About Esther

Esther official pix cropped 2011Esther Bartkiw has been empowering and working hand in hand with people on their personal journey of change and transformation for more than a decade. She facilitates and guides people to remembrance and a return to the Divine Love that they are, their Soul Essence, awaken to more consciousness and helps to navigate the cosmic waters.

She is a Certified Holistic Core Belief Engineering Practitioner TM,  Spiritual Mentor~Channel , Facilitator of Energy Processes, Speaker and Writer.

Esther is a featured guest on various Tele-Summits, Television and Radio programs including From Heartache To Joy Tele-Summit, The CBC’s Steven and Chris Show, Gail Vaz-Oxlade Talk Radio, The Best People We Know Radio Show with Deb Scott. She is featured in the book Women Power  highlighted as a powerful and inspirational woman of influence and is spotlighted in the upcoming documentary One Red Lipstick inspiring women entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Esther is known for her intuitive nature, getting to the core of an issue and helping people make change at a deep meta level. She works with people around the globe to awaken to consciousness, free themselves from  limitation, break through barriers and fall deeply in love with themselves and the world around them. She assists her clients in healing fragmented parts and aspects of themselves, integrating those parts into wholeness and a deeper connection with their Soul and True Essence.  Along the way Esther helps you transmute fear, open to all possibilities and live life with joy and ease.

Using ever changing and evolving tools, methods and processes Esther assists You in transforming any area of your life and stepping into your magnificence.

As a Channel she communicates to all of humanity the  teachings, wisdom and guidance of her Channeling Guides a group of Universe Beings of Light (originally known as The Tribunal) who come together and speak as one voice. Esther’s Channeling is rich, clear, profound and specific in detail.

The Beings of Light are a collective of Universal Energies and Consciousness from a non-physical reality comprised of Ascended Masters, Archangels and those of the 12th Dimension and beyond. They are eager to communicate with mankind for our highest and best good, assisting us as we move to a higher state of consciousness.  They revealed themselves to Esther gently and gradually over time as she grew in knowledge and awareness of herself, Source Energy and universal principles. The thinning of the veil between the invisible and the known worlds also assisted in the connection.

Esther is pleased to be a conduit for these Universal Energies as they provide guidance and wisdom for all in every area of life including relationships, finances, health, career, manifestation, spiritual matters, past lives and general well being. Her Guides will address any issue that is important to you. Through Esther they deliver clear and concise information, teachings and guidance to anyone who has a question and is searching for an answer or understanding. By tapping into this unique source of universal consciousness and wisdom, Esther also assists Universe in taking humanity to a greater potential and a whole new level of living, being and awareness. As Universe expands we expand. As we expand Universe expands.

How It All Began:

Esther turned to the profession of Holistic Therapy during her own journey of inner healing and discovery of the Core Belief Engineering Therapy  TM technique. She became fascinated with the power of the mind and how beliefs shape our reality. The changes she experienced using this non traditional form of psychotherapy were overwhelming. Esther knew she had found a profound and exciting modality for change. 

She used this modality (CBE) to alter her life from one of limits, fears and insecurities; to a life of love, joy, abundance and all possibilities. Weight, Body Image, Food, Self Love, Money, Relationships, Trust are just some of the issues that Esther has freed herself from. Just as she transformed her beliefs of I hate myself, Life is a struggle and Dreams don’t come true to I love myself, Life is exciting and Anything is possible, Esther works with her clients one one and in groups guiding them through their own journey of belief change. She relates to her clients male and female, sharing openly her life struggles along with information and solutions she used to turn her life around. As a result her clients find her easy to talk to, a good listener, embracing and an effective agent of change.

Working on  deeper level with vibrations and high frequencies was the next step presented to Esther as the planet shifted into the New Earth and an anchoring into the 5th Dimension. Combining her channeling abilities with CBE, while working in the Vortex  of all possibilities, has taken her work and clients to new levels of being.

And  in 2015 Esther introduced the power and potency of the Energies of the Bosnian Pyramids.

Speaking, Writing and Travel are Esther’s joy. People describe her as a passionate and inspiring speaker. Her energy is infectious; her message is stirring. She encourages her audience to take back their power, exercise choice and reach for their goals and dreams. She educates her audience on the power and importance of beliefs and how beliefs and thoughts determine our reality and outcomes. Esther is most passionate about delivering a message of hope, inspiration and encouragement that change is possible; it’s never too late. It’s as simple as changing a thought or belief; shifting vibrational frequency. 

Esther’s home base is in Southern Ontario although she is frequently on the move traveling and working with people right around the globe. With an adventurous spirit and lust for travel you never know where she may pop up. When she hears herself say “I always wanted to do that,” she goes out and does it. Esther’s ultimate mission and purpose is to help you and all of humanity return to the Divine Love that you are.


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