January 1st Free Attunement and Activation To Align With 2013 Energy

The energy sweeping across the planet over this past year and especially this month of December has been intense. As we head into 2013 the Universal Beings of Light I work with whispered in my ear that they would like to offer each of you the gift of an energy attunement to help you get in tune with the new energies of 2013. This Free Attunement and Activation is available to all who want to participate.

During the event the Beings of Light will be working with you to help integrate all  of the changes which have been happening in and around you this year and bring you into harmony with the energy of 2013.

It will be a soft and gentle attunement. A grounding and smoothing of energy. When I envision it on the screen of my mind I see an image of a mother tucking her child into bed making sure that the covers are up to the child’s chin, placing a kiss on the forehead and saying, “Good night my love,” as the lights click off. An Attunement of love. 


Of course  I was estatic that they wanted to hold another free event. 

All you have to do is sign up in the comment section of this blog post.  There are no phone calls or conferences to attend.

Below are all the details. Please follow the instructions careful so that you will be included in the session. During the attunement I work off of the names listed in the comment section below. By remembering to include your location the energy gets zeroed in right to you.


5:00 pm EST : I will connect with the universal energies and together we will link energetically to all of those who have signed up for the energy session.

Each person will be individually attuned and lovingly care for.

The session will proceed until each person has their own unique experience.

After the session I will write a newsletter  or blog post with insights and highlights from the session be sure to look for it.

What Is An Attunement? It is an adjustment or a bringing into harmony of your vibration with the universal energies.

What Do I Have To Do?  Absolutely nothing. Go about your day and enjoy life. Some of you will want to actively participate.  Those may want to sit in silence and stillness, be open in your heart to receive. After that you are free to go about your business although some of you may wish to continue with your own private meditation. Even if you forget that you have signed up for this energy work you will still receive the energy. Simply by adding your name to the list tells the Beings of Light that you are wanting the energy and their attunement.

How Do I Sign Up? In the comment section below type your name, the city and province, state or country in which you reside. Please remember to provide all the information.

ex. Stacey, Red Deer, Alberta       or          Michael, Stockholm, Sweden

  •  Please note this energy session is permission based;  as a result each person must sign up of their own will.
  • If you  want a spouse, friend or family member to be included tell them about the session and encourage them to sign up on their own.
  • The sign up process is working and active. If you experience a challenge try signing up using another browser and/or clear your resistance to receiving.

What Will I Notice? Effects will be different from person to person. Some people may notice a change in their vibration. Others may feel more relaxed and calm. Generally you will feel more settled within yourself and lighter. For most a deepened understanding and awakening will occur. Some people might not notice anything at all and that is okay; it’s perfectly normal. Just trust and believe that the energy is working in your field for your highest and best good. The energy will be present with you and will integrate for days after the actual event.

During previous sessions of free energy work provided by The Tribunal and the Beings of Light people have noticed a tingling sensation in their body during the time of the work. Others felt very peaceful. And some reported deep insights or clear messages. Many people have written to me of direction and guidance received.

My team and l look forward to connecting with you on this special day and help set you up for a fabulous 2013.

~Love, Esther


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  1. Louise, Toronto, Ontario

  2. Wilma Marie Ross says:

    Wilma Marie Ross, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  3. Jacki – Kitchener ON

  4. Theri, Woodbury, Minnesota

  5. Chris, London Ontario says:

    Chris, London

  6. Stephen, Long Beach, California

  7. Patricia V.-A. says:

    Patricia, Elmhurst, New York

  8. Melissa, Burlington, Ontario

  9. Tai, New Hampshire, United States

  10. lauraseverson says:

    Laura, Minnesota, USA

  11. Diane, Whittier, California, USA

  12. Gillian, Toronto, Ontario

  13. Tiffany, Colorado, USA says:

    Tiffany, Colorado, USA

  14. Stella, Toronto, Ontario

  15. Peggy, Phoenix,Arizona, USA

  16. Debbie Lexington OK USA

  17. Lisa, St. Catharines, Ont, Canada

  18. Lianne, Toronto Ontario says:

    Lianne, Toronto, Ontario

  19. Fataneh, Burlington, Ontario

  20. Kellie, Surrey, BC

  21. Barb, Milton, Ontario

  22. Karla, Rutland, MA USA

  23. Courtney Webb says:

    Courtney. Atlanta, GA USA

  24. Carol, Cambridge, ON

  25. Laurie, Hamilton, ON

  26. Marsha, Etobicoke, ON. In Pierrefonds, QC on Jan. 1st.

  27. Debbie – Milton, Ontario

  28. Karen Burlington, ON says:

    Karen Burlington, ON

  29. Marela, Stoney Creek, ON

  30. Priscilla, Thornhill, Ontario

  31. Kate, North Saanich, BC

  32. Karina, Hamilton, New Zealand says:

    Karina, Hamilton, New Zealand

  33. Cathy, Burlington ON Canada

  34. Marissa, Burlington, Ontario

  35. mimi, Toronto, Ontario

  36. Angie Hamilton, ON

  37. Cynthia, Oshawa, ON

  38. chris-Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  39. Tracy, Oakville,ON

  40. Michelle R-K says:

    Michelle, Etobicoke, Ontario

  41. Shannon, Bracebridge, Ontario says:

    Shannon, Bracebridge, Ontario

  42. Sandra, Toronto

  43. Laurel, Burlington, ON

  44. Brian Gray, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada gratefully requests to be included in the January 1st attunement and activation.

