April 18th Energy Update: Pluto Retrograde Plunging Us Deep Within

Pluto turns retrograde today until September 26th hot on the heels of yesterday’s Mars retrograde.

This outer planet influences the themes of the underworld, meaning within, shadow self, secrets, truth, wealth, psychology, spirituality and transformation. Pluto has a deep and intense energy and as it moves retrograde you may feel a heaviness to the day. Combined with yesterday’s Mars movement it seems a bit like we are walking through mud right now, but not to worry this feeling will lift in a couple of days as Full Moon approaches.

With both Pluto and Mars in the early stages of retrograde the atmosphere encourages us to turn within and go deep. Dig up those secrets for acknowledgement and release. Face the truth about yourself and situations for healing and letting go. Seeing flaws as assets to support you on your Soul’s Journey. Learning from the past to make new choices. Transforming beliefs, thoughts and perspectives.

The possibility and conditions for a major overhaul in your life are presenting. Imagine for a moment you live in a home and for years what you have been doing is decorating and fixing things as they break. But now it is time for true renovation and the action you have been putting off. It is about knocking down walls to create more space. Fixing the plumbing or electrical wiring. Perhaps even filling cracks in the foundation. No more Let’s put up a nice piece of art and maybe people won’t notice the crack in the wall type of thinking. Now using this illustration, image you are the house.

~Love, Esther

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