Signs From The Universe Come In All Shapes And Forms

When I started my therapy and healing practice many years ago I bought a Peace Lily for my office.

I placed it by the front entrance because according to Feng Shui the plant would absorb the noise from the outside corridor so not to bother those of us in deep work inside.

Plants are also believed to create peace and calm in people, facilitate healing and absorb negativity.

My Peace Lily went through hell.

With all the releasing happening during Core Belief Engineering Sessions my plant, full of unconditional love, absorbed negative energy from my clients during transformation.

When I went away on holiday and forgot to give the plant to someone for care it fell to the brink of death on more then one occasion.

When I worked with clients helping them bring victory and joy into their lives, my peace lily visibily danced with excitement.

Over three years ago my peace lily stopped blooming. It was stagnant in growth but remained a living green plant.

I never gave up on it because it wouldn’t let me.

Despite growing up on a farm surrounded by greenhouses and people with green thumbs I am a plant killer. But this peace lily stuck with me.

Last fall during meditation my lily asked me to repot it into a bigger more beautiful cask. 

I listened and found a beautiful pot for it to grow into.

Once the repotting was complete. The peace lily told me that it needed a friend. And so the same afternoon I received its request, I went out and bought a money plant to be its companion.

Over the last six months the two plants have flourished.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my peace lily was sporting a bloom.  I was thrilled because I knew that it was feeling loved and nurtured and ready once again to bring more beauty into my life and into the lives of those who would gaze upon it.

Today as I watered my plants I noticed that in fact there are three flowers on the lily.

Three the number of the holy trinity.


Definitely a sign that a blossoming is happening in my life and in the lives of those  with whom I am connected  personally and professionally.

Signs from the Universe Come In All Shapes And Forms.

What signs are you receiving?


~Love, Esther

PS. February comment contest continues…



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  1. Cjones Investors says:

    That is so amazing how flowers can feel and nourish our spirits…..I love plants and love to see them bloom from something so small to something so magnificent…thank you for sharing

  2. Ester- thank you so much for sharing this!  Despite my mother being able to grow just about anything, I noticed that I didn’t have the same gift.  I had many plants surrender their life under my care.  I had a plant morgue in my basement, where plants I had brought in in the fall would come or I would put forced spring bulbs to rest, or collect pots full of dead plants with the intention of re-using the soil. 

    My mom gave me 2 beautiful blooming african violets a few months ago.  It didn’t take long before they shrank and became quite sparse looking.  The one with the fewest leaves I’ve put into  a nice new sunny windowsill next to my healing space.  That plant now has some new leaves growing and a couple of the pale green leaves have turn very dark green.  She hasn’t bloomed yet, but I’m hopeful she will look as lovely as your lily 🙂

    I have another plant in my favourite corner where I do most of my writing.  It moves when the universe has a message for me 🙂

  3. Sam Brabender says:

    Hi Esther, Really found this post interesting.I have a lucky bamboo which I was told was a good thing to have in my office. I now realise I need to treat it with a bit more respect. It is actually doing quite well but could do better. It has a few yellow leaves . You inspired me to look up on the internet how I can treat it better.  I appreciate now that I have been neglecting it – it needs fresh water regularly ( so do I ! ) and it needs to be filtered water.
    I will update you on progress….Thanks for what you do…

  4. I love the lily motif – so literary and spiritual.  Sometimes I feel it’s hard to differentiate the signs from what we want to be signs.  Does that make sense? 

    • Yes that makes sense Kerrie. Sometimes we fall into wishful thinking. Determining the signs comes with practice and relying on your intuition. It is a internal knowing that comes with time.

  5. I too have a peace lily that has been with me for many years. It seems to be the only house plant that I have managed to keep alive. Perhaps it is time to get it a new pot and even a friend!

  6. Angelorum2007 says:

    Hello Esther,
    I have been waiting to get back on my feet for more than a year after losing my job.  I have been receiving very clear, beautiful, positive signs of the universe telling me that I am going to be happy again and my partner is coming back to me with great news.  But, for the past 2 or 3 weeks, the signs have stopped, at least I have not had these nice dreams nor have seen any signs when I go out.  I have been looking for them and asking for a new sign but nothing has happened.  Does it mean that the Universe completed its work on my  petition and I am about to receive what I am waiting for?  Thank you.

    • Interesting question —what you want could be about to arrive. You might be in a void or a holding pattern. Maybe more messages are coming but you are blocking them and not hearing them. I would encourage you to spend time in meditation asking Universe or your guides for an answer to that very question. Keep me posted.

      • Angelorum2007 says:

        Hello again and thank you for your advice!  Good news, I started meditating and visualizing my partner returning and love and happiness surrounding us.  This was Friday.  I asked the Universe again, for a sign, to confirm that this is going to happen soon.  I kept on looking for a sign

        all Saturday and finally Sunday evening a car parked right in front of where my daughter had parked her car, I was waiting for her.  The car’s license plate had my initials and my partner’s initials!!!!!  And in a few minutes the car took off.  Wow!  That was definitely a sign just for me.  This brought me peace and confidence again.  So, back to praying and waiting with love and faith.  Thank you!  God bless…..

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