Cosmic Gate Way Opens Jan 20-26 and It May Be Tricky and Tense

While Gateways and Portals of Ascension are now opening and closing at a rapid pace there are times when these Cosmic Opportunities of Change are extremely profound and require some consciousness and understanding for navigation. We are coming upon the cusp of such a Gateway January 20th to 26th and it may be a period that is tricky and tense.

Let’s start off with a reminder. For the first time in a long time ALL planets are in direct motion and will be until February 6th. Because the planets are in flow and moving fast we are experiencing flow and a fast-moving pace on the Earth.

Right now Venus is hanging brightly in the sky. We see her at night and even during the day with the naked eye. Anytime we can see a planet in the sky night and especially daytime it means that its energetic influence is intensified. Venus is the planet that rules beauty, relationships, love, art, creativity, passion and finances. Are any of these areas kicking up into high gear in your life right now whether high gear of oh oh its time for change or Wowee who is that handsome man or gorgeous women? Allow Venus to spin her magic and show you the way towards your heart’s desires.

On January 19th-20th depending on your time zone Mars and Saturn square off and that means tension between the two planets.Mars rules action, motivation, making things happen now and can be very aggressive. Saturn as we know is the planet of responsibility, reality checks, getting serious, looking long-term and at the big picture. It is often referred to as the tough love planet. Mars and Saturn open the Gate Way.

This clash of planets can show up in many ways. Unrest with authority figures like your boss, government officials etc… As a challenge to let go of traditional ways of thinking, acting and being for something new. People who are stubborn and still asleep may fight for the status quo. Saturn is going to point out clearly what is not working or what is old and outdated and must go in order for you to create your desires. Mars is going to push you to make change. Saturn says slow down and be responsible. Mars says get going now. A real push-pull. Use this cosmic influence to your benefit. Be open to what Saturn shows you and use Mars energy to implement new action steps. We will experience this energy individually but also as a collective. Watch what unfolds on the world scene. Traditional ways and means are being challenged. Is there a way to blend the old with the new?

The 20th is also the day of the Inauguration of Us President Trump. Can you see and feel more of that tradition vs new dynamic taking place? A Perfect day energetically for the Inauguration.

On January 26th Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius until January 2020 give or take a few months break. A day when serious, responsible, tough love Saturn moves into co-habitation with Sagittarius the sign of hope, optimism, enthusiasm, curiosity and a take charge attitude.

Where-ever Saturn is positioned we notice the effects in our lives and that is where the bulk of our inner work tends to be. We will be focused on spiritual maturity, releasing judgment, opening to compromise and harmony. Sticking to our values yes and also allowing others to make choices for themselves. Bridging old and the new together to create a spectacular new beginning.

Ethics, values, integrity will be tested. Those who are not walking their talk may be called out.

Slow down with Saturn and examine your beliefs. I have been writing about this for many months. Examine every belief even those you think are positive and expansive. You just may find there is something even more expansive to hold within or start ditching belief systems altogether allowing you to live from pure choice in the moment.

People will be awakened and strengthened in their new energies of awareness and consciousness. The stubborn may dig into their position even more creating a stronghold. The divide between the awakened and those who slumber will grow and yet we are all One being given the same opportunities for change and transformation, for moving out of the Illusion into higher vibrations.

I have been feeling the Saturn tough love quite strongly since Tuesday night. And what I want to impress upon you to remember that Saturn is not angry with you or judging you or punishing you in any way. Saturn loves you and wants you to succeed in all of your endeavours. It’s like Saturn is coming to you saying, Esther I love you and I am here to answering your calls for guidance and help. I see what you desire and I also see what is standing in the way. And because you are not aware of it or are ignoring it I am going to point it out to you in a way that you can’t miss it. I may be stern and serious. I may ask you to do things that are uncomfortable for you beautiful Esther, but my focus is to help you. Help you to be the creator being, the Divine Being that you are.

A BIG energetic Gate-Way is about to open. And it will affect everyone and everything thing on the planet including, countries, governments and companies. You beautiful being of Light what can you do? Keep on keeping on. Releasing the old, raising your vibration, embodying your I AM, living as the Love that you are and shining your Light on a world that needs you now more than ever. Everything we are experiencing is refining us, regenerating our mind, body and energy fields to our True Self our True Nature and this Gate Way offers another bump up in our expansion.

These events are precursors to our extended Eclipse and Equinox Season coming up February 10th. When we will experience more dramatic, sudden change and the Shift to our next experience, time line and path of potential. This time around the Eclipse and Equinox Event I am hosting runs 40 Days! Yes 40 Days!  With non stop energetic support from me and the Beings of Light I work with to help you ride the wave of these Cosmic waters and harness the energies for your Joy, Abundance, Love, Good Will, Fortune, Health and so much more….

