Experience a life without limitation. A life of peace, joy and abundance. Open yourself to more consciousness and the realm of all possibilities. Allow me to inspire and return you to the Divine Love that you are. Welcome.
~Love, Esther

Buy Electronics Now And Keep The Receipt Handy Mercury Turns Retrograde


  Heads Up! Mercury turns Retrograde for the 4th time this year on December 19th extending right through to the end of the year. Before the planet of communication retrogrades it will move into shadow and that is going to happen in the next few days. Shadow is that pre-retrograde period when wonky communications and glitches start showing up. Here's why I am offering the heads up. Traditionally we would refrain from purchasing electronics, appliances, automobiles, any large ticket items during Mercury Retrograde as often those purchases experience snafus and items can be lemons. Now in more consciousness we don't let MR frighten us out of purchases but we do make … [Continue reading]

New Moon Reality Check Ultimately Leads To Breakthroughs


Dissolve the Illusion New Moon Report November 29th at 7:18 am Eastern time is the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and this New Moon could … [Continue reading]

11/11 An Evolutionary Shift Of Consciousness The Star Gate That Ushers In Living As Divine Human


  11/11 the Energy Wave that pulls together Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Take you to a deeper experience living as Divine Human. Living as the … [Continue reading]

Turning Point of Change Happening Now And It Feels Fabulous


Earlier this week I wrote on Facebook about a Major Energy Shift happening for many. The information given to me was that on November 1st  late in the … [Continue reading]

Your Body Knows Better Then The Experts: Listen To The Whispers


Listen to your body it knows better then the "Experts." I was reminded of this today at a Sarajevo Salon while getting a manicure. The receptionist … [Continue reading]

Rare Mars~Pluto Alignment Achieve Spectacular Results Or Destroy


October 19th Energy Update: Look out world here you come. Today under a Rare Mars, Pluto alignment in Capricorn you have the ability to achieve … [Continue reading]

Who Is The Ultimate Spiritual Teacher?


  Who Is The Ultimate Spiritual Teacher? No one is. Why do I say no one? Because no one can teach you what you already know. The … [Continue reading]

Sept 16th Lunar Eclipse: Secrets Revealed, Dramatic Change At Hand, Love Splays The Land


September 16th Energy Update: Along with it being my beautiful niece's Birthday, today is the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces with a strong Virgo … [Continue reading]

Final Neptune~Saturn Square The Support To Release Addiction, Judgement And Move Into Manifestation And Divine Living


Ah Universe loves us so much. Hot on the heels of yesterday's 9-9-9 and Jupiter movement into Libra today we are being wrapped up in the energy of … [Continue reading]

9-9-9 + Jupiter Moves Into Libra = Awesome Possibilities


9-9-9 Energy Update: Jupiter the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion, adventure, risk taking and an amplifier of whatever energies are in play … [Continue reading]

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