5 Steps Of Transformation

I often introduce myself to people as working in the personal and spiritual growth and transformation industry. The talk then comes around to: “What do you mean by transformation?” It’s a good question and one I have pondered upon. For those of you on a conscious journey of transformation, I offer to you:

5 Steps Of Transformation

1. The Trigger. Transformation is initiated by an event. There must be a trigger either inside of yourself or in your outside world that gets you motivated to begin to make change.

2. Breakdown. Once this trigger has occurred there often occurs a breakdown of Self. This can be equated to hitting rock bottom or your low point. Once the breakdown from the initial event is achieved a decision is made to either stay stuck (for now) or make change.

3. Change. Now comes the fun part growing. This involves exploring personal and spiritual growth. Taking classes. Attending seminars. Doing your inner work. In my practice personally and professionally it involves changing beliefs, healing the wounded parts of yourself and bringing them into wholeness, learning from your past lives. This is a time of exploration, study and ultimately change.

4. Integration.Once transformation has been made there occurs a period of integration. I always instruct my clients to allow the changes to soak into their being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Be prepared to see old situations with new eyes and perceptions. Head into the new with no expectations. Observe how you respond differently to people and events. Be patient with yourself as the change takes hold and celebrate your shifts and victories.

5. Shine. Now that transformation has taken place let your light shine upon those around you and the world at large. Give back of your knowledge and continue to soar.

~Love, Esther



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