Consider joining me and those who have already signed up and said Yes Esther I am ALL IN! I welcome you into our Group Avatar. Let’s do Ascension together.

For more information: Click Here 

~Love, Esther

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Jan 12th Full Moon And Cardinal Grand Cross = Crisis, Action, Breakthrough

It’s a Big Week in the Cosmos with a Full Moon in Cancer and a Cardinal Grand Cross peaking on January 12th.

The headline?

Crisis + Action = Breakthrough

I created a video full of information to help you navigate the cosmic waters….

~Love, Esther


All Planets Are Now Moving Direct, Good Fortune Ahead!

January 8th Energy Update: Mercury stations and turns direct + ALL PLANETS ARE MOVING FORWARD. What does this mean for you? Over the next couple of weeks communication and tech issues will begin to smooth out. On the day that any planet stations the energies can be slow and a bit muddied. Don’t be surprised if you feel a slow down in your life or the need to just rest and lay about. The Moon is also void of course for much of the day making it challenging to get anything done.
By Monday Mercury will be full on direct and while we will still be in the shadow of MR you can start implementing everything that you learned during this most recent retrograde phase. For much of this period Mercury was retrograde in Capricorn the sign of ambition, responsibility, maturity, structure, organization and tradition. Those are the areas that you most likely had an a ha particularly in the area of tradition.
If you recall I wrote yesterday and about mid December posts saying it is time for us to take tradition and evolve it into something new. Perhaps that traditional way of doing things needs to be ditched because it does not fit 5D New Earth Energies or maybe take what is tried and true and add new innovation, new ideas, new perspective to it to create something… well New.
 Also and here is the really BIG AND GRAND NEWS, all planets in our solar system are now moving Direct. This always bodes well for us on Earth. As the planets move together in harmony, flow, with intention, purpose, stirring up creativity, showing drive and determination we feel and experience all of that ourselves individually and collectively. The Ancients saw this time as a period of abundance and good fortune. All planets will be moving direct for a whole month until February 6th when Jupiter turns retrograde so make good use of the energy.
~Love, Esther
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Active New Years Eve, Fast Start to 2017 And A New Cycle Begins: Energy Update

December 31st Energy Update: Another super active day in the cosmos. Mars and Neptune hook up in the sky and this makes for an action filled day and New Years Eve. Perhaps you were planning on laying low tonight, ringing in the New Year alone or with your family. Don’t be surprised if a last minute invitation comes through with a pleading of YOU MUST join us. Go! It will be fun for all. This Mars Neptune energy wants you to enjoy the celebration in a big way. It also inspires creativity, impulsive behavior and desire for new, something different and adventure. If you do find yourself alone or in a situation where everyone has gone to bed before midnight you may end up on your computer planning a holiday for January to some exotic destination.

Earlier this week Saturn and Chiron connected pushing forth our “Stuff” in a mighty and magnified way which caught many off guard and had us plunging deep into our shadows. I have written alot about it all week long. Today Jupiter connects with Chiron and this matching may shake your belief in self, other people, a situation perhaps even in the world, again dredging up all held within that does not match with you being a Divine Being Of LIGHT.

Plus all that crap from earlier in the week may bubble up again especially if you ignored it first time around.

We are also moving along a wave of energy that suggestions Big Change and Fast. This could create Miracles. For those of you who joined me earlier this month on our 12 Day Journey To Creating Miracles and/or are immersing yourself in the Miracle Creating frequency videos, the possibilities are lovely as you align yourself to the Miracle Frequency within. (Tip: Watch the Money Miracle Creating Video Today.) For others this Big Change Fast could be miracle filled or a bit unnerving just keep in mind all change is for your highest and best.

Take heed how you usher in the New Year. We are moving from a year of endings to a year of new beginnings. With loads of 1 energy supporting us from January 1st 1-1-1 to January 11th 1-11-1 or 11-11. The first 11 days of January are going to help us anchor our I AM Presence, dissolve and transmute away all that we are not and lift us up in vibration to start living as the Galactic Humans that we are.

And then on January 12th we are going to have another shake up. You see every time we raise our vibration and move onto a new frequency track a shake up happens to loosen and release another layer of all that we are not. Watch for this to occur around the 12th.

As we head into this 1 year, a year of new beginnings it may be smooth for some and tumultuous for others. The energies will work with you where you are at in your process and make adjustments as necessary to help you to create what you desire and living as the Divine Being that you are. For some that means tweaks and others major construction.