  45. Kim, Zanesville, OH, USA

  46. Jen Freligh, Portsmouth NH

  47. Stacy, Oakville, ON

  48. Sarah, Jackson, Wyoming says:

    Sarah, Jackson, Wyoming

  49. Lesley, Angelo, Alex and Leo, Dundas, ON

  50. Cesaltina, Cambridge, ON – Thank You

  51. Lani Goderich, On

  52. kateherine says:

    I am looking forward to new beginnings….. moving forward, onward, and upwards…. Bless you Esther, and thank you… Katherine, Oakville, ON

  53. Dawn Nichol says:

    Dawn Nichol, Burlington On, thanks Ester.

  54. Sadie, Johannesburg, South Africa

  55. Milvi, Toronto, Ontario …Happy New Year!

  56. Salma Burney says:

    Salma, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  57. Sharon, Arriga, Queensland, AUSTRALIA. A joyful New Year to all! Thank you Esther

  58. Jill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada….2013 New Beginnings & New Earth Energies…Bring it on! Thanks Esther! 🙂 <3

  59. Susan, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


  61. Sandra,Oakville,Ontario

  62. Eileen, New Hampshire, USA

  63. Lisa, Toronto, ON

  64. Pamela Rogers says:

    Pamela Rogers, Ruislip, Middlesex, UK

  65. Nathaniel Ladd jr Philadelphia Pennsylvania

  66. Erin McDermott, Seattle Washington, USA

  67. Kieran McDermott – Seattle, WA

  68. Lynn, Cary NC USA

  69. Anna, Richmond Hill, Ontario says:

    Anna, Richmond Hill, Ontario

  70. Anna, Richmond Hill, Ontario says:

    Thank you Esther!

  71. YourHealthSage says:

    Keri, Dundas, ON

  72. Greta, Kitchener, Ontario

  73. Rihari, Auckland, New Zealand says:

    Rihari, Auckland, New Zealand

  74. Danielle, Toronto, Ontario
    Thank you!

  75. Anita,Hannon,Ontario

  76. Satnam Kaur (Anne), Vancouver

  77. Laurel, Burlington, Ontario

  78. Diane Morgan says:

    Diane Kitchener, Ontario

  79. Stacey Hamilton Ontario.

  80. Cay Collins, Selah, Washington

  81. Lisa Hicks- Hamilton Ontario

  82. Diana Carver – Minnesota. Thanks, Esther!

  83. Lori, Milton, Ontario (Thank you, Esther!)

  84. Grazyna, Springfield, Virginia
    Thanks! <3

  85. Kristina Eicher, Marion, Ohio says:

    Kristina, Marion, Ohio ~ Thanks Esther!!

  86. ines verdone says:

    Ines Verdone, Bellevue, Washington,- Thanks Esther

  87. Vanessa caskey
    Tacoma washington

  88. Mehmet, Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom

  89. Adrian, Burlington, Ontario

  90. Lori LeMay says:

    Lori LeMay, Lincoln, NE, USA , requests to be included with this activation and attunement. Thanks!

  91. Patricia Curto, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Thanks so much Esther

  92. lisa, bellevue, wa. thank you!

  93. Caroline – Oshawa, Ontario

  94. Sue, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA

  95. Catherine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With Gratitude

  96. Cheryl, Milton Ontario

  97. Diana, Toronto, Ontario

  98. Maggie, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

  99. Robyn, Oakville, ON

  100. Anita, Burlington, Ontario

  101. Liz, Scottsdale AZ USA

  102. Chris, Seattle WA USA

  103. disqus_w2E3d2ciRJ says:

    linda, Mississauga ON

  104. disqus_w2E3d2ciRJ says:

    Linda, Mississauga ON

  105. Denise, Grimsby, ON

  106. heidi,burlington,ontario

  107. doug,burlington,ontario

  108. Mehmet Dinccan, Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom
    Thank You

  109. Jenna, Cobourg, Ontario

  110. Kara, Bragg Creek, Alberta

  111. Joan, Bedford, NH USA

  112. Daphane Waggle, Lebanon,TN USA

  113. Jackie, Burlington, ON says:

    Jackie, Burlington. ON

  114. Karin gracey says:

    Karin, Blakney creek , Nsw , australia

  115. Helen, Toronto, ON

  116. kymberleig says:

    Kim, Zanesville, Ohio, USA

  117. Ali, Glendora, CA

  118. Laurie, Ottawa, ON

  119. Nicole Nifo, Toronto, ON

  120. Matt, Norwich, CT

  121. Joan, Fort Montgomery. NY USA

  122. Thank you! Priya, Nottingham, England

  123. shellarella says:

    shelley murray burlingotn ontario
    thank you x

  124. Linda, Ancaster, On With much appreciation for everything you do! Happy New Year.

  125. Sally Hammond says:

    Sally Hammond, Garland Texas. Thanks so much!

  126. Mandy – Stratford, ON

  127. Linda- Los Angeles, CA. Happy New Year! Thank you!

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