You Say You Want Freedom But Do You Really?


We say we want Freedom but freedom comes with unpredictability, uncertainty, acceptance of the unknown and without a schedule.

The uncertainty and lack of structure freedom brings scares many people.

Most people have never experienced the Freedom that they seek in this life-time.

Imagine for a moment that you are visiting  a foreign land for your first travel experience.

You land in a country knowing no one. You have no place to hang your hat.

You don’t speak the language. You don’t have the right currency in your pocket and at the airport you look like a fish out of water with dozens of people swarming you with offers of taxi, hotel, restaurant in an aggressive and intimidating manner.

This type of scenario can scare many people into shutdown, defeat, taking the first flight back home or hiding in a hotel room for the duration of their stay.

And yet there are others who embrace the adventure of such a scenario. They relish in the Freedom of not knowing what their next step is and are ready to move forward in faith and trust.

Perhaps you have been asking and trying to manifest your dream job or more money and the core desire of this quest is Freedom.

But you struggle to achieve your desires.

Perhaps the limitation holding you back is a fear of the very Freedom that you seek.

Discomfort with unpredictability, uncertainly, change and the unknown.

If this rings true for you go within. Discover and release the limiting beliefs and patterns preventing you from moving into the energy of Freedom.

Faith and Trust are required along with a knowing that no matter what everything is going to be Okay; some great possibility is at hand even when you don’t know what it is.

Move into energetic alignment with the Freedom that you seek and everything changes.

Love, Esther

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Taking The Emotional Charge Out Of Memories

We are moving through a period in which we are having to let go of old systems, patternings, beliefs and paradigms. One of the ways you will notice it is in your day to day life when memories from the past float to the surface of your awareness. Most of these memories are packed with emotion that you feel in the moment as they come up for your attention. Waves of shame, guilt, anger, sadness, grief overcome you as the memory surfaces.

Here’s an example. I am currently in the midst of conducting a money experiment based on a recent download of information that I received. And it is stirring the pot in areas of abundance.

One morning right at the point of my awakening  from slumber, I was flooded with the memory of being a young girl about 10  years old and at the grocery store with my dad. We were buying steaks for a family BBQ and he left me in line with the steaks and money to pay while he searched out another item.

When I got to the front of the line I looked at my hands and the money was gone $60. I was mortified and embarrassed as I looked around to see if the money had dropped on the floor. I looked at the people around me to see if they had picked up the money and were going to give it back. No one did.

I stepped out of line afraid of what my dad would say. Sixty dollars was alot of money for steaks back then and while we were not poor my family certainly wasn’t wealthy enough to shrug off the loss and move on.

I also felt bad for my father. As a kid I knew how hard he worked for his money and now I had lost it.

When my dad returned to the check out counter and I told him what happened he seemed more angry at the people around me for not being honest and keeping the money I had dropped. I felt his despair at having to pay twice for the groceries along with the pity from the lady at check out.

While that memory has surfaced from time to time, I knew my money experiment was pushing it to the forefront to defuse the emotional charge, make peace and move on.

That pattern of feeling bad for my dad because he worked hard for his money was also a patterning I needed to release. That feeling bad was keeping me linked to him in a cycle of struggle and working hard for money.

And so I lay in bed processing myself and making change,  taking the charge out of the memory in order to move on in free flow of abundance and in life .

This current period of letting go of old patternings has been a focus of our inner work since summer and will ramp up this fall. Instead of pushing memories which surface back down or ignoring them all together learn from them and release.

~Love, Esther

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Are You Getting Caught Up In The Noise Of The 3rd Dimension?


A few days ago a friend and I were taking advantage of the beautiful Southern Ontario weather sipping lattes at an outdoor café.

We were talking about all kinds of delicious topics, New Moon, Equinox, the upcoming Eclipses. We shared with each other our insights, inspirations, dreams and creations in motion. It was a high vibe 5D conversation and there was a palatable buzz around us.

At one point I noticed that my friend kept shifting her attention to the left. She began to figit in her chair and a look of annoyance came over her face.

When finally I took a peak at what had gotten her all agitated and riled up I noticed a group of young teens about 10 to 13 years old fooling around and causing a raucous. They were spitting water at one another, shouting, at times screaming and generally being what we might consider to be unruly kids. And they completely caught my friend’s attention distracting her from the high vibe conversation at hand.

