How Do You Want To Feel?

How do you want to feel?
Go ahead and ask yourself that question right now: How do I want to feel?
And then ask inside: And what do I want to create?
Once you have the answers to those questions then all you have to do is start  living in the energy of those very things you desire.
For example: Do you want abundance?
Then notice all the abundance around you, act abundantly, neutralize in the zero point all thoughts of lack. I like to count silverware to feel more abundant. Who knew I had so many forks, knives and spoons. How abundant am I !
Do you want more peace in your life?
Then spend time in peaceful surroundings, with peaceful people, listening to peaceful music.
Do you want more freedom?
Then play hooky one day. Do something daring. Take a break from your routine. Listen to George Michael sing Freedom. Stand out in the wind and let it blow through your hair and body.
Be present in the energy of that which you want to create more of and keep releasing the limitations which pop up.
Do you want more love in your life?
Then make choices for love, while in the energy of love. That includes loving yourself, especially loving yourself and loving your body.
Choose how you want to feel and then spend time being present in the energy of that which you desire.
And before you know it the feeling is You and You are the feeling.
~Love, Esther
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