Experience a life without limitation. A life of peace, joy and abundance. Open yourself to more consciousness and the realm of all possibilities. Allow me to inspire and return you to the Divine Love that you are. Welcome.
~Love, Esther

Sept 16th Lunar Eclipse: Secrets Revealed, Dramatic Change At Hand, Love Splays The Land


September 16th Energy Update: Along with it being my beautiful niece's Birthday, today is the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces with a strong Virgo and Mars influence. The Eclipse peaks at 2:54 pm Eastern Time that is 6:54 pm Universal time. I highly suggest that you get outdoors and breath in the energy of change. Much has already been written about the eclipse on the lead up to today's cosmic event so here is what I am being asked to share with you today. Full Moon's hold the energy of closure and endings. They shine a light upon what is holding you back from being your True Self and a light upon your highest path of potential. Follow the signs and guidance. It is a Harvest Moon … [Continue reading]

Final Neptune~Saturn Square The Support To Release Addiction, Judgement And Move Into Manifestation And Divine Living


Ah Universe loves us so much. Hot on the heels of yesterday's 9-9-9 and Jupiter movement into Libra today we are being wrapped up in the energy of … [Continue reading]

9-9-9 + Jupiter Moves Into Libra = Awesome Possibilities


9-9-9 Energy Update: Jupiter the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion, adventure, risk taking and an amplifier of whatever energies are in play … [Continue reading]

Good Fortune and Abundance Ahead Thanks To Jupiter IMPORTANT Energy Update‏


While much focus has been placed on the upcoming Eclipse Season and Equinox there are some other Very significant events happening this September … [Continue reading]

A Stellar Day At Hand! Venus ~ Jupiter = Love, Good Fortune, Possibilities


August 27th Energy Update: A STELLAR Day is at hand! Make the most of it. Some Astrologers are calling today perhaps the luckiest most fortunate day … [Continue reading]

Lunar Eclipse August 18th: Money, Course Corrections, True Self, Surprise And So Much More….


  Welcome to the August 18th Lunar Eclipse; a rare third eclipse during our September Eclipse Season. Dubbed as a pumped up Full Moon by some and … [Continue reading]

Is A Big Shift, Possible Windfall On It’s Way To You Today?


August 16th Energy Update: Often when there is a significant cosmic event in play people expect big change on that very day. But what I find happens … [Continue reading]

Busting The Illusion, Chiron ~ Jupiter Opposition August 12th Energy Update


August 12th Energy Update: Chiron and Jupiter are at odds today and this opposition will continue for the next 5 weeks offering each of us and the … [Continue reading]

Lion’s Gate 8-8 The Star Gate Opens and New Light Pours In


8-8 Lion's Gate: A much talked and written about cosmic occurrence that happens ever year when the Sun and Sirius the brightest star in the sky … [Continue reading]

Letting Go Of The Need To Understand Everything: August 7th Energy Update


August 7th Energy Update: Mercury opposes Neptune today and a clash may ensue between your dreams and your logical mind. Do you have to understand … [Continue reading]

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