This is a perfect everyday example of how we on a conscious journey of awareness and ascension can get caught up in the noise of 3D energies. We were basking in a high vibe glow and something triggered my friend shifting her focus and attention, taking her out of her frequency.

You may do this in your own life when you get caught up in fear from the collective while watching the news or speaking with friends, when you worry about bills, money, your children; job. When you engage in gossip, self doubt, and fall into judgements. And the list goes on.

So what do you do when you find yourself being distracted by 3D noise?

  • Notice and observe what the trigger is. Why has this issue, person, situation taken you out of your groove and placed your focus on something less desirable?
  • What is the noise inside of you that related to that outside situation? Explore that trigger for learning and release.

Does this mean that you can never express an emotion, opinion or passion about what you see and experience in life?

No not all.

It means not getting pulled into the energy of the situation or shifting out of your love, joy, peace vibe.

Go ahead and watch the news. Be the observer rather then get caught up in the emotion or fear mongering. Then the noise becomes more of a annoyance like a fly buzzing around you and/or you eventually stop noticing it at all.

~Love, Esther

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You Are The Closure You Seek

How many times have you said to yourself, “I need closure.”

Perhaps it was in the realm of a dissolving relationship, a work situation in which you were laid off or let go or maybe words were exchanged which led to an argument and created uncertainty.

The need for closure is really a way of saying I need answers.

When a relationship ends often one person in the coupling needs closure. There is a need to understand what happened in order to process and allow the ending to be. But often when asking for closure from another the answers are still not enough. The person spoke their truth at what-ever level of awareness they were able to, but it wasn’t adequate.

Often we don’t trust the information we receive when seeking closure. It doesn’t make sense to us and we think, “There must be something more.”

Or even though we say we want and need closure, closure is not what we seek.  Instead we want a person to feel sorry for us, stick around, change their mind, know how badly we have been hurt.

Perhaps a part of you feels duped, embarrassed or that you should have known better.

If so then go within and bring healing or awareness to that part or aspect of yourself.

A part of life is being okay with not knowing or understanding everything and moving forward.

If you are challenged by this concept ask yourself, “What do I really need?”

What are you specifically looking for and needing from that person or situation with which you seek closure?

If you feel you can approach the person do so but most likely you still won’t get a satisfying answer.

Why?  Because it is not closure from another person you need it is from yourself.

Closure is hard to come by when we seek it outside of ourself looking to another to make it happen.

So I ask you, What if closure is something inside of you?

What if it is a gift that you give to yourself just as forgiveness is not for the other person it is for you to be able to let go and move on.

Needing closure from someone or in some situation when it is never going to happen keeps us stuck.

Instead give closure to yourself, make peace with the person and situation and move forward with the learnings and a new path of potential

~Love, Esther

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Do You Feel Universe Has Abandoned You?

You are never separate from Universe, Source Energy even when you feel you are.


You were birthed from Source Energy.

You are Source Energy.

You will transition and return to Source Energy.

Source Energy is in you. It’s you mixed in with all of your unique traits, gifts, talents and personality. There is no separation.

Separation is part of the programming of the 3rd Dimension

And you knew this when you were up in the cosmos planning this life-time on Earth.

You knew you were heading back into density, into the illusion of separation so that you could wake up to more consciousness and break free of the ties that bind you to The Matrix.

Recently I worked with a client who felt unsupported in life. Unsupported by family, friends and colleagues.

As we dug deeper into this feeling of separation she realized what she really felt was separation from Universe.

She was lacking faith and trust that Universe had her back.

I took her back in time to the point just before she came into the womb and we began to discover and explore who she was as Spirit.

What did she know?

What was she looking forward to ?

What were the perceived consequences of coming back to Earth in a physical body?

At that point she gasped and said: I knew I was being separated from Source. It was my choice. But I also knew that when I woke up I would remember Source never left me.

That Ah Ha triggered a deep shift within and once we wrapped her back up in the loving arms of Universe and infused this awareness into her energy circuits she was good to go.

She also realized that while family, friends and others might not always have her back as they deal with their own limitations, Universe is always there for her.

So I ask you, Do You Feel Universe Has Your Back?

If the first response is No then start doing inner work in that area.

Bridging the gap of separation into oneness is what you came for.

