The Earth Sings To Us A Beautiful Song



Earlier this month Nasa released a recording of audio-frequency radio emissions coming from Earth. The sounds were beamed back to us by Nasa spacecraft on a mission probing and researching radiation belt storms.

When I listen to the sounds I feel a connectivity. I feel like the Earth has wrapped its arms around me and has given me a big hug and wants me to listen to its message.

Some say the signals sound like a pod of whales.

Click Here To Listen To The Song Of The Earth —->Song of the Earth 

“It’s called chorus,” according to Craig Kletzing of the University of Iowa

A chorus is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts.

What do you think it sounds like?

~Love, Esther


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  1. Kirstie Smallman says:

    It reminds me of crickets and dolphins… whooping laughter! It’s so cool!

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