Is Your Lack Lustre Love Life A Result Of A Past Life?


Suppose in a past life you were in a relationship and were lorded over by another. At some point in that life you made the decision, “I will never let a man (or woman) lord over me again.”  Then in this lifetime you emerge as a strong woman (or man) with a career, taking care of yourself, wanting to prove to yourself that you can do it on your own and that you will never put yourself in a position where someone has control over you again. You hold this stance so strongly that the result is lack of love. You push it away.

Maybe in a past life you had a love who was betrothed to another and the pain of a love never experienced was too much to bear. You made a decision that love hurts too much and you have carried that decision/belief into this lifetime.

Or perhaps you were were betrayed by the one you loved deeply; decided that you can’t trust men (or women) and carried that belief of lack of trust into this lifetime.

I have lived  many past lives in which my husband went off to war and never came back. I longed for him and tortured myself standing by a window or sitting on a porch waiting for someone who was never coming home. That longing, waiting,  the love lost was a pattern I carried with me for many lifetimes until I finally cleared it from my cellular system by tapping into my past lives and creating consciousness around the patterning. Perhaps you lived a past life in which the one you loved most was killed in a fire or by a wild animal and you too are longing and waiting for his/her return.

When you access a past life memory, exploring and learning from it, this inner work helps you to release the energy of patterns, behaviors and beliefs which are not working for you in this lifetime. It helps you to let them go from your cellular memory. Then consciously you make a new decision and hold new beliefs to support you in the creation of love. Using my example; no more waiting which is the complete opposite of the past life decision to wait and long.

How do I know if my lack of love is a past life or current life situation?

When I work with people to troubleshoot in the past the first thing I ask them is, “Have you worked on this situation in your current life?” If some of the scenarios above ring true to you exploring them in present life is the first step. After all that is why you came to the planet; to clear your limiting beliefs and patterns in this lifetime.

If  you have exhausted all present day work and still the issue lingers that is a good indication a past life  may need to be explored.

And some people just know that the core of their lack of love comes from a past life through information from their guides, dreams, meditations and intuition.

If your love life lacks lustre know that change is possible.

  • Find and change your limiting core beliefs present day and past life. 
  • Release beliefs and patterns absorbed from others.
  • Make changes in your past life cellular memory through past life regression therapy.
  • Be open to love in all of its forms

Let the past be the past and step into your love filled future now.

~Love, Esther

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How Do You Want To Feel?

How do you want to feel?
Go ahead and ask yourself that question right now: How do I want to feel?
And then ask inside: And what do I want to create?
Once you have the answers to those questions then all you have to do is start  living in the energy of those very things you desire.
For example: Do you want abundance?
Then notice all the abundance around you, act abundantly, neutralize in the zero point all thoughts of lack. I like to count silverware to feel more abundant. Who knew I had so many forks, knives and spoons. How abundant am I !
Do you want more peace in your life?
Then spend time in peaceful surroundings, with peaceful people, listening to peaceful music.
Do you want more freedom?
Then play hooky one day. Do something daring. Take a break from your routine. Listen to George Michael sing Freedom. Stand out in the wind and let it blow through your hair and body.
Be present in the energy of that which you want to create more of and keep releasing the limitations which pop up.
Do you want more love in your life?
Then make choices for love, while in the energy of love. That includes loving yourself, especially loving yourself and loving your body.
Choose how you want to feel and then spend time being present in the energy of that which you desire.
And before you know it the feeling is You and You are the feeling.
~Love, Esther
Are you ready to make personal and spiritual changes in your life? Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled reading to free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to greater possibilities? Click here to open the door.
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Accessing Wisdom and Guidance In Our Dreams: Tips

Since the start of the New Year our sleep state and dreams have become a main venue for working through situations, events and issues.

We are having release dreams.
Information dreams.
Here is the next step dreams.
Contact with our Soul and Star Family dreams.
And creating consciousness dreams.

While many of us are fortunate to remember and access our dreams, even play around consciously shifting and changing our dreams I know some of you are thinking: Dreams what dreams?

Even though you are not recalling your dreams you are still having them, rest assured.

