God, Universe, Source Energy, All That Is…What’s In A Name?

As a reader of my blog you may have noticed I often intermingle the terms I use to refer to our Creator.

Sometimes I say God, other times The Universe and on some occasions I refer to our Creator as Source Energy or All That Is. You may have another way to reference this powerful source, Pure Potential, Allah, Buddha etc…

There are times when people tell me that they are offended by the looseness I use in these various terms and wonder why don’t I just call God, God.

I understand this type of thinking because growing up in a fundamental Christian home God was God.

Well wait a minute that’s not entirely true. We also called God— Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Father and Elohim. Hmmm so there is more then one way to refer to our Creator after all.

Is that so wrong?

After all we call our earthly fathers by many different names: dad, daddy, dada, da, pop, pops, father, papa.

We all choose to call our dads what feels most right to us or according to the traditions of our family. I see nothing wrong with that.

So why do I use so many different terms to refer to God?

Well it’s not to be politically correct, that I am not too concerned about.

I refer to my Creator by how I feel in my heart at any given moment.

I lean towards God because of my upbringing and also  to create comfort when I am around Christian people.

Universe is used more when I am working with metaphysical or spiritual folk.

Truth be told I like Source Energy most of all.

When you see me write God/Universe it’s not that I am confused about who or what I am referring to, rather I am trying to open the mind of the reader that God is the Universe and the Universe is God  and  Source Energy and our Creator.

To me the most important aspect of this issue is not the name we use to refer to God, but more importantly that you call upon Him at all times. Call upon The Universe in prayer, meditation, while driving in the car, in the middle of a quandry or the most pleasant of experiences.

I believe that God doesn’t care how you refer to Him; God cares that you do refer to Him and have a relationship with Him.

How do you refer to God the Creator?

~Love, Esther

PS. And so someone is going to comment, “Does it have to be a Him?” For me yes just as earth is a Mother to me. To you Creator can be whatever gender you choose.

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  • Milvi416

    Thank you for not picking one term –why label a feeling and belief that is so individual.  Similar to your examples of using different terms for Dad, there are different terms & beliefs about how to believe in God even — again, that’s an indivdual choice.  I appreciate the messages that you deliver with the diversity of your spiritual terms.

  • Ashay

    I appreciate this so much. I became confused at a point because people will tell you that you’re doing it, or saying it wrong, when in all actuality NO ONE will ever know what is completely true. Especially if we always think with finite minds rather than spiritual existence. Connecting with God/ our Creator is the most important no matter the name.

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