~Love, Esther

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I Released 25 Entities From My Body and Regained My Voice

When I received an email from Kairi outlining his experience during my Releasing Entities Class I asked him to share with all of us. He agreed and wrote these  words.   Oh and lovely Marsha was one of the conduits for change during the workshop. ~Love, Esther

“I listened to the Releasing Entities Activation last week and I LOVED Marsha.  Universe must have sent her just for me.  The similarities were profound. Needless to say I had a major shift.

Initially I had 26 entities show up occupying space in my body. I realized a few have been sexual partners/friends and many were people I encounter on a daily basis.  These entities were simple to address and release.

I also had some key people show up.  My grandfather’s energy was present but not as influential as I would have thought.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping him on point and out of my way. However I realized he was a vessel through which a major person, my birth dad, was taking up space in my body. This was the point when I related to Marsha’s entity experience big-time.

It’s strange because I don’t have a relationship with my dad. I might have spoken to or seen him less than 10 times since I was four years old.  Many things came up regarding him abandoning me and my brothers. I realized it was important for me to dig deeper into this issue. He was lost, probably scared, young and I would like to think that he wanted the best for us but was pretty much controlled by his next wife.   She kept him away from everyone and he saw no one in his family after they met.

My dad and I resolved our differences during the Activation and as he left another unexpected person appeared. It was my stepfather Clark who I  always despised because I knew he hated me from the get-go.  I was the odd one, the quiet one,  the nerd and he made my life miserable.  He picked on me a lot and was jealous of my bowling talents especially since he introduced bowling to my mom and was considered one of the ‘top dog’ bowlers in their league. He hated it when I fell in love with the game and quickly started to show incredible talent for it.  He despised me when I jumped from the junior to adult level and became the ‘top dog’ of his league.  I became quite a player on the main circuit with many achievements, titles and records statewide and beyond which made our relationship rocky.

My stepfather took out his feelings on me by preventing me from doing the things I was great at and loved to do like landscaping and bowling. Finally my mother stood up for me and put an end to his actions. She knew how great I was at bowling and how much I loved it. Bowling was my escape. At the same time, my ‘adopted dad’, Mike Byrd (father figure from the age of 12 who taught me everything about bowling, business and has guided me through life) also threatened to do something about it and he MEANT IT. Mike is still my dad today and always will be.

I later realized that I unknowingly developed an anger and resentment against my mother just for inviting Clark into our family and marrying him. Living in their household create a miserable and secretly depressing childhood.

During the Activation I finally resolved my issues with Clark and moved on.  It was life changing! 

In fact by the end of the Activation I had one entity inside my body which was me.  As far I could tell all had vanished. It was incredible.  

That’s not all, as a result of the entity clearings, I have finally been able to sing the same way I did a few years ago before losing my voice for no reason. I actually felt my voice come back during the activation and started singing during the session out of the blue. I knew something had a lock on my throat/voice for several years and I was thinking it was mainly the bar energy where I hang out, but it was probably linked back to my father and stepfather and the bar emphasized it more.  I have regained my voice and I have something to say.  It was quite miraculous.

Just to note, I would always sing in the shower and around the house to Barbra Streisand or Linda Ronstadt  and only in front of one or two very good friends who loved to hear me sing.  I was at ease only with them.  Singing is something I would never do publicly but it is good to know that I could once again sing to myself with the tone and clarity that I used to have instead of literally nothing coming out at all or just garbage.  I even sang a little tonight and may start to do it much more often at home, while driving and maybe once again for friends again.”

Kairi Jeffries,

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Tame The Ego’s Need To Fix The Situation


You are in fast forward motion.

Ready to take inspired action.

Open to Big Change.

Inner Work is well under way.

You feel your Spirit and Inner Self moving at a rapid pace.

The problem?

Your outward reality is moving in slow motion.

You feel like you are trudging through sludge and your inspired action is taking too long to manifest into anything tangible.

The speed of your inner world is a mismatch to your outward experience.

And now you are frustrated just like a horse chomping at the bit, lined up at the starting gate, ready to run the race, but that damn gate just won’t open.

Questions arise: How do I allow my Spirit and Inner Self to maintain the rapid pace and let reality catch up rather then slow everything down?

How do I avoid frustration and/or reverting to old patterns to soothe the disconnect?

Allow your Spirit to hold it’s momentum by practicing each day to be in a receptive state.

Be open to the whirlwind inside of you and the moving through mud sensation on the outside.

Be in allowance of both energies.

