1-1-1 and 4-4-4: Are You Seeing Double and Triple Numbers? What Does It Mean?

One of the most frequently asked questions I field is:

What does it mean when I see double and triple numbers especially

  1-1-1 and 4-4-4.

Seeing doubles and triplicates of the same number is not a new phenomena but more and more people are taking notice and want to know the significance. And yes there is a significance to this occurrence which is unique to each individual.

When someone asks me the above question they typically check out a website or a book which outlines the meaning of a specific number. This is a great place to start. Numerology is a fascinating arena and I use it often in my life. In fact I used it when coming up with the name of my new website You’re Almost There Girl.

Once that step has been taken I encourage individuals to go deeper and discover what the number or sequence of numbers means specifically to them. To learn what is their own private message. Generalizations are a nice jumping off point but I believe and utilize in my therapy practice and beyond, the practice of guiding each person to an understanding of what something means specifically to them.

Allow me to give you some examples from my own life.

Previously whenever I saw 11 or 444 or 5678 it was a signal to me that everything was lining up in my life.

Last year around November 11th when I saw 11-11 it was a sign that I needed to take notice of the significance of that date in regards to the The Shift of consciousness around the world.

Now when I see one’s lining up it’s my inner self telling me that what I anchored and shifted during 11-11 has integrated and I need to take time to reflect and validate the changes.

Previously whenever I saw 444 or 44 it was a sign to me that angels were close by. I took great comfort in this sign knowing that the angels had my back and were working on my behalf in challenging situations in my life.

Now when I see 44 or 444 there is a whole different meaning attached. Currently my spirit shows me these numbers to tell me that I am fully anchored in the 4th dimension. Then within a couple of hours somewhere, somehow I see 55 or 555 and that is my inner self saying, “And you are catapulting into the 5th dimension.” I feel this jump even though it is a bit wobbly at times. The confirmation that the jump is happening is encouraging.

The number five had always been my favorite number and I associate magic and mysticism with it. I still do and now with the added bonus of the message of 5th dimension living,  I find the number five a very magical number.

The number eight to me is the number of abundance. I love seeing those digits.

Nine is my life path number and according to numerology is the number of completion. When I see that number pop up in my life I know I am completing a cycle or a pattern.

Seven, well I was born on 07/07 so this number has always had a special place in my heart.  I associate the collective conscious belief of lucky number seven with it. Seven is also referenced at times to being God’s perfect number.

When I see a series of three’s to me that is a sign of Divinity.

As you can see in my life when I see double and triple numbers they hold a variety of meanings. Some line up with numerology and many meanings are unique to me and my life journey. The significance of these numbers is given to me  by Universe, my inner self and The Tribunal help out when I ask.

If you are one who also encounters double and triple numbers in your daily life I suggest that you move beyond the books and the websites which talk about such things and check in with yourself  to see what the numbers mean specifically to you. I guarantee there are unqiue messages at hand which will encourage you and continue to gently guide you forward in life.

What is your special number and what does it mean to you?  Please leave a comment and let us know.

~Love, Esther


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  • Renee

    Great post Esther! I see 111 and 444 all the time. It always brings me a big smile to my face and reminds me to be present. Thanks for sharing your meanings…

    • What a great meaning Renee–any kind of nudge or signal from the Universe to be present is wonderful

  • Tomasi Patricia

    Yes! 33 means I just had a breakthrough with my thoughts or simply to tell me my angels are near and 333 means yes! Yes! Yes! That’s exactly it! I love communicating by numbers although it took me a while to believe it was actually happening. As soon as I did, the communication amplified! http://www.outofthecosmiccloset.com

    • Oh Patricia that is fabulous! Here’t to you seeing a whole lot of 333’s

  • Dean K Miller

    It started a few weeks ago, a couple of 2002 year messages. Then a lot of 111 and 222 combo’s coming along. Recently, if things are lining up, it’s been 1230 and 0123, then pops in a 711 and a 411 followed by a 444. I’m a bit perplexed, but keep open to the significance  it brings.

  • Bob Wilson

    Esther – I love reading all your posts, but this one really resonated with me.  For many years it I’ve often seen the numbers 3, 4 & 7.  Sometimes repeated, sometimes not.  I consider them special numbers for me.  I’ve always thought of the number 7 lucky & was born at 4:44. Other than that, I’m not exactly sure what the numbers mean to me.   Again, thanks for sharing.  I love what you do!

    • Thank you Bob…keep being aware!

