What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do? ..part two

Sometimes we hit wall when we have done everything we can and know how to do and are clueless as to what the next step is. It is at these times that we often throw our hands up in the air and say to ourselves, “What do I do now?”

In this part two post (read part one here) I would like to offer to you the second course that I take when faced with this exact situation.

2. Do something off beat and/or radical.

What do I mean by this?

We have all heard the advice if you find yourself always turning left then turn right; see what heading in a new direction brings you. There is great merit to this advice.

I remember several years ago during a very cold and snowy February day I was in the midst of a  deep bout of the winter blah’s. I had lost all motivation for my business, hope was waning, joy was no where to be found and I was dumbfounded as to how to get myself out of this emotional state.

Being a Core Belief Engineering Practitioner I knew that a CBE process with my Part that feels Blah was the best action to take but until I could book a session I needed to do something fast to move some energy.

In the last post I talked about being still and letting Universe sort things out. Now I am going to offer to you the opposite approach and say, “Do something now!” Anything!

That snowy day I created a list of five things I was going to do or set in motion by the end of the day.

1. Call someone I needed closure with and let the conversation play out.

2. Head down to the waterfront and take a walk along the beach–yes in the snowstorm–to ground myself and allow the wind to shift my energy.

3. Buy some health supplements that I intuitively knew would be beneficial but I had put off purchasing.

4. Head to the library and get some books on raw food and nutrition. My body was craving raw and fresh at that time and I wasn’t feeding it properly.

5. Call a friend and arrange a lunch date at a restaurant I had been wanting to try.

All of these action steps had nothing to do with my work dilemma and being stuck but they were all things I knew intuitively I needed or wanted to do and  had been putting off.

Spirit was telling me that taking these steps would shift energy and  my vibration.

Once the list was made I began to take action. By the end of the end day all five items had been addressed.

I felt accomplished. I felt vibrant. I felt that I had taken steps towards something good. I went to bed that night feeling great about myself and life.

I could feel the energy shift and I knew that as I shifted my energy I would be able to see the challenging situations in my life with new eyes and perspective.

Did it work?

Absolutely! I pulled myself out of the funk immediately. The next day  I woke up inspired to meet the day and yes I addressed the deeper core issues with a CBE session.

So the next time you come to that point of “I don’t know what to do,” consider these two options.

Be still and let God/Universe


Do something completely offbeat and radical.

~Love, Esther

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  1. Great articles Esther. One of my favorite sayings in this case is “when in doubt, just take the next small step”. Like your second option – it shows some form of forward motion and the Universe responds. Do you have any hints on how to make those “stalled” times occur less often? I’m learning how to overcome them but they still seem to be more frequent than I’d like.

    • Hi Carol: Thanks for the reply and yes–keep moving forward! I believe that everything boils down to belief. If you find yourself in a state of stall, stuck or procrastination more often then not there are beliefs at hand which are creating this on going situation in your life. As a belief change therapist I feel that work is required at this level to create effective long lasting change. The tips are a short term measure. Check out my therapy website http://www.changefromwithin.ca

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree. Sometimes being mired in inaction prevents you from taking action.  You know what they say, the busiest people accomplish the most.  Great advice, Esther.  

  3. Frequently I do just that to clear up my befuddled mind and soul.
    It is almost as if the Forces are pushing me out of my safe cozy space and telling me to get the heck off the couch and go for a walk and stop feeling sorry for yourself!

  4. As usual Esther your posts seem to reflect something that is resounding in my life right now. Earlier this week I felt I needed to just back off & not be quick to respond to things or even *gasp* tweet.. Then a few days later I had the need to do something different so I did my first box fit class. I’m still feeling *off but I feel closer to knowing where I need to be right now.
    Thanks Esther for being you and sharing with us!

    • What a great realization Stella. Backing off for a bit takes some doing at times but we often find things fall into place much more easily when we do–and we are clearer of mind. Bravo!

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