depression, lack of clarity and the inability to make a decision.

That little voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough, not smart enough, must hide your Light may be a voice from outside influence that has locked into your subconscious programming.

But the good news is these entities; the outside influence can be released!

Q: Could my not being able to stop smoking be an entity issue?

Yes it could be. Sometimes other energies attach themselves to us and influence our behaviors compelling us to do things we would not normally do. You may have heard stories of people who have organ transplants and then pick up the behaviors, tastes and habits of those who donated the organ…. outside influence.

I am a big advocate of checking within and asking Is this behavior mine or someone else’s? It might be yours, someone else’s or a combination of both. Often it is a combination of both.

Q: What can I do when I do not believe any more that I can change things?

Turn within and connect with the part of you that is operating in disbelief. Have a conversation with it and find out when it stopped believing, what were the circumstances, what does it do now instead? What has influenced this disbelief? Show it what the disbelief has created in your life and that you want to believe!

Ask the part what it needs to start believing again and give it what it needs if it feels right to you. By doing this you start to create harmony with your parts and aspects.

There may be a conscious component to this. Do you as the conscious mind believe? If you don’t believe then it will be a challenge to get your subconscious to believe. If this is the case conscious work is required.

Q: Does drinking alcohol socially once in a while invite entities?

Alcohol has its own energy and belief paradigm. If people drink a glass of wine or other with joy, friends, celebration etc… you tap into a certain frequency. If you are having a drink in a place where people are depressed, using alcohol to cope or escape you tap into another. It is in these latter situations where if you are not standing in your power you may become vulnerable to outside influence.

The Guidance I am receiving to offer you is that your intention when drinking socially is most important. If it doesn’t feel good to have a drink at that time and that place don’t. If your inner self gives you the thumbs up go for it.

As a teen and into my twenties I frequented many alternative music venues and bars. I  didn’t understand energy back then and my own insecurities, lack of self power and confidence left me vulnerable to outside influence. Thank goodness that is no longer the case!

Q: When we are working with releasing an entity is it common that there would be an experience of extreme pain?

It’s both not common or uncommon. Yes there are some entities that hook in. When I am working with clients in such situations I  often see the entity with claws. Most often they are terrified of leaving. What will happen next? Take a ginger approach to releasing them and ask Arch Angel Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek for assistance. The entities may be embedded into your body and energy circuits creating the pain.

Q: How do we protect ourselves from entities entering us?

The simple answer is stand in your Self Power claiming sovereignty over mind and body.

Q: How do we know the energies are leaving?

When you feel better more like your True Self. The behavior, habit, thought has left. You will gain more clarity. I am getting to tell you that the proof is in the pudding. Observe what shifts in your inner world and outward reality.

~Love, Esther

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Did I Choose The Wrong Mother: Feeling Conflicted Over Mother’s Day?

Let’s face it, not everyone grew up with a mom that they love and adore. Not everyone is excited about honoring their mom on Mother’s Day. Many people have a dysfunctional mom wound which is wide open and festering.

During private sessions, I encounter on a regular basis, people who have mom issues. Sometimes it was mom not being there for them. Other times it was mom turning a blind eye to such things like abuse. For some people it was the cutting words, glares and gestures from mom that they hold onto and remember.  Others grew up with a fabulous mom but their own perceptions and beliefs have her ranking low on the pole.

I too at one time had mom issues. I felt unloved, unwanted and abandoned by my mother. I felt she cared for my sisters more than me. I was angry at her for influencing me with limiting and negative behaviors and beliefs about food and body image. I resented that she wasn’t a “traditional mom” who baked cookies and cooked Sunday dinner. I was angry at her for leaving my dad and breaking up our family. The list goes on and on.

For the longest time I didn’t feel like honoring mom on Mother’s Day. So if you find yourself in this position, I get it. No judgment here.698517_dancing

So what do you do when Mother’s Day rolls around and you aren’t feeling in the spirit of honoring her?

Here are my suggestions:

Begin to look at mom as a spirit who is playing a specific role for you. Understanding and learning the concept that mom has had a helping hand in the lessons you came to learn in this lifetime goes a long way in healing Self. As I look back at how I grew and what I learned from my childhood experiences, I now know that all was in perfect order. While it was painful at the time, I am a better person for it. My mom was perfectly chosen by me for me growth and learning.

