Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls.

Next week I am heading into a music studio to record a series of channeled meditations. The Tribunal, my channeling guides asked me to find someone who played Crystal Bowls to accompany us during the meditations.

The Universe led me to Karl and used the connection to answer a request that Karl had put out to the quantum field. He wanted to start playing Crystal Bowls for others and I needed someone for the CD.

We are a perfect match.

Today I went to hear Karl play and it was magnificent.







Both of us are super excited about putting these meditations together for you.

If you have any suggestions as to what types of meditations you would like hear, please leave a comment below.

Some possibilities are: raising your vibration, prosperity, abundance, activating and clearing your chakras, self love, health, getting in touch with your body, cellular healing and cleansing, peace and joy, ending the day.

As always this is for you to help you know yourself better and to bring you increased spirit aliveness.

~love, Esther





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