Know that eventually your outward reality has to shift to meet your inner momentum, it’s Universal Law.

Only take action that is prompted by Spirit.

Focus on the one task in front of you.

Taking these steps will make it easier for you to release the frustration, keep the pace and encourage your day to day life to giddy up and get going.

This stage you are in is all about learning to be patient, quiet and trust the process.

It’s about taming the Ego’s need to fix the situation and allow it to “Be.”

By following your inner guidance you will discover when to take the next steps and when to hold up.

Your pace of manifestation will fall in line with your leading from within.

~Love, Esther

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Feeling The Energy Running Underneath Your Skin?

We are feeling it, waves of Energy moving through our body. It’s been intense over the past several days and will continue to build.

Why? We are going through a deep re-patterning and re-coding of our mind, bodies and energy systems.

Let’s recap for a moment.

The first half of 2014 was all about the big purge. With help from Eclipses, The Grand Cardinal Cross and Solar Flares we were forced to turn inward, look at our “stuff” and clear out the limitations once and for all. There was pain and discomfort but the inner cleanse was good and much needed.

While some are still dealing with the aftermath of earlier events for the most part we are now in a phase of putting into motion the lessons we have learned, the new ideas birthed and taking steps along our new paths of potential.

July was all about setting things into motion and taking inspired action. Universe is now telling us to take the steps, one at a time as our path unfolds in front of us. This moving forward, action taking scenario will continue for the rest of the year. We are in process of reaping the joys of all the shift and change we have undergone this year.

So what does all of this have to do with the Energy we are feeling running through our bodies?

The energy has always been there and the re-patterning has been going on since prior to 12-12-12 Ascension but as more awaken to consciousness, more are beginning to feel the change within.

Here’s what you might be noticing:

•Lots of activity happening in the center of your head. Through the brow chakra, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Activation in action!
•Third Eye pulsing uncontrollably.
•Being roused from sleep in the middle of the night to do “inner work” because the energy requires you to be conscious for the change.
•Feeling like something is crawling underneath your skin.
•The energy might even be presenting with what some might call low level anxiety as our nervous system is stimulated to great degree.

While it might feel uncomfortable at times and it is definitely pushing up more issues and limiting beliefs to the surface, there is nothing to worry or be anxious about.

In fact now that you have a better sense of what is happening the next time you feel the energy running in your head or under your skin rejoice that you are being up-graded into your Light Body and into Higher Consciousness.

It has also come to my attention while all of this upgrading is going on many of you are engaging in old patterns to soothe the strange and odd feelings of the energy waves. Food, drink, medication, drugs, shopping all seem to be the go to choice to make it feel better.

Engaging in these old behaviors to soothe is counter productive because many of you have been doing inner work diligently to release these very patterns from your life.

So what do you do when the Energy is running, it feels strange and you want a little relief?

Here are some suggestions. *Keep in mind I am not a medical or health practitioner and any time you feel discomfort in your body first check in with yourself to get some information and as intuitively led get thee to a health care professional. Not everything is an ascension symptom.


•Do your inner work. The Energy continues to push to the surface layers of limitation. Let them go.
Meditate, the best go to fix for anything.
Ground yourself. We ground our computers, TVs and appliances to avoid short circuiting, you need to ground yourself.
•Take Magnesium. Studies show that up to 80% of the population is magnesium deficient. Magnesium assists our bodies in many ways but for our purpose it helps to calm and soothe our inner self so we can feel relaxed while all of this upgrading and re-coding is going on.
•Adrenal Support. Adding an adrenal supplement to your daily regime will also assist with stress and cortisol levels helping you feel much better as the energy runs.,
•B12 is a good supplement to consider along with….
Minerals. I put mineral drops in every glass of water I drink throughout the day to help balance my mind and body and also to create a good current for the Energy to run.
•Root vegetables are grounding so eat more. Any vegetable grown underneath the ground is fair game: potatoes, yams, parsnips, beets, carrots, radish etc…
•Drink water with lemon. The lemon not only purifies and cleanses from the inside out it also has grounding properties.
•Make sure you get a good night’s rest. I won’t suggest a number of hours because that is different for each of us. But a solid sleep is essential for integration of your change, to allow for the upgrades, give you time to Astral Travel for more learning and growth and simply to rest the body. Taking Magnesium or Melatonin right before bed will help.

These are just a few suggestions. Please check in with yourself and your body to see what feels right for you and also connect with your health practitioner to investigate further your needs.