Extend Forgiveness. Forgive mom for all that you feel she has done and forgive yourself for being angry towards her. When working with my clients on their mom issues all come to a place of understanding within themselves that mom was doing the best she could with the knowledge, ability and beliefs she held and in some instances continues to hold. They end up by expressing and feeling sympathy towards her rather than anger.

The most important step when faced with this quandary of not wanting to honor mom, is to begin working on yourself and healing yourself from the inside out. When you begin to heal and release the memories, thoughts, patterns, beliefs, emotions which came from mom and were absorbed into your being you’ll feel better and everything will begin to change. I promise.

We can’t change the past and we can’t change mom. But we can change how we respond, feel and reminisce about our past experiences regarding mom. When we change ourselves on the inside something miraculous happens, we begin to effect change to those around us, including mom. If by chance mom doesn’t come around, at the very least you have freed yourself from the angst you have been holding inside of yourself. That’s a big thumbs up in my book.

I’m happy to report that my mom and I now have a beautiful relationship. It’s still not the traditional mom and daughter relationship, I had to let that longing go. As I shifted my inner world and began to accept mom as she is, not expecting anything different, a peace and an ease came over me and us as a duo. Today we love each other dearly in our own special way.

On Mother’s Day if you don’t feel like honoring mom, that’s okay. If you want to change that feeling begin to take these steps. There is hope for a different and brighter future. You chose the right mom!

~Love, Esther

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Do you feel bummed out? Doing all the right things? Feel like nothing is changing?

Recently one of our beautiful Soul Family reached out to me for some help. He was feeling, “So bummed.” Thinking he is doing all the right things, inner work, meditation, taking action but in certain areas of his life he feels stagnant. His finances are shaky and business partners are not coming through on their promises.

My Spirit Team provided some interesting information that I would like to share.

First for those of you who relate to our dear brothers situation….

Yes there are many people going through the same experience of feeling stagnant despite doing their inner work and feeling that they are doing everything right.

Do you know that when you feel you are doing everything right or what you are supposed to do, you are in a fixed position and are blocking information from coming to you that might be different, unusual, out of the ordinary?

The energetic stance of: I am doing what I am supposed to do assumes that is the only way and doesn’t allow wiggle room for Universe to blow your mind with something NEW.

That I am doing everything right is a strong stance of there is no other way; everything else is wrong.

Make sense?

So take a deep breath in and release that energy block NOW!


Now to address this feeling of being stagnant. What the Beings of Light tell me is that many people are currently in a holding pattern while events, people, situations are sorting themselves out.

Basically other people have to get their Stuff together and pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place.

You feel stuck because you are ready to make the next move but other elements are still sorting themselves out.

The other piece that is coming up STRONGLY for many people is that thanks to our fabulous Spring Eclipse Season old patterns are surfacing for review. Patterns you haven’t seen or experienced in a long time and you are wondering What The Heck?

You see Beautiful Light Being all of the work you have done is allowing you to tap deep into the core of these energies for a fuller more complete release.

Now is NOT the time to give in to those old patternings, NOW is the time to say WOW I am at the point that I can let all of this go deeply.

It’s as if Universe is saying OKAY my child, with all of the work you have done and all that you know now, when those old patterns come back what are you going to do?

Fall back into density?

Or take what you know and move on?

I Hope and Trust you will do the latter because taking that stance will bust the paradigm wide open.

There are also many people who are experiencing the opposite. Instead of stagnancy,  they are moving through a HUGE PERIOD Of EXPANSION;  which is fun and exciting but also comes with its own set of challenges.

Remember when you said you want everything NOW and FAST?

Well it’s here and you are juggling moving pieces along with all of the linear human aspects which accompany making change NOW and FAST.

My advice to people in either situation is the same.

  • Be still; connect with the Zero Point, the place of neutrality and all possibilities.
  • Live and make decisions from your heart center.
  • Don’t give up now. You are doing just great. Keep clearing those past patternings.
  • And lovingly remind yourself that this is why you came to Planet Earth at such a time a this to
    live, learn, experience, break free, Ascend and be your True Self in Human Form.

