Experience a life without limitation. A life of peace, joy and abundance. Open yourself to more consciousness and the realm of all possibilities. Allow me to inspire and return you to the Divine Love that you are. Welcome.
~Love, Esther

Uranus Retrograde: Shock, Awe, Surprise + Be Mindful Of Your Words July 29th Energy Update


July 29th Energy Update: It's a BIG day in the cosmos with two planetary aspects in play shaking up our lives and assisting us into further living as our Divine Self and anchoring into 5D.   Let's start with Mercury and Mars squaring off in the sky. Mars is action, fiery, strong and Mercury is the planet of communication. Be mindful with your words today spoken and written. It's a great day to speak your truth in love, write an article, give a speech, send that email you have been holding off on sending. At the same time communications may be tense, argumentative with unkind words being tossed around. You get to choose what comes out of your mouth and how you will respond to those … [Continue reading]

Existing Structures Breaking Down, Foundational Shifts: Energy Update July 23rd


July 23rd Energy Update: The Full Moon shifts of earlier this week continue to integrate. A couple of days ago I wrote on Face Book that this was one … [Continue reading]

Full Moon July 19/20th: Revolution, Completion, Surprise, Possibilities


Full Moon Report: Revolution, Action, Completion, Ambition, Love and Nurturing...it's a wild Full Moon full of possibilities and surprise. The Full … [Continue reading]

July 9th Energy Update: Visions of Loveliness Dancing In Your Head


July 9th Energy Update: Reflect back two days ago to July 7th, what was being stirred up energetically on that day is being re-triggered today just to … [Continue reading]

July 4th New Moon In Cancer Powerful, Potent, Active, Nurturing


July 4th New Moon in the sign of Cancer, is at 7:01 am Eastern Time; 2:01 PM EEST. Powerful, Potent, Active and Nurturing, the New Moon will     … [Continue reading]

Clear Entities With Love and Self Power


A couple of days ago I had an interesting Entity experience and I want to share with you the story for learning, awareness and tips! I was walking … [Continue reading]

Full Moon + Uranus + Venus + Sun In Cancer + Solstice = Sudden Miraculous Beautiful Change


Full Moon Report---> Just hours before Solstice we have our Full Moon again in the sign of Sagittarius... June 20th at 7:02 am Eastern and 2:02 pm … [Continue reading]

June 9th Energy Update: Mercury and Mars are at odds, mind your words.


June 9th Energy Update: Mercury and Mars are at odds today. Yesterday your words were used to heal and inspire, today be mindful because this … [Continue reading]

June 3rd Energy Update: Sticky Turbulent Day Leads To Tremendous Breakthroughs


A Sticky, turbulent day could be at hand.The whole week has been a lead up to today's planetary influence called by Astrologers as a Grand Mutable … [Continue reading]

May 27th Energy Update: Attraction Factor Is High


May 27th Energy Update: Another day with an active sky. First Mars which is in retrograde until June 29th shifts into a new sign, back into Scorpio … [Continue reading]

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