What I find so exciting about moving into a new 9 year cycle and this upcoming 1 year, is that each of us is starting a new cycle in more consciousness then ever before. The last time we started a 1 year we were ALL a lot less aware. This time around equipped with more love, light, consciousness, understanding image what we can do and accomplish in the years ahead. Exciting times on planet Earth.

Happy New Year!

~Love, Esther
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What’s Ahead For 2017?

What’s Ahead for 2017? I am currently working on a newsletter with a preview of information I am receiving for the year ahead. Here is some additional information for your consideration.

In 2017 the majority of those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension will start moving from an intellectual knowing that we are Love, Light, Divine to embodiment which is Living as Love. Starting to live our Truth, expressing freely from the heart with Love. Sticking to our values and yet open to other people’s ideas, ways and behaviors without judgment.

We will be flowing with and following our inner guidance without need of confirmation from anyone else, laying down modalities, methods, spiritual tools and practices that were oh so very important as we moved from 3D, across the 4D bridge and into 5D New Earth Energies.

We will claim our healing and release ourselves from a healing cycle. Also claiming our abilities to be our own healers.

Many people started doing all of the above this year 2016. Especially during the tail-end of this year. And my work with ALL has been focused on helping those who are ready to free themselves from a healing cycle and move from Loving Self to living as Love: I AM.

All of this is going to really take hold in 2017 as we claim our sovereignty.

~Love, Esther
Are you ready to make personal and spiritual changes in your life? Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled reading to free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to greater possibilities? Click here to open the door.
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Solstice Dec 21st Revolutionary Change For You and the World


This year December Solstice is ramping up to be more impactful then ever before. The Light pouring onto the planet holds the highest Divine Consciousness, vibration and frequencies ever splayed upon the Earth. Why? As humanity breaks free from the Illusion and moves into more consciousness, we all can Hold More Light. And Universe blesses us with more.

2016 has been a year of closure. We have been creating endings to paradigms and patternings which have held us back for eons. We have been identifying the Illusion, questioning all that we believed was True, and now with eyes and mind wide open we are seeking Truth and answers for ourselves.

Since December 12th we have been in the Solstice Gate-Way with Light flowing out of the Galactic Core of our Milky Way to assist us and the Earth in our Ascension Process.

Each year during December Solstice our solar system moves into alignment with the Galactic Plane and the Great Central Sun.

We receive a Wave of Light and Love directly focused onto Earth. A Wave of Light that works with each of us for our highest and best. Every person on the planet is affected including the animal and nature kingdoms; Gaia.

We can also work with the Light, move into harmony with it, and with intention and prayer receive the Light into our mind, body and energy field for transform from the inside out. We can with intention send the Light throughout the Earth, our solar system and surrounding Galaxies to create Universal Shift.

It is the Shift of the Ages and serves us in our Soul Purpose of living as our I AM Presence while in a human body right here on Planet Earth. We came to Earth in this lifetime for this very purpose of experiencing the transition from 3D to 5D and beyond, from human with Spirit to Galactic Human living as Divine.

Solstice is a sacred time revered throughout history by many cultures and continues to be sacred for those who are awake and aware.

As we do our inner work, claim our healing and release all that we are not, we are able to integrate more LIGHT and LOVE into our body vehicle, expand our I AM Presence and live the magnificent, glorious life we desire and on a Spirit Level know is possible.

Stay in the present moment. For it is in the Now as you follow through on your intuitive hits, letting go of expectation of how, when, where creations will unfold, that you give Universe the space to present to you even better then what you wished for. This is how Miracles unfold with those exclamations of OOO and AHHH.

The 12-12 to 12-21 Gate-Way of Light is not only drenching us in Love and the highest vibrations we can handle at this time, it is activating the Love and Light we hold within. Waking up our dormant DNA. Resetting us to our original Divine blueprint. Creating new time-lines and paths of potential.

The more Light you hold the more the dark, shadow, heaviness within stands out. While it may be uncomfortable, holding the awareness of what is still standing in the way serves you well in your movement toward deeper embodiment of I AM.

Solstice Revolutionary Change For You and The World. Why do I write these words? Immediately following Solstice we move into the last 10 days of the year. A time when the planet Uranus will have major impact upon us. Uranus is the planet of Revolutionary Change. Sudden Change. Dramatic Change. Offering each of us, humanity as a whole and the Earth the opportunity for rapid growth and expansion.

The more you release at Solstice. The more Light you receive at Solstice. The higher your vibration soars at Solstice, the greater the possibilities of this Revolutionary Change lining up with your deepest desires.

