Solar Eclipse May 20-21, 2012. What Does It Mean For You?

The theme of May is clearing out old stale energy and we are receiving maximum assistance from God/Universe to move into higher realms of consciousness.

It started with the Super Full Moon which created a big shift in all of us.  Hot on its heels was the Monster Solar Flare which hit earth in a cleansing and clearing way.

May 15th Venus turns retrograde.

But what I really want to address with you is the May 20-21, 2012 eclipse.

An eclipse stirs up, clears out and shifts energy. This eclipse in the sign of Gemini will help us get into the deep, dark corners of our being where we have stored away our baggage. The eclipse is telling us it is time to dig it up and release.

Gemini rules the subconscious, dreams and creative ideas. This eclipse will help bring news, ideas, opportunities and creativity.

It will also bring to the surface limitations in the form of thoughts, beliefs, patterns, habits and memories for release. It is a good time for some therapy or energy work. A perfect opportunity to rid yourself of that old bad habit, sabotaging belief or relationship you have been hanging onto to your detriment.

Remember every second of the day Universe gives us a chance to make a fresh start and this eclipse will give you an extra boost. While you always have free will, Universe is going to nudge you during this eclipse to look at your stuff and let it go. That is how much God/Universe loves you.

The eclipse will take place May 20-21 and will be visible in parts of Eastern Asia, the Pacific and Western USA. Mt. Shasta is one of the best places in North America to view the celestial event. In Canada you may catch it in Vancouver.(Just a reminder never look directly into the sun). This is an annular eclipse which means there will be a bright ring visible around the moon’s silhouette. Different from a total eclipse which turns night into day.

Still with me?

Great let’s get to more of the  juice.

Eclipses do just that, eclipse away out of date parts of your life.  You may find during this time that a relationship suddenly ends. Someone leaves. A job completes. A pattern breaks. If you have been dragging your heels on making a move that you know you need to make, the eclipse energy may just do it for you.

As they say in Big Brother, expect the unexpected; changes and course corrections. During the last eclipse December 10, 2011 I had a huge course correction in my life. While it was painful at the time and threw me for a loop, I now see how necessary it was for the creation of my dreams. Thank you Universe for loving me that much.

The effects of this eclipse will start about four days prior to the event and continue on for about four days after.

I can sense that some of you are going into fear and that is because you haven’t done your inner work. May I gently and loving suggest that now is the time. You came to  planet earth in this life time specifically to go through these events of 2012 to rid yourself of limitations and negativity from all of your lives– past, present and future.

As you awaken to higher consciousness there is nothing to fear. As you awaken you remember who you are and your importance in the Universe. You have faith and trust in yourself and in God. You respond to situations with interest and curiosity rather then in a reactive state.

So welcome in the light of this eclipse!

During this eclipse the sun will be hidden by the moon and I believe we will be experiencing a reboot of our bodies, beings and cellular system. We will be upgraded to a new operation system.

Sound crazy? Remember our body is a machine. Our brain is just like a computer. Your Spirit is the true you.

Just as a computer needs to be cleared of viruses,  we need to clear our limiting beliefs, our human virus.

As our computers require reboots and upgrades for efficiency and keeping up with the leading edge, our bodies too need to be upgraded to higher vibrations and awareness.

We are releasing all that we are not and stepping into our I AM PRESENCE. That is what makes this Shift so exciting.

I know this is allot of information to digest. You may need to read through it a couple of times. You attracted this information into your life not by accident but because you were meant to read it, even if you don’t quite understand it or agree with it. Your Spirit drew you here. There is so much more that I could share with you about this eclipse but I am being nudged to leave it at this for now. Please follow me on Facebook and/or on Twitter for the latest updates.

I am excited to hear how you are experiencing this eclipse shift, please leave a comment below. And of course contact me directly if you need my assistance in helping you to release.

Oh and by the way–stay tuned. Once we get through this weekend. The next round of shifting is early June.

~Love, Esther


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  • Esther you always give some great incite.  I feel like this spring has been a rollercoaster.  Thanks for sharing the great info – Lisa

    • Thanks for reading Lisa. Trust the information is helpful.

  • Mandy_mae_w

    Sounds like it’ll be a good ride…wonder what it will look like on the other side 🙂

    • it will look as you imagine it to be for you are the co-creator of your reality 🙂

  • Gennaelleya

    Thanks…great information and confirmation on the eclipse

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  • took 8 bags to the GoodWill box…clearing!

