Experience a life without limitation. A life of peace, joy and abundance. Open yourself to more consciousness and the realm of all possibilities. Allow me to inspire and return you to the Divine Love that you are. Welcome.
~Love, Esther

Cosmic Gate Way Opens Jan 20-26 and It May Be Tricky and Tense

While Gateways and Portals of Ascension are now opening and closing at a rapid pace there are times when these Cosmic Opportunities of Change are extremely profound and require some consciousness and understanding for navigation. We are coming upon the cusp of such a Gateway January 20th to 26th and it may be a period that is tricky and tense. Let's start off with a reminder. For the first time in a long time ALL planets are in direct motion and will be until February 6th. Because the planets are in flow and moving fast we are experiencing flow and a fast-moving pace on the Earth. Right now Venus is hanging brightly in the sky. We see her at night and even during the day with the naked … [Continue reading]

Jan 12th Full Moon And Cardinal Grand Cross = Crisis, Action, Breakthrough

It's a Big Week in the Cosmos with a Full Moon in Cancer and a Cardinal Grand Cross peaking on January 12th. The headline? Crisis + Action = … [Continue reading]

All Planets Are Now Moving Direct, Good Fortune Ahead!

January 8th Energy Update: Mercury stations and turns direct + ALL PLANETS ARE MOVING FORWARD. What does this mean for you? Over the next couple of … [Continue reading]

Active New Years Eve, Fast Start to 2017 And A New Cycle Begins: Energy Update

December 31st Energy Update: Another super active day in the cosmos. Mars and Neptune hook up in the sky and this makes for an action filled day and … [Continue reading]

What’s Ahead For 2017?

What's Ahead for 2017? I am currently working on a newsletter with a preview of information I am receiving for the year ahead. Here is some additional … [Continue reading]

Solstice Dec 21st Revolutionary Change For You and the World

  This year December Solstice is ramping up to be more impactful then ever before. The Light pouring onto the planet holds the highest Divine … [Continue reading]

Mercury Retrograde: Do your work and relationships support you?

Mercury Turns Retrograde Monday December 19th at 5:55 AM Eastern Time until January 8th.    As we have moved into more consciousness we have … [Continue reading]

Full Moon Packs A Punch With “Reality Checks.”

 December 14th Energy Update: Full Moon energies still in effect after it culminated yesterday for those in North American and earlier today for those … [Continue reading]

Buy Electronics Now And Keep The Receipt Handy Mercury Turns Retrograde

  Heads Up! Mercury turns Retrograde for the 4th time this year on December 19th extending right through to the end of the year. Before the … [Continue reading]

New Moon Reality Check Ultimately Leads To Breakthroughs

Dissolve the Illusion New Moon Report November 29th at 7:18 am Eastern time is the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and this New Moon could … [Continue reading]

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