~Love, Esther

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What Are The 12 Dimensions And How Do I Experience Them?


On 12-12-12, all 12 dimensions emerged from the Earth’s Grid and for the first time became available to all of us living on the Planet.

Shortly after on 12-21-12, remember that date and all of the buzz about the Mayan Calendar, all of humanity and the Earth rebooted to break free of the 3D Matrix and merge into our Multidimensional Self.

We live during a very special time of World History and each of us wanted to be here on Earth at this time to experience this Event known as The Shift of Consciousness, Ascension and/or the beginning of the Golden Age; the Age of Aquarius.

We chose to incarnate into human bodies at this time to move  into more consciousness, facilitate change within ourselves, for all of humanity and experience the early years of the New Earth.

During a recent channeling with my Spirit Team I asked for more information about the 12 Dimensions and I present below the insight for your consideration.

The Third Dimension is all about the physical experience and we have been living in 3D for eons.

Here we experience pain and pleasure. We hold the attitude of more pleasure less pain no matter what the cost. It is an ego and mind driven atmosphere where we run on past programming. Just like a computer we program into our mind, body, emotional and mental levels all of our past experiences: the fear, limitation, worry, lack, struggle and keep reliving these paradigms and patternings over and over again. The egoic mind thinks it is protecting us from pain but really we are strangled by the patterning.

4D is more mental or conceptual. Interacting in this energy we become aware of consciousness. This is the start of our “Awakening.” We begin to understand what being unconscious or asleep is and start to choose more consciousness. In this dimension we start to use our imagination, fantasize and begin to understand that our thoughts create our reality.  4D is part of the Astral Field and as a result it doesn’t always feel so good. Duality, polarity, separation are still present while we also taste and experience Love, Balance, Peace, Order and Harmony.

The Fifth Dimension is where we begin to live from the heart rather than from the head.  We lead from the heart. Make decisions from the heart. Speak from the heart rather than from the mind.  We experience even greater conscious awareness and start to embrace and embody concepts of Oneness, Unity, Love and Compassion.  We move to live life based on choice rather than default programming. When we slip out of the heart space and move back into the mind or egoic programming we catch the shift more quickly and move back into the heart.

In 5D when fear, guilt, blame, jealousy, competition, victim consciousness present they have little or no power over us. In fact these energies are more of a curiosity and a jumping off point for the next expansion into our greatness.

The Sixth Dimension is where imagination, creativity and our dream state rule. There is fun and freedom in this realm. We begin to realize more profoundly that our imagination is our reality and the birthplace of creation. Our dream state is another playground for connectivity, learning and growth. If you desire more 6D energetics in your life sing, dance, create, write, recite poetry, use your hands to create, draw, sew, cook—–create.

In 7D we embody and flow with our Divinity our I AM PRESENCE, the God/Goddess within. We begin to infuse into our mind, body and lives the concept of Heaven here on Earth. Heaven is no longer a place out there…up there, it is within.

The Eighth Dimension starts to become more Galactic. We acknowledge and live as pure Love, Light, Spirit and Inspiration. We become more playful in every aspect of our lives. Our Light Bodies really “Light” up and we seek experiences and situations which allow us to live as pure Light. More consciousness ensues and our connectivity with our Star Families and our Solar System becomes easier.

Here’s what I have been told about the Ninth Dimension. In this energy state we as Spirit are still in our physical bodies however our Light Body is fully activated. This is the last step before we release our human bodies and move into Spirit Form. It is the place where we now fully embrace and embody our I AM PRESENCE. We are our Galactic Self connected with Source Energy fully operating as the Creator Beings we be.

Now onto the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensions. I am going to address these all together. My Spirit Team have shown me many images of these realms and offer information but in full disclosure, in my humanness I have not completely grasped them as my mind gets in the way trying to make sense of what I see and what I am being told. I get stuck attempting to fit the concepts into human words and understanding which is oh so limiting.

And so as the images continue to develop and I search for words to describe these dimensions to create some understanding,  I simply slip into the feeling state of these realms and absorb them waking up to remembrance all levels and layers of my body and being.

