June 3rd Energy Update: Sticky Turbulent Day Leads To Tremendous Breakthroughs

A Sticky, turbulent day could be at hand.The whole week has been a lead up to today’s planetary influence called by Astrologers as a Grand Mutable Cross. Four planets are at odds with one another creating a tug of war in the sky. The Sun and Venus are in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces lending to a stand off of sorts. Imagine a group of family members at odds with one another gathering together and sounding off. That is the atmosphere in development.

You may experience aggressiveness in your life. Detours may show up. Perhaps even some earth shaking news arrives. Overwhelm is common during these alignments or the feeling that you are being pulled in many directions. Mistakes are made and clarity is lacking. These rumblings may be uncomfortable and frustrating but they are showing you where you are out of alignment, what needs to change and the change is better activated now rather than later.

The energetics may force you to finally make a new decision. You are no longer able to avoid what needs to be done. It’s time to face the truth in your relationships, health, finances, career etc….

Stress levels could be high as a result but should you flow with the energies and take heed of the messages, implementing the guidance and wisdom, deep life changing shifts are at hand.

Now it’s not all battle energy. We will be receiving huge downloads of information to help us get through. In every situation God always gives us what we need as a helping hand.

Imagination will be stimulated which is always good for manifesting, creating, setting new things into motion.

Tomorrow we have a lovely new moon that will usher in the right and perfect frequencies to help you make a fresh start once all of this heaviness has been lifted to the surface and released.

Stay positive, focused on what you desire. Keep grounded, watered and in a meditative posture. Spend time outdoors communing with nature. It’s a good day to rest if you are able to ditch work or some of your responsibilities. You say you want giant leaps of change and today’s cosmic influence is helping you to do just that.

~Love, Esther

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