Here are a few tips to help you to remember your dreams and gain conscious access to this Divine and Wonderful Wisdom:

-Before you go to bed ask your Higher Self and Spirit Team to assist you in remembering your dreams.

-Hold the intention, Tonight I will have wonderful dreams that will guide and direct me.

-Work on opening up the channels of your Right Brain through imagination, focus and/or intention. Flow energy into the right brain to open up channels and new pathways.

Our right brain is our creative center and is responsible for rhythm, colour, imagination, spatial awareness, daydreaming, spiritual awareness and dimension. It controls the left side of your body.

-Release any fears, worries or concerns you have about dreams and remembering your dreams.

-Set your alarm one hour before you normally awake up. When the alarm goes off. Reset and fall back into slumber. The sleep state you will access after a brief awakening will help you to connect with other dimensions, realities and oh so interesting dreams.

Soon you will discover that your dream state is the most wonderful space to play and then begin to wonder are my dreams my reality or is my waking life my reality?

~Love, Esther

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The Power And Importance Of Your Light Body

Light Body, it’s a term often used by people seeking consciousness and higher levels of awareness. And yet to many the term is unfamiliar perhaps even odd. Some people have the idea that transitioning to your Light Body means you will disappear and vanish from the Earth and present as a glowing Light. While this is possible, as anything is possible, it is highly unlikely during this lifetime of ours. We live on a dimension of our Earth Plain that requires us to have a body to live, grow, experience and love.
spirit body
So what is your Light Body and why are we spending so much time and effort to activate it?
Your Light Body is your energy body and your Energy Body is:
  • The Light inside of you.
  • Source Energy streaming through you.
  • Your Soul Essence filling your internal core like a river of LIGHT within; total embodiment.

When Your Light Body is Fully Activated and On:

  • Your Chakras are clean, clear, spinning and lit up. Activated.
  • Your Chakric Column hums with high vibrations 24/7.
  • Source Energy is flowing through you fully and powerfully without compression or restriction, in complete Oneness.

All of these components produce your Light Body.

How Do You Awaken Your Light Body?

  • Release and clear out limitations and density held in your mind and body.
  • That’s the limiting beliefs, decisions, behaviors, patternings and other people’s energy that have been keeping you in a low vibration disconnected from Source or just allowing in a trickle of Source Energy at best.
  • Fill yourself with the Divine Love and Light of Universe and keep the channel open through meditation, focus and choice.
  • Embody your Soul Signature, your Soul Essence fully and powerfully Returning You To You.

And Why Do You Want To Awaken and Live As Your Light Body?

It’s time to remember who you truly be. Live life on planet Earth fully remembering your magnificence; being the amazing Spirit and Creator Being that you are.

To help lift up the planet and all of humanity out of the mire of the 3D Matrix and move into the vibrations of peace, joy, love and abundance.

To free yourself, the planet and all that roams upon it from the darkness we have been living in for eons.

This is the lifetime for all of us to break free and remember who we really are as Spirit living in a physical body.

A spark of creation.

Birthed from Source Energy.

No more separation.

~Love, Esther

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What’s Your Word For 2015? Mine is Certainty


Certainty: a fact that is definitely true or an event that is definitely going to take place.

That’s my word for 2015, Certainty and I am going to embrace it and embody it with, well, Certainty.

Last year on New Years Day instead of setting resolutions I encouraged everyone to pick a word, embody and live the vibration of the word.

Do you remember your word?

One of my words was Love and Universe took me into a deeper knowing of what Love is, all aspects of Love.

What I realized is that while I have come a long way in Self Love and Loving others, radiating the Love that I am to the world, I still have a long way to go in fully understanding in my humanness what Divine Love is. My human Self is challenged to grasp the magnitude of Divine Love.

So the journey of Love continues and this year I add in the word Certainty, approaching everything with Certainty.

Knowing that I know that I know that I know.

Erasing all doubt.

Embracing with Certainty my thoughts, actions, desires and creations.

What word do you want to embrace and vibrate with this year?

It is Love?

Or maybe Abundance?