What I can offer you at this time as a perspective on these dimensions is that here we are out of physical body. We are our Christed Self, fully Galactic, Pure Love, Spirit, Sound, Light, Colour, Tone, Frequency–our Soul Signature.

While all of these dimensions are now available for each of us to experience, as we are multidimensional beings living in a now multidimensional world, most humans are living and acting most of the time in 3D, 4D and 5D.

Yes there are many beautiful Souls who are engaged in the Sixth Dimension and above; we are the way-showers paving a way making it easier and more comfortable for those who follow. And Yes the Third Dimension continues to have its pull.  On any given day you may experience several of these energy realms as you Merge into your Multidimensional Self.

But we are on the move! With every limitation we let go, every paradigm we bust, every energy block we release we move up, up, up the vibrational scale.

Every step we take towards our Greatness has us soaring like a hot air balloon.

This is your purpose Sweet Being of Light. This is why you came to planet Earth.

To learn, grow, experience, break free of limitation, become more of who you truly be, move into more consciousness and merge into your Multidimensional Self.

~Love, Esther

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Do You Fear Change?

People fear dramatic change.

We say we want change and then fear it.
Is that energy coming up for you during this month of March and our Eclipse Season?

What if I have to move?
What if I get let go from my job?
What if my spouse leaves me?
What if I lose money?
What if I get hurt?
What if it goes wrong?
What if, what if, what if…..

This type of What if thinking is coming from your Ego Self your lower human psyche.

It is linear thinking rather then multidimensional.

On the other hand your Soul, Soul Presence is thinking:

Wow change!

Bring it on.

I can handle anything.     

What’s next?

I am ready for an exciting Adventure!

Feel the difference in energy?

Can you feel the difference in your body?

We often proclaim to Universe: I want change now!

But our energy vibration tells a whole different story and keeps the change we seek at bay.

When you notice your Ego or Lower Human Self coming forward with What If’s and Yeah Butt’s connect with your Higher Self, flood yourself with your Soul Signature, move into your Light Body, the stream of Light flowing through you and begin to observe the situation from that point of view. Then drop into your heart space and choose.

~Love, Esther

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Ascension Made Simple

Ascension conjures up all kinds of images and ideas and there seems to be some confusion about the concept.

Some believe Ascension from 3D to 5D means that they will transition and leave their life on planet Earth. Poof they are gone.

Others feel that Ascension is a movement from a physical to a spiritual body and from one dimension to another.

And some people feel they will become so spiritual they will walk around in white robes, chanting and meditating all day long.

What Is Ascension?

I get asked this question often so I thought I would address it for those who are thinking it but might not have anyone to ask.

From My Perspective, Ascension Is An Evolution Of Self.  

Individual and specific to you, Ascension is an evolution of Self.

This evolution is a movement forward and growth into higher consciousness, deeper insight, awareness and ah ha’s;  an awakening of who you truly be.

Ascension is about getting to know who you are at the core as Spirit. It is a process of  greater self-awareness, of where you come from and your gifts, talents and abilities.

Limitations, negative thoughts and behaviors are released; all that you are not.

Ascension means you live in the present moment rather than in the past or in the future.

You become more of a Light Body, less dense and your cellular system begins to change to hold the Light in an increased capacity.

The body moves from carbon based to crystalline based as we fill with Light.

A crystalline body means you are powered by the Light. This physical change takes time and won’t happen overnight that is why Ascension is a process. There is no end point. We keep expanding with the Universe.

During the Ascension Process we co-create greater connectivity with Spirit; Source Energy. There is an openness to All That Is.

More compassion and greater love flows through you.

You begin to remember that you are magnificent just the way you are in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

Interaction with other spirit beings: guides, angels, elementals and the realms of the Universe become not only possible but real.

There is an awareness of the Soul.

Ascension does not necessarily mean that you will leave your body and planet Earth, not yet anyhow unless you make that choice.

Remember everything is a choice including when you will transition from Earth and how you will journey along the path of Ascension.

We all get to Ascend, no one is left behind. It is up to each individual to choose their own Ascension Process, whether they will flow with the energies or resist.

Some people will experience the Ascension process with ease and speed. These are the people who are doing their inner work and are open to new concepts; to change.