      • Bob Wilson

        Esther – exactly what I needed to hear – keep being aware.  Thanks so much!
        Bob 🙂

  • DarkRaven02

    I started seeing 1111, then immediately I began noticing tghe double and triple digit sequence, especially 444.  In about two weeks I began noticing 777 and 555 or 666.  I still need to understand at my own inner spirituality what these numbers mean to me.  Looking for answers in the intenert can be overwhelming and confusing. Thank you for your information.

    • Elisa: So glad this helped. I agree looking up the meaning of numbers can be overwhelming and confusing. Use that information as a guide line and then go within yourself to determine what is right for you. Sounds like things are lining up for you! 🙂

  • pattym

    I started seeing duplicate numbers after a conversation with my sister several years ago. I see them everywhere. My dog will wake me up to go outside at 2:22am. I’ll wake up before the alarm goes off and it’s 5:55. I get out of work at 4 and will run an errand and get home at 4:44 or I’ll leave work a little late,or do a load of laundry when I get home and it’s 4:44. We could be working in the yard all day and my husband will say that’s enough, what time is it anyway 4:44. I’m tired, let’s go to bed, it’s 10:10.

    It used to bother me, but now I take it in stride. Thank you for putting some perspective on this for me.

    • I love that you are taking that approach thanks for sharing Patty.

  • Shayna

    I always see 444,555,111,222 and other triples and my mom told me they were signs of angels. She said she forgot what 3-9 was. I looked on the internet. I felt that I wasn’t alone and that someone knows the meaning. Now I understand. I feel a connection between angels but I want to know more about my life. I always wonder if I am sort of like a chosen one but I seriously want to know. Thank You.

    • we are all chosen Shayna– everyone is chosen!
      Love, Esther

  • Debbie S

    This is all new to me.I have people in my family that have been able to see others that have left the physical world.I have not experienced any of this. But the last several months i have been questioning everyhting in my life,marriage,kids(i have 3) work,and money. i am always stressed,over-whelmed and scared. I always ask for a sign to show me what to do.I am married for a long time,going thru menopause,(i blame everything on that) but i find myself seeing triple 1,2,3,4,and 5″s on my clock. i do not have the same routine each day,and rarely look at the clock,but each time i do,i see the triples. i knew it must mean something,now that i have read about the angels,i feel better. i live with people who really bring me down,and i am usually the opposite,but lately i have fallen down along with my family.I am a teacher,i feel very deeply what they are going through in their lives.I have patience,but lately i feel i am out of control in all aspects of life.I do not enjoy my husband,he is so negative,it really depresses me. i feel as though i need a fresh start without him,but money issues make it unable to go.i am hoping that a path will be found for me soon.

    • you are waking up sweet being and seeing the density and limitations in your life. And you are expressions a desire for something different. That tells me you are on the path 🙂

  • Gus.singer@hotmail.co.uk

    Im still trying to figure out what my numbers mean 1010 or 1515 or 1818 seem to be coming up alot and i do feel they are signs to trust your decisions and feelings, i think there are a few warning ones as well but im not sure what they are still trying to figure out 1111 is definetly a begining of somthing and to have patience with the decision you have made, I left my job because of a differcult situation at work on the 12/12/12 and it felt it was the begining of somthing and it felt good really good, i walked out with a big smile of relief.
    When im typeing this my work phone says 1:01 4/04/13 , my birthday is 13/04 , i feel somthing major is going to happen this month for me, im going through a big break up at the moment and have met someone amazing and new and positive who has also started seeing double numbers when she didnt before, is that because of the association with me and joining my journey ?
    By seeing these numbers i feel i am going through new beginings spiritualy and in other ways and i do believe that im seeing these numbers for guidence
    lets see what happens Gus

    • Fabulous Gus. It appears that you are in tune and on top of the signals in your life. Keep me posted as to what happens

  • Sebastian.H.Pini

    Yeah hi I see every single number from 0-9, it gets annoying but I know it mean something is going to happen in world quite soon. I have been told I am psychic, an indigo child and an ancient but still I think I need to join up with someone to see what it could be.

    • Oh interesting Sebastian when you are ready you will step into your infinite self.

  • Skanderson77

    I was born the 22 day of the month at 5:55 am. I had a daughter born on 2/22 at 10:42 pm. I am not surprised any more when I look at the clock and it is 11:11 or 12:12 or 1:23. It happens all the time. I don’t know what any of it means. But I’m sure there is a reason…

    • Yes when we decide where when and at what time we are born it is all for a particular reason or meaning. Ask inside of yourself your Being knows and will give you good insight.

