May 26 Energy Update: Jupiter And Saturn Forcing You To Face Truth

There will be some tension presenting thanks to a meeting of Jupiter and Saturn. This planetary connection will encourage us to get honest with Self. If there is something you have been wanting to manifest and it just isn’t showing up in your life, it is time to get real with your contribution to the situation. Perhaps you hold a disbelief that change can happen. Or maybe a family influence, pattern or behavior is holding you back. For some inspired action steps are not being taken due to fear of change or the unknown.

Jupiter and Saturn mixing it up will push issues and emotion to the surface. You may feel the expansion and then the contraction seeking stability in the midst of rapid growth. You can choose to acknowledge what is showing up and do something about it or pushing it back down underground is always an option but will keep you stalled.

Where is your focus? The Jupiter and Saturn influence will also be asking you this question. What grabs your attention? Where do you place your efforts? Could you serve yourself and the world in a better way by placing your focus and attention in another direction? Start with an examination of your day to day routine. Tweak, adjust and then grow from there.

This planetary alignment is strong and some may be feeling it in their body. Sweaty, nauseous, off balance. Practice self care.

Be aware of out of the blue encounters, conversations, information. There are gems of wisdom to be received.

The Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius later today in harmony with the Sun and Venus so motivation will be high to create change.

Love, Esther

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