Perhaps Strength, Joy, Magic, Opportunity, Confidence, Power, Compassion, Adventure, Sensuality?

You fill in the blank ________.

This year 2015, the year of Abundance, Manifestation, Transformation and Oneness, instead of setting a resolution pick a word, any word that feels right and juicy to you.

Then set your intention to be the energy of that word, embody it, and infuse the vibration of that word into every level and layer of your body. Radiate to the world the energy of the word and as you do begin to draw into your life experience its energetic match.

In 2015 let’s have fun with words!

Please leave a comment below and tell me what your word is. I will infuse it with a dose of Energy for an extra spurt of growth.

~Love, Esther

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We Are One And Uniquely Individual

We are One and yet at the same time uniquely individual.

As One we are are a part of the whole, Universe, Source Energy, God however you choose to refer to this energy of Oneness.

Each of us chose to break free from the whole for a period of time and live life in a physical body to express our individuality, while still remaining a part of the whole.

For those who are struggling to stand out, be an individual and/or to show your uniqueness, understand that your uniqueness was created when you removed yourself from the whole and placed your Spirit into a body for expression. You sprang forth from Source, as a  Spark of Creation with your own unique Energy Signature.

You do not need to prove your individuality or uniqueness to anyone. Claim it. Own it. By understanding that you are unique just as you are, that you don’t have to do or be anything to prove your uniqueness will ease your life upon planet Earth.

Here is an example. You were born into a family. You are part of that family. Heck you might even have the same last name as everyone in that family. But you are an individual. You are your own person. You are uniquely you in that family.

For those of you who feel lonely, unsure of where you belong, this is a great time to awaken and remember that you are not alone for you are part of a whole; of Oneness.

Living life on this planet in a physical body gives us as Spirits the ability to be uniquely individual and part of a whole at the same time. How wonderful is that?

~Love, Esther

 Are you ready to make personal and spiritual changes in your life? Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled reading to free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to greater possibilities? Click here to open the door.


Uranus Pluto Square Dec 15th Revolutionary Breakthroughs Are Here

Hello beautiful, talented and amazing Being of Light,
The Great Depression, invention of the Atomic Bomb, the rise of Hitler and the 1960’s Revolution all happened during a Uranus Pluto Square planetary alignment.

Pluto is the planet of Transformation.
Uranus the planet of Revolution.
When they square off in the sky old structures crumble, shake ups occur and goals, relationships, life, everything undergoes a revoluntionary process. Sudden and unexpected change happens. Think the Arab uprising, spring 2011, a lead up to the current Uranus Pluto Square patterning.
This energy pushes each of us and the world to transform dramatically. Clearing patriarchal strongholds, the web of the 3D Matrix and releasing the grip of density.
Uranus Pluto Square is a rare celestial event and when it happens it is important to take notice.
On December 15th just past midnight Est, we will be experiencing the 6th of 7 Uranus Pluto Squares which started in the spring of 2012 and ends March 2015. Note that this current round of Uranus Pluto Squares is happening as we undergo The Shift and move into the early years of the Golden Age on Earth. These squares are liberating us and setting us up for success.
The energy of this lastest square started to ramp up at the end of November and we are in the thick of the transmission now which will peak on the 15th and then carry through to the March event.
During this upcoming week you may experience A Ha’s and Whoa’s regarding what has transpired in your life since 2012. You are a completely different person living on a different planet.
Victim consciousness is being dredged up from the deepest recesses of our mind for release as there is no place for victim energy in the 5th Dimension.
Awarenesses are revealing where you are holding yourself back. Where are you self sabatoguing yourself, life, your desires? Perhaps even other people?
For those who have been embracing change since 12-12-12 and flowing with it, the energy will be a bit more gentle on you clearing out cobwebs of limitation and getting you ready for the rebuilding phase of March 2015 and beyond.
For those who have been slow to awaken or are fighting against change and more consciousness this upcoming square could be a doozey.
The 6th of  7 Uranus Pluto Squares is associated with the sixth chakra the brow chakra. Issues of spirituality, connectivity above and below are highlighted. You may find your intuition bursts wide open or you may receive a download of insight and universal wisdom.
December 15th Uranus Pluto Square is also connected with anchoring Goddess energy into the planetary grid more deeply thus creating harmony, balance and a beautiful weave of masculine and feminine energy.
This is the time to release everything that is worn out, out-dated and holding you back.
It is the time to tap more deeply into your Divine Self, Soul Signature, Soul Truth and Essence.
Allow yourself to be guided by the Light and the wisdom of your Higher Self.
See why I am so excited about 2015? When the last square occurs in March and we start the rebuilding phase of our lives and the planet as a whole it is going to spectacular.
Does that mean everything is going to be smooth and easy, yummy like strawberries and champagne?
No life will still have its ups and downs, challenges and situations.
But those of us, the Way Showers, Star Seeds, Beacons of Light, Gate Keepers and Guardians upon the planet we will be able to blaze a trail of Consciousness and Ascension like never before.
These two years 2013, 2014 were just a warm up for what it to come.
More love, abundance, harmony, peace and joy.
Each of us will experience these energies to the degree we are ready and open to receive. To the perfect match of our vibration.
Many of us have been living on the planet for decades waiting for a breakthrough and while we have been experiencing breakthroughs throughout our life-time the possibility exists for the dam of density to break free exponentially in 2015-2017.
And that is why my Guidance, the Beings of Light directed me to hold the