Those who are still asleep unconscious, who are closed to change and spiritual concepts will ascend more slowly, some with difficulty.

Ascension is an evolution of Self and you are in charge of that evolution.

But Esther What Does This Have To Do With Having Better Health, A Relationship, More Money, Joy?

Everything is energy and energy has a vibration. Science has tested and proven this theory.

You hold a vibration based on your thoughts, beliefs, patternings, emotions and the energies infused into your body.

And your vibration will shift according to your circumstance.

Similar vibrations and energies are attracted to one another.

That’s why when you are angry you attract other angry people or tense situations.

When you hold the vibrations of Love, Joy, Abundance, Peace you attract people, situations and opportunities into your life which are a match.

As you move through the Ascension Process releasing density from your mind and Energy Field, filling yourself with Pure Divine Love, your own Soul Essence and hold higher vibrations, then all of your dreams and desires begin to tumble into your experience.

You will attract a mate that also vibrates with love.

Holding the vibration of abundance will usher in abundance in all areas of your life including money.

You begin to fulfill your dreams and desire more easily. Manifestations quicken.

As you Ascend you help all of humanity and the Planet to also breakfree and expand.

Ascension; The Evolution of Self.

~Love, Esther

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Letting Go, Can It Really Be That Simple?


The answer is YES! Letting Go is not meant to be difficult.

When we are done with something whether it is a belief, thought, pattern, behavior or memory letting go is simple. Just toss it into the cosmos for transmutation, place your attention on something new, make a different choice, shift your focus to something bigger and better and turn your back on it once and for all.

Here’s an example: Imagine that you are at a dinner buffet with a wide variety of food choices. You make a choice and after a bite come to the decision that you don’t like that food, it’s not your taste. Most people will push that piece of food off to the side never to return to it again. If you hold a limiting belief, most likely imprinted from family such as: I have to eat everything on my plate, then you might finish that morsel. But the majority of you will not go back to the buffet table and keep filling up on that food you do not like. Instead you explore the bounty of food items. You salivate over the spread laid out in front of you and choose something different. Now take this analogy and apply it to the issue or situation that you are having trouble letting go. It’s the same idea. You are living in a Universe which offers a buffet of choices and possibilities and yet you keep going back to that one thing over and over again even though it is not your desire or taste.


Why do so many people find it a struggle to let go and move on?

  • We attach meaning and benefit to that thing we want to be rid of; it is serving us in some way. If you are wanting to release something from your life experience; a financial situation, physical issue, relationship, job, thought, belief and no matter what you do it continues to linger, then it is benefiting you in some way and you keep it around. That benefit might be out of date with who you are now, it might be hurting you when once it was helping you, it might be skewed or off but it is helping and serving you in some way.

What Do You Do?

  • Create consciousness around that issue and its benefits. Become aware of how it is serving you. Explore it. Go beneath the presenting issue or situation. By doing this you create conscious awareness. Sometimes this approach triggers an AH HA moment that creates enough of a shift to get you to let go, change gears and cast that issue away.

Why Is Conscious Awareness Not Always Enough?

  • Sometimes the energy of that limitation is deeply embedded in our body and it takes time to release especially if it is held in the physical body. Density held in the physical body compared to the mental or emotional levels of our being always seem to take the longest to disperse and release.
  • In addition many of us hold a belief that we have to do some kind of process, activation, technique, jump through hoops, I must do something in order to let go.  It’s hard to let go. More limiting beliefs.
  • As a result we take ourselves through process after process wondering is this the one that is going to help? What if it is not the one? What if there is something better? Am I missing the boat? Doubts arise and you begin to believe that nothing ever works for you. More limitations.
  • In truth there is nothing wrong with participating in processes, sessions and activations. It is part of our journey.  They help us to access energies we are unaware of; create conscious awareness and satisfy that need to do something in a productive way. But they aren’t always necessary when you are ready to let go.

Now It’s Time To Go Deeper.