We attract to ourselves that which is a match to our most dominate vibration. Hold more Light and more that matches the Light, the Love will find its way into your experience.

Whenever I attend a Live Sporting Event, Concert or Theater there are always people who leave the venue early to beat the crowds and the traffic. I must admit in my youth I also did this once or twice taking my cue from a family patterning. And then I realized that the event it isn’t over until it is over and to have the fullness of the experience is what I came for and desire. If having the fullness of the experience means sitting in traffic talking about how amazing the game, concert, play was then so be it.

I share with you this story to create the awareness that 2016 is not over yet. There is still more to come and with all that is happening in the cosmos over the next 10 days the potential for that Change you have been co-creating with Universe all year long is great! Don’t check out of 2016 early only to surface in 2017 wondering what happened? Be present every moment of the day. Make the most of the energy waves sweeping across the planet. Be diligent in thought, belief, action and intention. Follow those intuitive nudges.

Bring LOVE into every choice you make. For when you choose from LOVE, transformation happens. Solstice Light is a key component to how this year will close and 2017 unfolds.Take time on Wednesday December 21st to be still, connect with the Sun whether with intention or outdoors and welcome in the Rays of Love.

And please consider joining me and people from around the Globe for the Solstice Global Meditation and Energy Transmission Event. It starts at 12 noon Eastern Time. You will receive a recording of the Event if you are unable to join me LIVE so you can listen and participate at a time that is convenient for you. All of the information and sign up can be found HERE.

Also please join me on Face Book where I post daily energy updates. I promise you it will be highly beneficial to have the scoop on the cosmic influences happening from now until the end of the year. Be sure to Like the page in order to have the information show up in your thread. Esther on Face Book.

Love and Light to all!


Mercury Retrograde: Do your work and relationships support you?

Mercury Turns Retrograde Monday December 19th at 5:55 AM Eastern Time until January 8th. 
As we have moved into more consciousness we have learned to embrace MR as a Gift from Universe to slow down, pause, reflect, regroup, review, re-assess, re-do and re-evaluate. And with the energy moving so fast and time lines shifting quickly taking time to re-assess goals, desires, values, life, work etc… is very important.
Because this MR is in the signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius the theme around this round of review is work, career, business, education, reputation, travel and inspiration. So if any MR “bumps” occur it is most likely to be in one of these areas.
This is a good time to assess whether or not your career and relationships line up with your values. Do they offer support, meaning, a sense of purpose? Do they bring you joy and the opportunity to make a contribution? Do you enjoy getting up in the morning seeing the people you see and getting ready for work? Does your work and relationships support what you want to create in the future? Maybe you love your work/business but services, techniques and outreach need an upgrade. Are you working too hard? Is there a good work/life balance?
Perhaps you may discover that an upgrade of skills is due. Or that higher education has a draw. Do you learn through travel? Not only do I learn through traveling I shift alot as travel tends to bring up our “stuff” to the surface for acknowledgement and release.
Sagittarius offers us the energy of hope, inspiration and encouragement that the best is yet to come. So if there are any snarls due to MR this energy will assist us in moving into a space of this too shall pass and everything works together for my highest and best.
As always during mercury retrograde be extra careful with words and communication. Avoid signing contracts. Back up your computer. If you can delay making a major purchase push it off to the new year. Speak your thoughts and feelings clearly so there are no misunderstandings. And MR is great time to complete a project rather then start something new.
This energy is going to help us get focused so we can embrace 2017 with clarity, purpose and hope.
~Love, Esther 
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Full Moon Packs A Punch With “Reality Checks.”

 December 14th Energy Update: Full Moon energies still in effect after it culminated yesterday for those in North American and earlier today for those of us in Europe, Asia and Australia. (read my full moon post click here) I knew it was going to be a significant Full Moon but I didn’t realize how significant until I got wrapped up in the energies. Wow.

It effected many of us physically especially with dull headaches and nausea. From the moment I woke up yesterday until I went to bed I was nauseous which is very unusual for me. I kept checking in with my body to see if it was something I ate or drank and my body kept saying even if food and drink was the cause the nausea presents because there is something “off” within that the food and drink were reacting to.

When people do their inner work and become nauseous it is usually a sign that something very ancient from this life time, a core issue or past life is releasing and it is putrid thus the body reacts and recoils. The key is to not keep it in and let go with intention but also physically at either end.

For me this time around the nausea was because I had to face the truth of a situation in my life. A truth that I knew was there but I holding hope that the situation would change and my full moon “Reality check or wake up call,” was Esther it is good to hope but this is not going to turn out as you wish.