2015 Kick Off  To Success Vortex Activation on January 8th.

To set you up energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically to experience the biggest frequency bump up you are ready to receive and make the most of this time on planet Earth.

We are forging new ground. We are entering new territory. We set our intentions and set forth knowing each step we take is ground breaking for ourselves and those who come behind us in our energetic wake.

As Way Shower, a Being of Light on a Journey of Consciousness consider joining me via Webinar on January 8th for this Amazing Vortex Activation packed with Star-Gate work to set you up for success and beam the Light out to the planet.

Are you in?

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Come play in the energies with us!

~Love, Esther

12 Tips On How To Destress Over The Holidays

When the shopping, cooking and planning for the holiday season becomes overwhelming, how do you de-stress?

Here are 12 easy tips to help you unwind and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Even if you implement just one you are on the road to ease.

1. Set goals. Make a list or a plan and stick to it. Put your blinders on and focus.

2. Be sure to take some time for yourself even if it is 10 minutes at the mall to enjoy a cup of coffee, watch the shoppers and listen to holiday music. Eat healthy food. Get as much rest as you can and exercise. Self care is important.

3. Reflect on what the holidays are about; spending time with those you love. Again keep your focus on what is important.

4. Triggering your stress are underlying thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Yes this is where I put on my psychotherapist hat. Discover, examine and change those beliefs. Thoughts such as, “It has to be perfect. What will they think? I can’t afford it. No one loves me,” will add to your emotional and stress level.  There is never a better time then the present to heal your inner world.

5. Breathe. Breathing is an amazing tool to de-stress and let go. Deep belly breathes release the build up of internal pressure and stress. Mellows you out.

6. Rethink your gift list. Buy only for those you feel are important to you.

7. For those hard to buy for people (I have a few on my list) choose a theme and pick up everything in one swoop. For example books, CDs, bath and body products, wine, restaurant gift card, massage certificates.

8.  Understand that it is okay to say no to parties. If you must attend make your appearance brief. Stay longer at the parties you really want to attend.

9. Eat before you go to a holiday gathering. Why? At this time of the year everyone serves rich, calorie laden foods and goodies. The temptation to overeat is everywhere. When you indulge the next day you feel bloated and well yucky. This feeling adds to your stress level.

10. Water is your best friend. Take it with you to the mall, drink up at parties, at home when you are wrapping gifts and when you are baking. Stay hydrated and feel full. Add lemon in your water for extra hydration and cleansing boost.

11. Keep old traditions but be open to new ones. Just because you have always done it one way doesn’t mean you have to continue doing it that way. Change is good!

12. Listen to relaxing music. It feels good. I love listening to Christmas music it puts me in a place of peace.

Cheers to you and a relaxing, stress free holiday.