Allow me to bottom line it:
•Energy is moving.
•We are being re-patterned, upgraded and moving into our new Light Bodies.
•Finally many of you are feeling it.
•Rather then be anxious or worried rejoice this is why you came to Planet Earth in this particular life time to break free of the 3D Matrix and Ascend.
•Keep doing your inner work.
•And Meditate, Meditate, Meditate. (Click here for help)


 Love, Esther

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Whisper To Your Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto has been talking about it for years. He claims that speech, thought, sound, vibration and elements directed towards water will alter its crystals.

His books including Messages From Water offer triple blind studies, amazing pictorial illustrations and experimental evidence that intent, prayer, music, thought or words can change water  for healing purposes.

Flip through his book and see how rock and roll music effects water crystals compared to classical music. Writing the words Hate or Love on a glass of water changes the structure of the droplets dramatically.

You can see the love in the water just as you can see the angst of the hate. When I first read his books I took Dr. Emoto’s information to heart and began to whisper to my water. To this day before I take a sip from a fresh glass I whisper the words I need most. Love. Peace. Abundance. Faith. Ease. Creativity. etc…

When I am working with a clients in person or entertaining,  I whisper positive supporting words of love into the jugs of water I have set out for them.

I believe these whispers alter the structure of the water and when consumed, the water droplets influence and adjust the vibration of our being.

Experiment on your self. Whisper to your water.

~Love, Esther

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My Tragic Life

When a client utter the words, ” My life is tragic,” I could feel her pain.
Over the last weeks her life has in her words, “Fallen apart.”

Wanting and desiring change in her circumstance she finally had the courage to make a move.
The Universal energies were supporting her.
Friends were willing to go the extra mile to assist.
The time was right and she was ready to let go of a relationship dragging her down and move into a grander expansion of herself.

She took a breathe and made the move.
A few days later she went up in her head and stayed there.
Her Ego Mind started to bombard her with abusive words and self judgment.
Her Ego showered her with shame, guilt and fear.
She began to doubt her choice even though in her heart she knew she had made the right decision.

Once up in her head she lost contact with her Self.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Getting back into her heart was challenging.
When she couldn’t stand the battle in her mind anymore she waivered and reverted her decision.  She went back to a relationship that was stagnant.

Two days later when she regained conscious awareness, she decided once again that she must make the move to break free.
She packed her bags and took steps toward a better life.
This time with less confidence.
Riddled with anxiety, worry and upset. Now the situation, her emotions and negative thoughts taking a toll on her health.

She broke down Mind, Body and Spirit.

When she called me for inner healing work and guidance, the first words she uttered were, “My life is tragic.”

We worked with her parts creating fear and worry.  Addressed her emotions of guilt and shame. And I helped her get out of her head and back into her heart space.

Then we began to address the issue of her so called tragic life.  I  honoured that this is how she felt in the moment.  I wasn’t going to sugar coat or deny her feelings. I helped her feel her feelings and tap into the part of her that feels life is tragic. We worked with the part to bring it new awareness and more consciousness.

What if her life wasn’t tragic?
What if everything was in Divine order?
That she didn’t make a mistake?
That her choices were the right ones for her highest and best good?
What if the back and forth in her mind and physical location was exactly what she needed to bring to the surface the issues and layers of limitation holding her back?
What if there was no other way to get her attention to show her that she was full of fear, worry, guilt and shame?  

What if this situation created the perfect opportunity to bring all of these limitations to her awareness so that she could deal with them once and for all?
How can one expand when they still hold layers and issues of density deep within?
What if this situation was her unique way of tilling the soil of her body and being so that when she planted new moves, intentions, ideas, desires they would have fertile ground in which to root and grow?

If she continued to look at her life as tragic more of the same would tumble in.
But if she looked at what was presenting in her life at this time and began the process of an inward journey of discovery, learning and release, she could turn that so called tragic life into something beautiful. She is a creator being and now she gets to choose what she wants to create, more of the same or an inner world that will support her the next time she makes a decision.

This beautiful Soul is one who is newly awakened and learning on many levels about herself, the world, energy, beliefs and who she be.
While her awakening has been rough her desire and dedication to release and let go is mighty.
On some level she has already blossomed and is now taking steps to align with loving and honouring Self.

Blessings to you my friend.

~Love, Esther

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*written with permission