Even though the wake up call is disappointing and a bit sad the information is empowering. For now knowing what I know I can stop spinning my wheels in a holding pattern and create something New something even better, something that lines up with me vibrationally. For clearly I now see that old situation was not frequency specific.

I share with you this information because I suspect many of you have moved through this same type of experience over the last 24 hours during our Full Moon. Beautiful La Luna and Universe don’t want us carrying this situation, event or person with us any longer. It is heavy baggage weighing us down from rising to our path of highest potential. You see we have Solstice coming up in just a few days and our time-lines are going to shift dramatically as the Light pours out of the Galactic Core and whatever has come up during this Full Moon must go in order to move to that time-line of even greater manifestation and possibilities. It’s up to you now and what you do with the information the Moon illuminated.

Keep in mind Full Moon energy effects us about 4 days prior to the peak and 4 days after so if you haven’t had your reality check yet it may still be coming. And perhaps you are so good at noticing and acting on your wake up calls all the time, La Luna didn’t need to bring you face to face with it this time around.

So beauties. Full Moon energy still in effect PLUS with today’s planetary influences we may feel some strain in our relationships, finances and creativity. This could lead to irritation and annoyance. Keep noticing what is showing up around you. Whatever it is you are frequency specific to it. If you don’t like it change your vibration and draw something new unto you.

Much love to you all,

Solstice Global Meditation and Energy Transmission coming up December 21st — Please consider joining me….

Click Here For Info and Sign Up 


Buy Electronics Now And Keep The Receipt Handy Mercury Turns Retrograde


Heads Up! Mercury turns Retrograde for the 4th time this year on December 19th extending right through to the end of the year.

Before the planet of present-1871539__340communication retrogrades it will move into shadow and that is going to happen in the next few days. Shadow is that pre-retrograde period when wonky communications and glitches start showing up.

Here’s why I am offering the heads up. Traditionally we would refrain from purchasing electronics, appliances, automobiles, any large ticket items during Mercury Retrograde as often those purchases experience snafus and items can be lemons.

Now in more consciousness we don’t let MR frighten us out of purchases but we do make them with more awareness and understanding that if something is going to go wrong with electronics, computers etc.. it’s going to be around this period.

We are heading towards the holiday season when many people purchase for themselves and for others technology and electronics. If you can, buy them now, before Mercury fully turns Retrograde or wait until mid January.

And if you just gotta buy that new TV on the lead up to Christmas, do it, but check out everything. Make sure the TV works before you leave the store. Double check to ensure you have all of the right hook ups and instructions. Keep the receipt. Know the store return policy and be patient if a snafu appears.

Good times on Planet Earth! We can only laugh at tech glitches right?

~Love, Esther
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New Moon Reality Check Ultimately Leads To Breakthroughs

Dissolve the Illusion New Moon Report
November 29th at 7:18 am Eastern time is the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and this New Moon could be tension filled on many fronts. It is a New Moon that Will trigger those fresh starts and new beginnings but first alot of “trash” has to be released, decisions made and reality checks completed. Yes I am writing about reality checks again because this energy coupled with a Sun~Neptune square happening the 29th-30th (thus the tension) is going to show us where all may not be as it seems.
You may discover someone is not being honest with you. Doesn’t have your back. May be trying to manipulate you. Where once you weren’t getting the full picture, during this New Moon and the two days following you will begin to gain clarity on what is really going on.
This reality check may not just be with people it could be in the area of your finances. What Do you spend your money on?  Or in the area of health and well-being.
Also reality checks globally and in the collective are possible. The world may get a reality check with an announcement or some news. 

As with every New Moon set your intentions but wait to take action steps of support or start new projects until the end of the week. At that time we will be basking in the splendor of a lovely cosmic lineup with Mars that will turbo boost any action we take based on our New Moon intentions.

Many people set goals on January First as resolutions, but towards the end of this week the energy is going to be so ripe and supportive of achieving goals that I suggest set those resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call them Now and take action! You will be much more supported then come New Years Day.
In particular anything to do with health, starting a new work out routine, amping up the one you are already doing, making better food choices, releasing that food issue, going to a doctor to check out your symptoms —–It is a good time to do all of that now.
Every New Moon is important. This one is a bit more explosive then usual but keep in mind that whatever transpires is ultimately going to create something even better…breakthroughs.
Happy New Moon Beauties!
~Love, Esther
Are you ready to make personal and spiritual changes in your life? Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled reading to free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to greater possibilities? Click here to open the door.
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