Experience a life without limitation. A life of peace, joy and abundance. Open yourself to more consciousness and the realm of all possibilities. Allow me to inspire and return you to the Divine Love that you are. Welcome.
~Love, Esther

Lunar Eclipse August 18th: Money, Course Corrections, True Self, Surprise And So Much More….


  Welcome to the August 18th Lunar Eclipse; a rare third eclipse during our September Eclipse Season. Dubbed as a pumped up Full Moon by some and embraced as an Eclipse by others including me, it's happening in the sign of Aquarius peaking at 5:42 am Eastern Time.   We start to feel Full Moon Eclipse Energy about 4 days before the event and up to 4 days after so we are in the swing of Eclipse Energy right now! Today the energies presented to me as calm and peaceful. I feel in the flow , having interesting encounters bringing with them new experiences. Love to hear how you are experiencing and noticing this Eclipse.   Eclipses are cosmic tools Universe uses to create … [Continue reading]

Is A Big Shift, Possible Windfall On It’s Way To You Today?


August 16th Energy Update: Often when there is a significant cosmic event in play people expect big change on that very day. But what I find happens … [Continue reading]

Busting The Illusion, Chiron ~ Jupiter Opposition August 12th Energy Update


August 12th Energy Update: Chiron and Jupiter are at odds today and this opposition will continue for the next 5 weeks offering each of us and the … [Continue reading]

Lion’s Gate 8-8 The Star Gate Opens and New Light Pours In


8-8 Lion's Gate: A much talked and written about cosmic occurrence that happens ever year when the Sun and Sirius the brightest star in the sky … [Continue reading]

Letting Go Of The Need To Understand Everything: August 7th Energy Update


August 7th Energy Update: Mercury opposes Neptune today and a clash may ensue between your dreams and your logical mind. Do you have to understand … [Continue reading]

Pokemon Go, What Is It Distracting You From?


Pokemon Go. Many people have been asking me my opinion about this phenomena and to be honest while I saw loads of posts on Face Book about it, I had … [Continue reading]

It’s New Moon: Wanderlust, Adventure, Heart, Talent, Action, Energy Update August 2nd

Iceland - Godafoos Waterfall2

August 2nd Energy Update: There is so much to love about everyday and today especially the potential for shift and movement is high!   First … [Continue reading]

Uranus Retrograde: Shock, Awe, Surprise + Be Mindful Of Your Words July 29th Energy Update


July 29th Energy Update: It's a BIG day in the cosmos with two planetary aspects in play shaking up our lives and assisting us into further living as … [Continue reading]

Existing Structures Breaking Down, Foundational Shifts: Energy Update July 23rd


July 23rd Energy Update: The Full Moon shifts of earlier this week continue to integrate. A couple of days ago I wrote on Face Book that this was one … [Continue reading]

Full Moon July 19/20th: Revolution, Completion, Surprise, Possibilities


Full Moon Report: Revolution, Action, Completion, Ambition, Love and Nurturing...it's a wild Full Moon full of possibilities and surprise. The Full … [Continue reading]

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