~Love, Esther


The Secrets Your Body Wants To Share

Your body has a message for you.  In fact your body is one of your main guides on this journey of life and has many messages if you take the time to listen.

The Body Deva, that is your body Spirit has consciousness something even scientists are willing to acknowledge.

It wants to be a source of information and guidance working with you in harmony to create the life you desire.

It is your earthly home, vehicle, container in which your Soul Esscence takes up residence so you can touch, love, experience and grow.

When something is out of sync in your life, your body Deva will be sure to tell.

While we are all unique and the messages of the body are personal to each person there are some commonalities which present when the body talks.

For example, back pain often relates to stress and feelings of not being supported. Lower back pain may signal a past life influence.

When your joints ache their message is often one of flexibility. Where can you be more flexible in your life or where are you bending too much on the whim of others?

Unresolved anger often shows up as breakouts on the face, kidney problems and a backed up colon.

The Body has wisdom and secrets that it’s eager to share.

And it loves when we listen to its guidance responding in kind by repairing and healing itself, bringing you into greater aligment of mind, body and Spirit.

When you listen to the wisdom of the body it will tell you more and work with you to co-create health, vitality and well being in all areas of your life.

So how do you glean secrets and information from your Body Deva?

Just ask it.

Talk to you body as you would a friend.

Ask it questions.

What is the message in this pain?

What do I need to know about my illness?

What am I not learning from you that if I did learn it would change my health and life around?

Sweet body what do you need from me right now?

And then give the body what it needs; follow its guidance.

The body will speak to you in many different ways. Through words, images, feelings, sensations, knowing and sounds. It speaks to you through the aches, pains, discomfort and dis-ease.

It’s like when we get that gut feeling and we know it means, “Uh oh watch out, be careful.”

If you listen and pay attention you will hear the body speak and if need be ask it to repeat the information in a way you will understand more clearly.

Your Body Deva is for you not against you.

So sit quietly, take a deep breathe in, say, “Hello sweet beautiful body,” begin to ask your questions and listen for the secrets.

~Love, Esther

Need help talking to your body and receiving its wisdom? Working with the body is one of Esther’s specialities. She talks and listens to her body everyday. Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled reading to help you connect more deeply with the wisdom of your body, free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to greater possibilities?  Click here to open the door.







11-11 A New Ascension Gate-Way Opens


Nov 11th rolls around each year and offers all of humanity the chance to release more deeply and expand into the Love that we are.

On this day another Gate-Way opens in the Universal Realm and opportunity for a frequency bump up and body upgrade is poured upon the planet.

According to numerology the number 11 is a Master Number and indicates the start of a new cycle. It represents patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and idealism.

11 is tied into Sacred Geometry and the DNA of our bodies waking us up to NEW, new awareness, ways of being, a new life reality.

While googling what 11-11 means is a nice place to start I believe that numbers are very personal to each of us.

For instance when 11 or 11-11 pop up in my daily life it is my personal sign that everything is lining up for me. And sometimes the message is walk through this Gate-Way, take this opportunity. I am supported by the pillars of the 11.

I encourage you to ask inside to your Higher Self what does 11-11 means specifically to you.

The piece of information I am receiving to share with you is that for all of humanity and the planet as a whole 11-11 will open another Gate-Way in the Universe and usher in more Light, new coding to help us Ascend and replace the corrupt coding of the 3D Matrix we have been breaking down with the assistance of those magnificent October Solar Flares.

11-11 creates a new awareness within, an “awakening” of sorts.

Our bodies will receive the new codes to upgrade our DNA, reprogram our mind and body on all levels to the changes which transpired during October Eclipse Season.

November 11th is also Remembrance Day in Canada and other parts of the world adding to the beautiful energy flow.

It is going to be a magnificent day.

Make sure you stay hydrated and grounded.

As limitation pops up let it go. Refrain from getting caught up in the mix of the old beliefs and patterns leaving and enjoy the Universal download.

~Love, Esther

Many of you like to book channeled readings and private one on one sessions on special dates and moon cycles. If this interests you please contact me directly via email for information on time availablity and we will take if from there. I always love doing inner work on High Vibe Days and I know you do too!

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