    • Lindsay

      in Europe we tend to use the 24 hour clock, in which case, 10 PM would be 22h – 🙂

  • jules925

    I too had been seeing 333, 33 quite often just as the last 4 months. Of course when I told my hubby and kids……I was made fun of. However, when powerall jackpot was at 600 million – thought I would buy 5 EASY PICKS. NO KIDDING – my “powerball numers” (the last digit in each of the rows) were 17, 33, 33,03,33. I couldn’t wait to show my husband – I think this gave me some credibility? They still laugh at me cause now I see 11’s, 1111, 22’s,222,44’s, 444,55’s, 555 occasional 777’s. Wish I could post a picture of that lotto ticket? Wish I knew the meaning for me!!!

    • What a fun story! thanks for the sharing. Yes numbers have meaning and vibrations. Just ask inside to your inner being or Higher Self what the meaning is specific to you. Sometimes they just pop up to keep you open, conscious and aware. Love, Esther

  • Lisa Lloyd

    Hello: I found the information you wrote, well honestly, not to be be rude I basically already knew it. What I didn’t know was the 4th dimention. Though traveling (movement) beyond the normal reality of our waking world is not new to me. Spirits, angles, guides and much more have been with me since the age of about four, to my knowledge. Whenever I see 11:11, 1:11, 12:12 and 4:44 ( mostly 11:11&4:44) I know my life is going to change, or something is going to go very wrong. Problem is I never know which it’s going to be. Favorite numbers have always been 3&9. I contribute that to it being one of the best years of my life,1993. No matter what I read I can never find the way to find out what message I am being given means. This drives me crazy…..! Plus every time I see these numbers at work my day goes very badly. I also know change is coming. I guess I’ll have to pray this time it’s a good change.-Thank you for your information and reading this. Lisa

  • Karla

    I always tend to look at the clock when it’s 12:12, 11:11, 3:33, 5:55, etc. I feel like it means something but not sure what. Then, just last Sunday I went to the grocery store and the total was $123.45 so I decided to buy a lottery ticket today (11/12/13) !

  • Sherry

    I am usually connected more to animals than #s but it is very similar if I see a deer and usually I will see it a few times and a hawk for me it means that I need to deliver a message in a soft and gentle manner. I get these messages daily but lately the #s have been showing up so this post is very interesting and I will see how they fit with my animal totems. Namaste Sherry

    • Sherry Animal Totems are great and deliver such beautiful messages. Numbers are very strong right now and are encouraging us on our journey of ascension

  • Nikki

    Hi … i usually see double double no.s on my cell time ..like 11:11 , 12:12, 13:13 , 18:18 , 20:20 , 22:22 , 15:15 ..almost all nos in double form.. its happening a lot a lot these days.. earlier it was limited to 21:21 or 11:11 only…
    I really dont knw what the hidden message is.. plz if someone has any information about this , plz guide me.. why its happening??

  • E = F/q

    I see triple numbers everyday all day. This is freaking me out. I am a mathematician and I don’t know what is going on. It’s like the universe is telling me to do something. I am not seeing any sequence in general but everytime I look at a clock it’s 1:11, or 3:33, or 4:44. WTF, i am not even religious, though I am spiritual. Is this real?

    • Jordannne

      Same with me! It’s happening more and more… I’m very spiritual and believe in signs, but I have no idea if or what this means!

  • La Starr Wicks

    I promise daily i see double or triple numbers when i look at the clock…i dont even own a watch and havent worn one for about 5 years, but i do have a digital clock in my car and 2 in my house…it started about 5 years ago, now i am just use to it and just say I love you to LORD whenever i see it, I will say in truth the last 5 years have been the best years of my life and it just keeps getting better (mentally & spiritually) and the last 3 months OMGosh i have been awaken to the most strangest questions ever…like What if everything i was taught or told is a lie? right now i feel like my life as i knew it is being torn downed and recontructed…crazy, strange and having to die to all my beliefs that i have known my whole life..gets depressing sometimes (but only for an hour or so) but yet i am still filled with such joy…very unexplainable but i am definitely on a new path and journey

    • Esther

      Yes Yes Yes! What if everything you have been told is a lie is a great question. Because most of what we have been told about ourselves and the world around us is a lie.
      All part of the Matrix the illusion. If you follow my work I am always urging people to question everything even the ideas and concepts that we feel are expansive and truth.
      Even spiritual teachings are breaking down and expanding into new levels of awareness and understanding. You are joy! Enjoy your journey. Love, Esther

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