  • Alveliaantillon

    Hi and thanks for sharing. I have been experiencing vertigo since Thursday everything is spinning.Love

  • Charrise16

    Hi Tomrrow is the day iam so excited. Its my first time that iam going to see the solar eclipse 🙂 so can I meditate when it happens or do i have too?
    Can you please give some advice on what should I do?
    Thank you love and light

    • In simplest of ways just be happy. Hold the energy of love and allow the energy to do its work. If you wish you can do cermony or meditation but just being happy puts you in the perfect position to let go. Set your intentions and be happy.

      • Charrise16

        Thank you so much for advice. Thats is simple well being happy is what I do best 🙂 iam sending love and light to you, everyone and the earth.

  • Karina Mecchia

    My ears are ringing and my head feels heavy. I know its only temporary. Will just ride the wave.
    Thanks Esther..always love the messages you give us.

  • queen_eli11

    Hello, I’m new to all of this.. learning and still have lots to learn.. weirdly i feel like i understand all of this and as if i “Know” that my spirit sent me here.. I’ve been so confused lately of why i’ve felt this way.. I’ve felt vibrations all over my body for like no reason.. and a lot of different thoughts are going through my mind.. I don’t understand, but I guess i’ll find out eventually.. thanks for all your info.. i would be very greatful to learn more.. please share more info if possible.. thanks..

    • I’m not telling you anything that you didnt already know. I am just helping you to wake up and remember 🙂

  • Internationmedia

    thank you

  • Momia219

    This was confirmation 2 my actions and my prayers! Experiencing a spiritual shift letting peace be still!

  • Nicole N

    Thanks for the info Ester!

    I have started new business ventures in my life this year, I have a sense of calm and knowing, even though in my mind I think I’m supposed to be stressed and worried. I am not because I feel my spirit awakening and rising. It’s actually a beautiful experience and reminds me more and more every day how important my role on this earth is. Everything will always work out and I truly feel the energy shift is helping us to trust in this belief more!

    Your blog is such a resource for me Ester and I appreciate you keeping me in the know 🙂

  • reiki man

    hi esther… as this  eclipse  shifts  the energy on earth.. .ive seen strange behavior in animals…birds,,, swarms of ants appearing out of no where at my door front,,,,  swarms of flies… just unusual … wondering if anyone else has seen strange behavior in animals the last 2 days….

    • everyone and everything is being effected by the Shift including the animal kingdom. Nice observations.

  • Alyciabella

    this was so accurate to my experience 

  • Lori

    Thanks so much Esther. This was very useful as I had my home spiritually cleared and cleansed today and it synchronistically happened during the eclipse. Many good releases back to the light.  Your comment about a reboot of operating systems made me giggle knowingly since my 19 yr old is actually reformatting his Apple computer and reloading his operating system. I love how the Universe reflects messages and confirmations in many ways. Your blog confirmed it all!

  • Kendyall

    I have had this incredible heaviness including anger and rage, that started about 4 days before the eclipse   Today I feel so much lighter but have had terrible diarrhea.  That is what led me to inquire the possible link to the eclipse. I am very interested in how specifically to my astrological sign how this effects my future.  Birthday 11-25-62  Sag.
    Also very interested in what more you have to share on this Eclipse.

    Thank you Esther

    • Sounds like all which does not serve you was rising to the top for cleansing and detox. As far as the astrology–this is not my area of expertise. I work with people to raise consciousness, change belief systems and connect with their true selves. Seek out someone who can help you with your sign information. Blessings

  • sumit sharma

    Amazing…..something just snapped in my life and i moved on with an expected jolt….i couldn’t believe it happened….it was exactly then that i read these lines….as if they were refering to me…..i returned to read the full text later. It is really amazing…Thank you

  • Laura

    I set the intention on May 19th to reconnect with my feminine side (I’m female but very masculine-Aries). I’ve also very recently become aware of how low my self-esteem is and have committed to embracing a new way of looking at myself that is less judgmental and more gentle.On May 20th I slipped and fell hitting the right upper side of my back directly on a large rock. The pain was so bad I was concerned I’d damaged my kidney. I am still having incredibly painful spasms. Later the same day, I was walking on a path out in the wilderness when I heard a rattle off to my left. There was a rattlesnake just off the trail about 6 feet away from me. I am still trying to understand what the energetic/spiritual messages of these 2 events are.

    • ask your inner self to help you become aware of the messages and meaning of these events

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