Is Your Current Rocky Financial Situation The Result Of A Past Life?

Many people struggle with financial abundance.

As a holistic therapist who helps people get to the core of their issues, I have determined through experience that there are some common threads contributing to lack of money.

1. The Way You Grew Up. We learn from our parents and environment.

As children many of us were told to be thankful for what we had and not ask for more. Some of us grew up with parents who either told us or showed us that–Life is hard and a struggle. Money is evil. Nothing good ever comes from having too much money. Being poor is honorable. We were told to save for rainy days and that spending was bad. I clearly recall my father saying to me, “Esther why do you need two pairs of shoes?” I laugh at that comment now but at the time my 11 year old mind decided I was being greedy asking for another pair of shoes.  We saw our parents fight over money and concluded that divorce and failed relationships are because of money and then we decided on a subconscious level not to have money so that we can have love instead. Any of this sound familiar?

2. How We Value Ourselves.

Often when working with clients on their money issues limiting core beliefs of  not being worthy or deserving of financial abundance rise to the surface. As we explore deeper into the subconscious mind limiting beliefs such as: I’m not special why should I have money? People don’t want what I have to offer and the rich get richer while the poor get poor rear their ugly heads.

Another common thread to lack of financial abundance is…..

3. Past Life Carry Over

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that in a past life you stole money from your employer, squandered the family fortune and/or took advantage of the poor in your village.   On your death bed in that life time you felt deep guilt and regret over your actions and took a vow of poverty. Now in this life time you are living out the vow of poverty.

Or perhaps in a past life you toiled in the fields as a farmer and decided that this was your fate for the rest of your life (lives) and have come back to repeat what you believe.

Maybe you lived as a nun or a priest in a past life and decided that money was the root of all evil. The experiences you had in that life time re-enforced this belief and you carried it over into your current life.

Now the question is:  Are you doomed to a life of poverty in this life time?

No Way!

You can change those limiting core beliefs. 

You can release the beliefs and patterns absorbed from others.

You can wake up to the knowledge that you aren’t living that past life.

You can make changes in your past life cellular memory.

You can implement new and positive beliefs, behaviors, habits and thoughts to support financial abundance.

How? Do your inner work. Whether its core belief work or past life regression, affirmations, visualizations and meditations do your inner work and free yourself from your past to move forward in abundance.

~Love, Esther 


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  1. interesting post – really makes u think

  2. This post caught my eye as soon as I read the title. It’s certainly something I wonder about often. We struggle so much, and my suspicion is that it could be a past life issue, but some of the other suggestions that you made in the article also sound like they could be possibilities. This is something I really need to explore more. I’ve been planning on trying a past life regression – just have to save up enough $ to do it LOL.

    • Cynthia thanks for reading the post and giving you things to think about was my intention. Perhaps you are experiencing a bit of both past life carry over and current life influence. Keep exploring and I am here to assist when you are ready.

  3. Very interesting Esther! Is it the same inner work for someone who has perhaps had all three reasons in thier life for remaining “poor” OR is it a much more difficult journey to come back from to change your core beliefs?  

    • Great question. When I was doing my inner work on money I had to clear out limiting beliefs from my current life as much of it was rooted in my youth and family beliefs. Once that was complete and I was still not where I wanted to be with money I then looked into past life connections. Doing work on both levels created the shifted I needed.

  4. thewindycity says:

    Esther – you’re amazing! Keep up the great work. I love reading all your messages. Thank you for inspiring me to review my life in all areas.


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