  • Go underneath your presenting issue. Root out the core belief anchoring your situation at hand.
  • You see many people work with the surface issue or the symptom. Lack of finances or a body ache is a symptom of something deeper happening at the very core of your being.
  • In order to make effective long lasting change you need to get to the core and make a shift at that level.
  • From my experience working one on one with clients and with myself there are common limiting beliefs which hold our issues in place: I am not good enough. I am not worthy. I am not deserving. The world is unsafe. What will other people think? People might not like me. I am unlovable. I have nothing to offer. Change is scary. Fear of the unknown. Lack of trust in the Universe and in Self.

And Here Is The Big One Write This Down:

  • Fear of losing your identity. Who will I be without my aches and pains? If I am not a wife, husband, mom or dad? Who will I be without this job or position?  Without my money struggles because that is all I have ever known? Who will I be without my anger, sadness, depression?

Well Sweet Being you will be your True Self.  That is who you will be. You will be that which you have been desiring and wanting to be. YOU  in all of your glory and infinite wisdom, joy, abundance, gifts, talents and abilities; that’s who.

You will be that being that you have come to the planet in this lifetime to once and for all expand into. It really is as easy as letting go and making a new choice.

Some of you may have a layer of limitation attached to the idea of being your True Self. What if I am not accepted? What if I  am too big, too grand? What if I explode? What if I become too much to handle? Keep following the layers to the core.

If you struggle with Letting Go follow these steps:

  • Create conscious awareness around the benefits of your issue and how it is serving you. If your realizations and ah has are not enough then…
  • Participate in a process or activation to free yourself from the energy. If you still need more……
  • Go deeper to the underlying core belief and resolve it once and for all. Get someone to guide you through it and help you overcome your conscious collusions. Getting to the core is one of my gifts and abilities, that is why I love one on one work and continue to do it in my private practice.  (How Can I Work With Esther? Click Here)

Letting go is meant to be simple. Isn’t it time  for all of us to stop making things so hard? Use these tips and suggestions to help you break free once and for all.

Love, Esther

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Is Your Lack Lustre Love Life A Result Of A Past Life?


Suppose in a past life you were in a relationship and were lorded over by another. At some point in that life you made the decision, “I will never let a man (or woman) lord over me again.”  Then in this lifetime you emerge as a strong woman (or man) with a career, taking care of yourself, wanting to prove to yourself that you can do it on your own and that you will never put yourself in a position where someone has control over you again. You hold this stance so strongly that the result is lack of love. You push it away.

Maybe in a past life you had a love who was betrothed to another and the pain of a love never experienced was too much to bear. You made a decision that love hurts too much and you have carried that decision/belief into this lifetime.

Or perhaps you were were betrayed by the one you loved deeply; decided that you can’t trust men (or women) and carried that belief of lack of trust into this lifetime.

I have lived  many past lives in which my husband went off to war and never came back. I longed for him and tortured myself standing by a window or sitting on a porch waiting for someone who was never coming home. That longing, waiting,  the love lost was a pattern I carried with me for many lifetimes until I finally cleared it from my cellular system by tapping into my past lives and creating consciousness around the patterning. Perhaps you lived a past life in which the one you loved most was killed in a fire or by a wild animal and you too are longing and waiting for his/her return.

When you access a past life memory, exploring and learning from it, this inner work helps you to release the energy of patterns, behaviors and beliefs which are not working for you in this lifetime. It helps you to let them go from your cellular memory. Then consciously you make a new decision and hold new beliefs to support you in the creation of love. Using my example; no more waiting which is the complete opposite of the past life decision to wait and long.

How do I know if my lack of love is a past life or current life situation?

When I work with people to troubleshoot in the past the first thing I ask them is, “Have you worked on this situation in your current life?” If some of the scenarios above ring true to you exploring them in present life is the first step. After all that is why you came to the planet; to clear your limiting beliefs and patterns in this lifetime.

If  you have exhausted all present day work and still the issue lingers that is a good indication a past life  may need to be explored.

And some people just know that the core of their lack of love comes from a past life through information from their guides, dreams, meditations and intuition.

If your love life lacks lustre know that change is possible.

  • Find and change your limiting core beliefs present day and past life. 
  • Release beliefs and patterns absorbed from others.
  • Make changes in your past life cellular memory through past life regression therapy.
  • Be open to love in all of its forms

Let the past be the past and step into your love filled future now.

~Love, Esther

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